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  1. gambling
    New Service to Allow Consumers to Wager Real Money on Weekend Box-Office ResultsQuick, someone check Paul Dergarabedian’s pulse!
  2. michael jackson
    Paul Dergarabedian Lands the MJ Interview the World Has Been Waiting ForIt’s nothing short of spectacular.
  3. notable quotables
    Paul Dergarabedian Catches PottermaniaMuggles everywhere, rejoice!
  4. watchmen
    So Is Watchmen a Hit or Not?Nobody knows!
  5. unsolved mysteries
    How Exactly Did Clint Eastwood Spend Gran Torino’s $35 Million Budget?It certainly didn’t go to securing the world’s best actors, that’s for sure.
  6. woof!
    ‘Chihuahua’ Still Top DogWe hope you like terrible headlines like the one above because ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ is once again No. 1 at the box office!
  7. paul dergarabedian
    Paul Dergarabedian Is Rich!Paul D. sold Media by Numbers!
  8. box office
    Crappiest Box-Office Weekend in Seven Years Gives Paul Dergarabedian a Much-Deserved BreakWith the record-breaking success of ‘The Dark Knight’ this summer, ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ finally gives Paul D. an easy weekend.
  9. apropos of nothing
    Will the Continued Success of ‘The Dark Knight’ Force Paul Dergarabedian to Work on a Weekday?’Knight’ made $25 million on Monday. We certainly hope Paul D. brought his phone with him to the beach!
  10. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Dark Knight’ Breaks All Records; Paul Dergarabedian Miraculously SurvivesThe latest Batman film earned $155 million in three days, and Paul D., astoundingly, did not explode.
  11. apropos of nothing
    Save Paul Dergarabedian! Don’t Go to the Movies This WeekendHow can you avert the horrible explosion of poor Paul Dergarabedian?
  12. the take
    Vulture’s Summer Movie ReviewThe Vulture Department of Predicting the Future is pleased to reveal the critical reaction and box-office results of summer 2008’s biggest popcorn flicks.
  13. the early-evening news
    The Vatican Gives Two Thumbs Down to ‘The Golden Compass’Plus: Bill Watterson, The Hobbit sequel, and Michel Gondry’s next project.
  14. apropos of nothing
    Weekend Box Office: Paul Dergarabedian Can Count in Roman NumeralsPaul D. on the success of Saw IV.
  15. apropos of nothing
    Paul Dergarabedian Is Aware of HalloweenFox Business News brings our favorite quote machine back to the forefront of entertainment news.
  16. the early-evening news
    Sylvester Stallone Actually Somewhat Intelligible on the TelephonePlus: News about Nas and Radiohead!
  17. apropos of nothing
    Box-Office Champ Tyler Perry Helps the ‘Times’ Learn About Black People“Tyler Perry is a mogul,” Paul Dergarabedian helpfully explains.
  18. the early-evening news
    Ben Silverman Darkly Threatens to Bring Back ‘Scrubs’Plus news on Cloverfield, VH1, and Paul Dergarabedian.
  19. the take
    ‘Shoot ‘Em Up’ Flops, and It’s All Your FaultDespite Vulture’s very best efforts, Shoot ‘Em Up was a box-office dud, bringing in just $5.45 million since opening on Friday.
  20. the take
    From the Secret Diary of Paul Dergarabedian“PAUL DERGARABEDIAN HAS HIT THE BIG TIME!”
  21. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Feels Bad for Owen WilsonPaul D. usually only works on Sundays, when he says nsipid things to reporters about the box office results, but he took time out of his six-day weekend today to talk to an AP reporter named Sandy Cohen (like the dad from The OC!) about Wilson:
  22. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: The $4 Billion SummerYesterday, the summer of 2007 made box-office history, passing the $4 billion mark to become the highest-grossing summer movie season of all time. And no one was more excited than our friend, Paul D.
  23. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Explains the Judd Apatow PhenomenonSuperbad, the greatest movie in history, dick-joked its way past the competition to become the weekend’s highest-grossing film. But to what can we attribute to its success? Paul D.’s on the case.
  24. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: ‘Superbad’ EditionWe do Paul D.’s job for him.
  25. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Scores a Hat TrickPaul D. scores a hat trick.
  26. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: We Make the World’s Easiest Job Even EasierOur editors predict Paul D.’s Monday quotes today.
  27. apropos of nothing
    The Paul Dergarabedian Season Is Alive and WellPaul D. does double duty.
  28. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Is Cool With New York Blowing UpPaul D. on the return of the disaster movie to New York City.
  29. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: ‘The Simpsons’ EditionThe Simpsons rule the box office.
  30. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Remembers the Good Old Days When No One Made SequelsOur old buddy Paul Dergarabedian, tireless generator of inane movie-related quotes, was hard at work this weekend talking to his friends at the Associated Press.
  31. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Watch: Paul D. Compares Numbers With Other NumbersOn Ratatouille: “There is an innate bias against animated films. They are perceived as being for kids.”
  32. the take
    Paul Dergarabedian Must Be StoppedPaul Dergarabedian has the easiest job in the world. His job is to take box-office numbers and say something lame about them. That’s why today we’re launching our Summer 2007 Paul Dergarabedian Watch.