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  1. games
    Peyton Manning’s Undeserved Reputation Is His Greatest AchievementSomehow, none of the scandals seem to have stuck.
  2. the chain gang
    Even Peyton Manning Is Bailing on Papa John’sThe chain’s celebrity spokesperson just sold all 31 of his franchises.
  3. What Do We Know About Peyton Manning’s Politics?The former NFL quarterback could run for Senate from Tennessee.
  4. The 10 Best Sports Vindication Stories of 2016How LeBron, Peyton, Phelps, and more proved the naysayers wrong
  5. comedy central roasts
    Let’s Look at the Absolutely Bizarre Lineup for the Rob Lowe RoastAnn Coulter? Jewel?
  6. the sports section
    Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning to Retire After 18 SeasonsThe future hall-of-famer ends his career at the top of the game, though his final season was marred by off-field controversy.
  7. Kristen Wiig Stops by ‘The Tonight Show’ as Peyton ManningWhen Kristen Wiig visits The Tonight Show, she has a tendency to go on the show in disguise as famous male celebrities, and last night was no […]
  8. News You Can Booze
    Craft Breweries Mailed Peyton Manning Beer That Isn’t BudweiserThe Brewers Association is staging an intervention over his subpar beer preferences.
  9. the sports section
    Eli Manning’s Blank Super Bowl Stare, ExplainedGo for one, or go for two?
  10. Beer Me
    Manning Plugs Budweiser After Super Bowl Win… Even though the quarterback made an oddly specific point of mentioning the brand right after the game.
  11. the sports section
    10 Things to Know About Super Bowl 50The Broncos and Panthers meet for the NFL championship.
  12. the sports section
    Peyton Manning Reportedly Told Friend He’s RetiringSo says NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport.
  13. the sports section
    5 Takeaways From the NFL’s Conference Title GamesIt’ll be Denver versus Carolina in Super Bowl 50.
  14. the sports section
    10 Things to Know About Sunday’s Tom Brady–Peyton Manning ShowdownIt’s the 17th, and possibly last, time they’ll meet.
  15. de mayor
    Bill de Blasio Piles on Peyton Manning With Dad JokeAbout fumbling the groundhog.
  16. New York Competition No. 13: Peyton Manning ExcusesThis week’s game.
  17. ‘SNL’ Review: Melissa McCarthy and a Farewell to Seth MeyersSome episodes of SNL are bigger than the host. For example, this season’s premiere spotlighted the show’s record six new cast members, while […]
  18. the sports section
    Eli Manning Will Never Beat Peyton at FootballNot football, though. 
  19. the sports section
    Ohio Newspaper Stuck in 1998, Confuses Manning and ElwayOops.
  20. 2013 nfl playoffs
    Your NFL Divisional Round Playoff Preview Eight more teams who aren’t the Giants.
  21. Slideshows
    Gratuity Included: A Quick History of Big Celebrity TippersWill these generous gratuities change your opinion of Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell? Possibly …
  22. saturday night live
    What Kind of SNL Host Will Eli Manning Be?The Giants quarterback hosts Saturday Night Live on May 5. Will he be any good?
  23. clickables
    Watch the Delightful Trailer for Peyton and Eli Manning’s Football Cops“Guess nobody told him that justice was a team sport.”
  24. jets
    The Jets Save Their Season, and ThemselvesThe Jets beat the Colts 17–16 to advance in the playoffs.
  25. jets
    Rex Ryan Picks a Fight With Tom Brady, for Some ReasonRex Ryan is talking again.
  26. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Are the Jets a Disappointment This Season? Bill Barnwell From Football Outsiders Breaks Down the NumbersThe smart folks at Football Outsiders take a look at the Jets-Colts game.
  27. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Rex Ryan on the Colts: ‘I Want to Put the Shoe on the Other Foot’Oh, Rex.
  28. giants
    Brandon Jacobs Is the Loser of Manning Bowl IIBut it takes a real team effort to be as thoroughly dominated as the Giants were by the Colts last night.
  29. giants
    Manning Bowl II; or, Another High-Profile Week 2 for the GiantsEli faces brother Peyton, but he’s had all eyes on him early in the season before.
  30. super bowl
    Eli Still Reigns As Champion Manning BrotherRough night for Peyton.
  31. super bowl
    An Entire Nation Screams, ‘Who Dat?’The Saints win their first Super Bowl.
  32. super bowl
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Super BowlYour guide to the Super Bowl story lines.
  33. gossipmonger
    Before Jersey Shore, Vinny Guadagnino Contemplated HarvardAnd more celebrities reveal their hidden depths, in our daily gossip roundup.
  34. sad
    Sorry, Jets: It Turns Out, It’s Not All That Easy to Make the Super BowlThe Jets lose to the Colts 30–17 in the AFC championship game.
  35. playoffs!
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Jets-Colts GamePreviewing the tilt in Indianapolis.
  36. Celebrity Settings
    Desirée Rogers Sucked Into Monkey Bar; Shakira Hits Michael’s YetPlus, more celebrity sightings from the past week.
  37. gossipmonger
    Sean Avery Stole Hilary Rhoda From Mark SanchezIt’s understandable: They both have hot abs, but Sean can discuss shoes! More celebrity hookups, breakups, and breakdowns in our daily gossip roundup.
  38. the sports section
    Sorry, Eli Isn’t the Better Manning — Not YetPeyton’s already one of the all-time greats. For now, his brother’s just on a hot streak.