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  1. the vulture transcript
    Fred Willard Took Us Through His Career in the Most Delightfully Willardian WayThe late actor shared stories about the Christopher Guest movies, Salem’s Lot, and mistakenly turning down Airplane!
  2. #metoo
    Cardi B Reveals She Once Walked Off Set After Being Sexually Assaulted“I was so f—ing mad, and I was just like, ‘This is crazy.’”
  3. beauty du jour
    Jennifer Garner Crowned People’s Most Beautiful Person, Is Confused About ItPeople is now a magazine for AARP.”
  4. the results are in
    People Unites the Nation by Naming Idris Elba 2018’s Sexiest Man AliveA decision we can all rally around.
  5. the skin we’re in
    25 Famous People on Taking Care of Their SkinSkin-care tips from Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Justin Bieber.
  6. the bachelorette
    Quiz: How Many of These Are Real Bachelorette Contestants’ Jobs?Will Becca Kufrin end up with a colognoisseur? An enthusiast? A social-media participant?
  7. blake shelton
    Blake Shelton Unseats the Rock As People’s Sexiest Man AliveWhat a year.
  8. Howard Stern: Digging Up Trump Convos a Betrayal“Quite frankly, as someone just said, I’m surprised they didn’t find these earlier.”
  9. ‘People’ Asks Samantha Bee, Kate McKinnon, Tracee Ellis Ross and More: Why […]Finally tackling the problem we’re all too scared to talk about, People magazine has assembled a team of comics to answer the controversial […]
  10. the most beautiful woman in the world
    Jennifer Aniston Remains Beautiful — Even Now — in the Year of Our Lord 2016People’s “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” is … Jennifer Aniston!
  11. goddess
    Wait, Is Amal Clooney Tricking Us Into Reading About Human Rights?She’s introduced a new element to celebrity weeklies.
  12. chat room
    Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen on Season 2“Everything is heightened in the second season. It’s more beautiful, it’s more elaborate, the tableaux are more insane.”
  13. chat room
    Cristin Milioti on HIMYM and ‘Sexy Baby Voice’“If my daughter speaks like that, I might slap her or at least shake her or something.”
  14. chat room
    Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington on Mary’s SecretOn her casting: “Slight nepotism, but I’ve been working for so many years now that I think that’s fine.”
  15. chat room
    Bill Hader on Breaking Into Drama at Sundance“You have to have some patience.”
  16. chat room
    Michael B. Jordan on That Awkward Moment, Dating“Guys … we are hardwired differently from women.”
  17. chat room
    Aubrey Plaza on Her Zombie Movie Life After Beth“I’ve always had this weird demon voice inside me and now everyone knows. I just hope my mommy’s proud.”
  18. chat room
    Miles Teller on His Sundance Favorite, Whiplash “Last time I talked to [Shailene Woodley], she had one suitcase. She’d given away all her clothes and she was couch-surfing.”
  19. chat room
    Gaby Hoffmann on Girls and Her Dance Moves“Claire [Danes] and I dance together, pretty seriously.”
  20. golden globes 2014
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2014 Golden GlobesCheck out the latest red-carpet looks as we update our gallery throughout the night. 
  21. golden globes 2014
    See All the Red-Carpet Looks From the 2014 Golden GlobesCheck out the latest red-carpet looks as we update our gallery throughout the night. 
  22. chat room
    Julianne Nicholson on Incest and Khal Drogo“Him entering a room is a powerful thing.”
  23. chat room
    Kristen Wiig on Walter Mitty and iPhone Pics“Back when we had cameras that weren’t in our phones, it would be really strange to just walk up to someone and take a picture of them.”
  24. chat room
    Ralph Fiennes on Dickens and His Forgotten Film“I thought it would be noticed, but it was sort of dismissed.”
  25. chat room
    Homeland Showrunner Alex Gansa on Brody’s Fate“He just didn’t want to fight anymore. And that’s the place emotionally that he got to, at the end of the season.”
  26. chat room
    Gabourey Sidibe on Teaching Kathy Bates to Twerk“I just joined Twitter, which is completely idiotic.”
  27. postmortem
    Ryan Murphy on What’s Next for AHS: Coven“Any time you can do anything with Stevie Nicks where you can find out the true secret of her shawls is amazing.”
  28. chat room
    SoA’s Maggie Siff on Tonight’s Bloody FinaleSpoilers ahead.
  29. chat room
    Hobbit Screenwriter Philippa Boyens on Dwarf Sex“Dwarves wouldn’t be that patient.”
  30. chat room
    Allison Janney on Mom, C.J. Cregg Fans, and Masters of Sex“I’m going to have to corner Michael Sheen this Christmas and make him tell me that I’m coming back.”
  31. chat room
    AHS’s Taissa Farmiga on Threesomes and Zombies“All my friends are like, ‘Can you be on my side in the zombie apocalypse?’ and I’m like, ‘I got this.’”
  32. chat room
    Good Wife Bosses on Alicia’s Hidden Heartbreak“She’s still attracted to the idea of Will as sexual object.”
  33. chat room
    Walking Dead’s David Morrissey on the Governor “He wants to try to be good but he knows there’s this terrible, unhinged person lurking inside him.”
  34. chat room
    AHS’s Sarah Paulson on Her Sex Scene With Snakes“Tequila was involved. I had to have some tequila.”
  35. chat room
    Kathy Bates Talks American Horror Story “I’ll just go off if they don’t rein me back.”
  36. chat room
    Rom-Com King Richard Curtis Is a ‘Fool for Love’“I first fell in love when I was 4. And then when I was 7. And then with Julie Andrews.”
  37. the vulture transcript
    Baldwin and Toback on Seduced and AbandonedBaldwin: “It’s a terrible time to be in the movie business in the United States.”
  38. chat room
    Boardwalk’s Patricia Arquette on Punching Nucky“I was like, ‘Wow, that’s rad.’”
  39. chat room
    Pete Holmes on the Premiere of His New Talk Show“What would be funnier than to ask Kate Upton what happens when you die?”
  40. chat room
    Talking to MasterChef Junior Breakout Sarah Lane“I had one major strategy after the very first challenge: Like, Boom! Get Alexander out.
  41. chat room
    Scandal’s Scott Foley Ships Olivia and Jake“No one remembers that the whole show started off with Fitz cheating on his wife again.”
  42. chat room
    Justin Long on Tusk and Jonathan Franzen“He calls me insufferably smug … Which I think is a little heavy-handed.”
  43. chat room
    Octavia Spencer on Paradise, Singing Radiohead“I had heard of Radiohead, but I’d never really heard any of their songs until this [movie].”
  44. chat room
    Dane DeHaan on His Buddy Daniel Radcliffe“He knows a lot about American football.”
  45. chat room
    Daniel Radcliffe on His BFF Dane DeHaan “He kind of trashed me this weekend in fantasy football.”
  46. chat room
    Homeland’s Damian Lewis on Brody’s Bleak Future“Brody is in the nine circles of hell. I’m afraid I don’t see a bright future for him.”
  47. chat room
    Danny Trejo on Machete Kills and Unrealistic Oz“Do you remember that show called Oz? That show was so ridiculous.”
  48. chat room
    Rupert Grint on CBGB, Dirty Toilets, and Butt Tattoos“We were actually seriously thinking about it. It wasn’t just a joke.”
  49. chat room
    Adam Scott on A.C.O.D., Talking Bad, Party Down“I don’t know if anything will ever happen, but in my mind I think what Arrested Development did was ideal.”
  50. chat room
    Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn on Fitz’s Heartbreak“He’d rather die than lose Olivia, I really believe that.”
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