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  1. peace
    Katy Perry Extends Literal Olive Branch to Taylor SwiftSymbolism!
  2. peace
    Kendrick Lamar Is Being Very Gracious About Macklemore“He deserved it.”
  3. peace
    Pink Very Classily Responds to Leaked Kanye Tape“Peace please.”
  4. peace
    Kevin Spacey Is Opening a Traveling Middle East Theater CompanyIt will “travel across the region to provide instruction in all aspects of theater and offer a path for Middle Eastern works to travel to Broadway and other international sites.”
  5. afghanistan
    Taliban Members Hiding in Pakistan Get NATO Escort to Peace TalksIt’s probably nice to get away from those drones for a couple of days.
  6. in other news
    Cop Takes Down Peace Protester With Baton in DenverA young woman gets violently swatted during a demonstration at the Democratic National Convention.