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  1. 8 Sorority Women on What It’s Like to Go Through Recruitment“It’s a lot of pressure to go into every day feeling like you have to be 100 percent.”
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    Dating a Perfectionist Is Terrible for Your Sex LifeBeing one isn’t so great, either.
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    What Hanging Out With Naked Parisians Taught Me About the Perfect BodyIt’s all going to be okay.
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    You’re Doing Your Kid a Favor by Being an Imperfect ParentShow them that being a human means trying and failing.
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    I Thought I’d Feel Powerful If I Could Feel BeautifulThe weight of other people’s eyes and expectations was more than I knew how to carry.
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    Cathy Horyn on the One Perfect Fashion ExperienceWhat did those fancy couture clients know about fashion that I didn’t? A great deal, as it turned out, but I wasn’t asking the right questions.
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    13 Famous Women Told Us Who They Think Has a Perfect LifeAva DuVernay chose Oprah Winfrey.
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    Viola Davis Admits That She’s a Failure“If I were to look at the whole of my life, 90-some percent is failure.”
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    The Untouchable, Irresistible Fantasy of Perfect SkinI imagined my skin could look better, even though I had no idea what better would look like.
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    25 Female Athletes on the Pursuit of PerfectionRonda Rousey, Serena Williams, and more on trying to be the best.
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    The Myth of the Perfectly Effortlessly French Woman Is Just ThatA French third-generation beauty editor explains.
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    Living With the Aftershocks of a Tiger MomHer criticism and striving reverberate through my life on a daily basis, even though I broke free.
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    All the Time I’ve Wasted Watching the Better Versions of MeHating myself while envying the women who seem to have everything I want.
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    New Moms on One Thing They Did PerfectlyIt’s easy to focus on all the parenting fails, but let’s take a minute to acknowledge what we do right.
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    Instagram’s Teen Idol on What It’s Like to Be ‘Perfect’Alexis Ren, the 19-year-old social-media phenomenon, tells us what it’s like to be “goals.”
  16. The One Pair of Jeans That Fits 10 WomenYou’ll be surprised by the winner.
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    The Poet Who Inspired Solange’s New Album Talks About Race and BeautyThe MacArthur “genius” grant recipient talks about race and beauty.
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    Women in Chronic Pain Are Often the First to Pretend They’re FinePadma Lakshmi and Jamie-Lynn Sigler on living with chronic pain.
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    Google and the Dark Side of Searching for PerfectionIt’s an endless feedback loop of insecurities.
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    Trying to Be Too Perfect Can Make You DepressedRebecca Bunch’s struggle is real.
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    I Carry My Anxiety About Work and Sex in One Handy Tote BagTrying to “have it all” while dating means hauling it all around with you.
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    Karl Ove Knausgaard: ‘I Can’t Really Write.’We spoke to the acclaimed author about imperfection and the perfect life.
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    If You’ve Ever Worn a Bathing Suit That Fits, Thank This WomanMeet Bonnie 34B.