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  1. stories from the storm
    As Sandy Loomed, the Publishing Industry PanickedBut not about the storm.
  2. mergers
    Book Publishers Random House and Penguin to MergeIn order to better handle the challenges caused by the rise of e-books.
  3. publishing
    Penguin Clawing Back Book Advances From Ana Marie Cox and Elizabeth WurtzelAnd a Holocaust survivor.
  4. books
    See ‘Penguin State of Mind,’ a Painfully Nerdy Jay-Z Spoof From the Book PublisherThese books know whaz up!
  5. books
    Watch the Viral Video That Begs You to ReadWill a cheesy but hypnotic YouTube get everyone to buy books again?
  6. wonderful news
    High Times Back Again, Sort of, for Penguin BooksCEO David Shanks is feeling a bit cocky.
  7. NewsFeed
    Would You Like Uppers or Downers for Breakfast?A look at the latest wave of chewable caffeine.