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  1. best of 2021
    The Best Animation of 2021 (So Far)New twists on classic characters and the looming end of a definitive anime kick off a year shaping up to be a big one in contemporary cartoon history.
  2. tv review
    The Beagle Remains a BlessingApple TV+’s new The Snoopy Show is a welcome reminder that happiness still is a warm puppy.
  3. i got a rock
    Free The Great Pumpkin, You GhoulsNot having the Charlie Brown holiday specials on broadcast TV this year just seems cruel, especially when they still have so much to teach us.
  4. happy holidays
    Apple TV+ Says: Welcome, Great PumpkinThe Peanuts gang has found a new home.
  5. peanuts
    No Pressure Charlie Brown: Peanuts and NASA Head to Apple to Get Kids Into Space“Into” as in interested in STEM, though eventually, yeah, some of those kids will literally leave the Earth’s atmosphere.
  6. vulture picks
    All 45 Peanuts Specials, Ranked From Worst to BestJust how many find Charlie Brown moping around?
  7. science of us
    Rethinking the $20 I Spend a Week on Almond ButterReasons to return to peanut.
  8. 100 More Jokes That Shaped Modern ComedyA second look at bits, sketches, one-liners, and even modern art that have influenced American humor for the past 170 years.
  9. nuts
    Science Has Discovered a New Way to Prevent Peanut AllergiesEating peanut butter and other products when you’re young could be beneficial.
  10. roll clip!
    See a Christmas Stranger Things, Peanuts Mash-up“You should ask your mom about your situation, Will Byers, she knows a thing or two about emotional distress.”
  11. roll clip!
    Alec Baldwin Is Voting Charlie Brown in New PSAFor the love of God, can Peanuts get you to register to vote maybe?
  12. the industry
    The Peanuts Are Coming Back to Stateside Television Next MonthMay 9, people. Save the date.
  13. superfan quiz
    Take Vulture’s Peanuts Holiday Special Superfan QuizProve your devotion to Charlie Brown and that underappreciated little Christmas tree.
  14. box office
    James Bond and Charlie Brown Made a KillingSpectre made a smashing good $73 million at the box office, while Peanuts made $45 million.
  15. movie review
    Review: The Peanuts Movie Surprises and CharmsA movie that could have really missed the football manages to transcend its tech-y aesthetic.
  16. comic relief
    See the Peanuts Crew Get a Prada MakeoverThey wear it well.
  17. Watch the Newest Trailer for ‘The Peanuts Movie’Ghostbusters isn’t the only Paul Feig project headed to the big screen soon. Today, a brand new trailer for the animated Peanuts film […]
  18. Food Safety
    Peanut Exec Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for Salmonella OutbreakStewart Parnell has received what is believed to be the harshest sentence ever given for a case related to food-borne illness.
  19. vulture remix
    The Peanuts Kids Hate the CGI Peanuts MovieOur latest “Vulture Remix.”
  20. Food Safety
    Peanut Executive Behind One of America’s Worst Salmonella Outbreaks CouldThe “unprecedented” sentence could serve as a wakeup call to the food industry.
  21. trailer mix
    Charlie Brown Is Sadder Than Ever in New Peanuts TrailerBut Snoopy is a dancing machine, and there is hope.
  22. Charlie Brown Almost Meets a New Girl in the Latest ‘Peanuts’ TrailerThe Paul Feig-produced Peanuts movie hits theaters this fall (Feig calls it his personal Star Wars), and the newest trailer was released today. […]
  23. food allergies
    Peanuts Could Prevent Peanut AllergiesTake that, potentially deadly allergic reaction.
  24. trailers
    Watch the First Trailer for That CGI Peanuts MovieIt’s coming in Christmas 2015.
  25. good grief!
    The Peanuts Gang Has Gone HauteWith a new Coach collaboration sold at Colette.
  26. Watch a Teaser Trailer for the Paul Feig-Produced CGI ‘Peanuts’ Movie Last year, it was announced that comedy writer/director Paul Feig (Freaks and Geeks, Bridesmaids) is producing a 3D CGI animated Peanuts […]
  27. coming attractions
    See a Teaser for the 3-D Peanuts MovieDare we say “good grief”?
  28. Paul Feig on Producing the ‘Peanuts’ Movie: ‘It’s My ‘Star Wars’’“This one is really exciting for me. I like to say it’s my Star Wars. To get the opportunity to help guide that along is really a thrill … […]
  29. Paul Feig Is Overseeing the New Animated ‘Peanuts’ MovieIt was announced last year that 20th Century Fox is making a new CGI 3D movie based on Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts, and today, […]
  30. copyrights
    Morrissey Is a Fan of the Peanuts-Smiths TumblrThis Charming Charlie is safe.
  31. Going Nuts
    Peanut Allergies Defeated With ‘Peanut Therapy’Welcome back, Mr. Peanut. Long time, no eat.
  32. In Season
    In Season: the Breslin’s Boiled PeanutsYes, peanuts, in their raw or “green” state, have arrived at Greenmarket.
  33. Health Concerns
    Delinquent Peanuts Expelled From California School SystemState institutions are being prompted to destroy tens of thousands of cases of the stuff.
  34. adaptations
    Are You Ready for a Peanuts Feature Film?Maybe finally Linus can buy a new blanket.
  35. The Lost Projects of John HughesOne of the most prolific comedy filmmakers of all-time, you can’t really compare John Hughes’s dominance of big screen comedy in the 1980s to […]
  36. the matrix
    Watch a Scene From The Matrix Recut With PeanutsWhy not?
  37. Food Allergies
    Baseball Stadiums’ Peanut-Free Seating Perturbs Some Fans“It’s as much part of the fabric of baseball as the seventh-inning stretch,” one longtime ball-game-goer told the ‘Post.’
  38. community
    See the Cast of Community Drawn in the Style of Charles SchulzWhich one would sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher?
  39. Denis Leary’s Charlie Brown Holiday Video Is the Weirdest Charlie Brown […]In this new holiday video from Denis Leary, Charlie Brown converts to Islam. It’s a family-friendly special that’ll have you saying “Good […]
  40. The 20 Specials of Christmas: A Charlie Brown Christmas You know A Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Why recap it? Even if you haven’t watched it beginning to end, almost everyone has culturally […]
  41. lmfao
    Watch Snoopy Get Down to LMFAOSnoopy and Woodstock really like “Party Rock Anthem,” so now you finally know two actual fans of LMFAO.
  42. princesses!!!
    More Breathless Speculation That Kate Middleton Is PregnantSHE’S NOT EATING PEANUTS!
  43. Mediavore
    Pothead Candies Weren’t Meant to Promote Pot Smoking; Vitamins Linked toPlus: Higher peanut-butter prices are coming; and there may be better tasting chocolate lurking in the jungles of Peru, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. clickables
    See Jaws Reimagined With Peanuts CharactersHappiness is needing a bigger boat.
  45. clickables
    Read Peanutweeter, the Twitter-Captioned Peanuts BlogFor all your perversely edited cartoon and Twitter-mocking needs.
  46. clickables
    Read 3eanuts, the Peanuts’ Answer to Garfield Minus GarfieldLucy is really struggling.
  47. Mediavore
    Chef Jason Travi Won’t Return to Fraiche; Final Gourmet Issue Hits TheFraiche loses its founding chef, and Gourmet’s final issue is available today.
  48. Beef
    Nuts to YouA Twitter feed allows you to see the latest FDA food recalls, and blogger Alex Balk isn’t happy about recent content.
  49. obit
    ‘Peanuts’ Animator Bill Melendez Dies at 91The man who brought life to ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ worked for nearly seven decades as a professional animator.
  50. the take
    Good Grief! Charles Schulz’s Kids Complain Online“The book is stupid, and David Michaelis is an idiot.”
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