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Do Coastal Liberals Hate Middle America?

Sometimes it is concern for, not indifference to, the values and needs of “the Heartland” that makes liberals fight its political representatives.

By Ed Kilgore

The Rise of America-Despising Nationalists

Donald Trump isn't the first superpatriot to act like he'd just as soon throw most Americans and their leaders into the dustbin of history. But he's the loudest and proudest, and his supporters are really disgusted with the rest of us. 

By Ed Kilgore

Fox Buys Show About A Conservative And -Gasp!- A Hipster

MadTV's Will Sasso has created Fox's newest sitcom, which "centers on a patriotic and conservative Army Ranger comes home after serving 10 years in the Middle East to find that in the last decade, his brother (the only family he has left) has [...]

By Hallie Cantor