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  1. power
    A Celebrated French Writer Has Been Charged with PedophiliaAfter decades of writing about sexually abusing children — to widespread acclaim — Gabriel Matzneff will stand trial.
  2. select all
    Elon Musk Gets Sued for Calling Diver Who Rescued Cave-Trapped Boys a ‘Pedo’The billionaire tripled down on his speculation that the heroic diver was a pedophile and dared him to sue.
  3. virtuous pedophiles
    Salon Shouldn’t Have Unpublished Its Article by a Pedophile AuthorIt was a brave article to publish on a vitally important subject, and unpublishing it doesn’t help anyone.
  4. pedophilia
    Here’s a Weird New Discovery About PedophilesIt turns out that their attraction to children isn’t always external — it can also involve some weird self-directed fantasies.
  5. virtuous pedophiles
    Britain Has a Hotline for Pedophiles Who Don’t Want to Hurt AnyoneTaking a more humane approach to pedophilia helps keep kids safe.
  6. virtual reality
    Can Virtual Reality Help Treat Pedophiles?There’s some very strange but promising technology in the works.