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Philadelphia Flyers

  1. gritty
    Gritty Cleared Of Assault Allegation Following Police ProbePhilly authorities concluded their investigation of a 13-year-old fan’s claim that the orange hockey monster punched him in the back.
  2. lockouts suck
    Random Hockey Video: The Eric Lindros TradePlease come back, hockey.
  3. shea weber
    Woah: The Flyers Signed Shea Weber to a Fourteen-Year Offer SheetWill Nashville match it?
  4. unexpected moves
    Rob Zombie Makes Hockey Movies NowHe’s making a movie about the seventies-era Flyers.
  5. 2012 stanley cup finals
    Rex Ryan Will Wear Pretty Much Whatever Hockey Jersey You Give HimDevils or Rangers or Islanders or Flyers or Hurricanes.
  6. 2012 stanley cup playoffs
    The Devils Await the Winner of the Rangers-Capitals SeriesThey finished off the Flyers last night, 3-1.
  7. rangers
    The Rangers Are Your Atlantic Division ChampionsThey’ll have the top seed in the East when the playoffs begin next week.
  8. the greatest hockey show of our time
    24/7: Flyers-Rangers Recap: Don’t Forget Your ThermosThe second season of HBO’s behind-the-scenes show comes to an end.
  9. 2012 winter classic
    The NHL Gets Its Made-for-TV Winter Classic EndingHenrik Lundqvist stops a Danny Briere penalty shot to preserve a 3-2 Rangers victory.
  10. the greatest hockey show of our time
    24/7: Flyers-Rangers Recap: Chirp, ChirpEpisode 3 brings us a naughty Christmas sweater, and also some fine trash talking.
  11. the greatest hockey show of our time
    24/7: Flyers-Rangers Recap: Flavor of the MonthConcussions were a big topic this week.
  12. the greatest hockey show of our time
    24/7: Flyers–Rangers Recap: Nothing Going Around the BushesIlya Bryzgalov is the star of the show so far, but we also got glimpses of John Tortorella’s intensity.
  13. the greatest hockey show of our time
    Are the Rangers Playing to the HBO Cameras?’24/7’ debuts tomorrow night.
  14. 2012 winter classic
    Rangers–Flyers Winter Classic Now Officially OfficialShocking news, we know.
  15. winter classic
    Three Reasons to Hope a Rangers-Flyers Winter Classic HappensSeveral reports in the past 24 hours indicate that Philadelphia is the leading candidate to host the next NHL Winter Classic, and that the Flyers’ most likely opponent is the Rangers.
  16. Foodievents
    Barbara Lynch Joins Marc Vetri Tonight at Amis For an Italian ClambakeRather than challenging the Boston chef to a regional foods wager, Vetri and crew are celebrating her visit to Philadelphia.
  17. rangers
    The Rangers Control What They Can in PhillyGetting little help from the rest of the conference, the Rangers win in a shoot-out.
  18. rangers
    Is It Too Early to Consider the Rangers’ Potential First-Round Opponents?They’re in terrific shape to qualify for the playoffs, but could finish anywhere from fifth to eighth.
  19. rangers
    Clearly, the Rangers Should Never Wear Blue AgainWearing their road whites at the Garden, the Rangers routed the Flyers 7–0.
  20. rangers
    This Is the Slump We Naïvely Hoped the Rangers Could AvoidA loss to the Flyers at the Garden caps a lost weekend for the Blueshirts.
  21. rangers
    The Rangers Come Back Down to EarthA 3–2 loss to the Flyers caps a rough weekend for the Rangers.
  22. rangers
    The Flyers Beat Up the Rangers Last NightThe Rangers lose, and a hit to the head goes unpenalized.
  23. stanley cup finals
    Patrick Kane, Stanley Cup HeroHe scored the game winner for Chicago, except he’s the only one who knew he’d done it.
  24. Deals
    Tonight: Tap Into the Best of the Best; Eat Kobe Hot Dogs While Watching theBowling, Bistro Bites and more are in order for this gloomy evening.
  25. finals
    The Night in Professional Championship SeriesThe Blackhawks are one win away from the Stanley Cup, and the Celtics have tied the NBA Finals at one game apiece.
  26. stanley cup finals
    Sport Uses Replay to Get Important Call RightReferees twice go to the booth in the Stanley Cup Finals, and twice get the call right. What a novel concept.
  27. Hockey Drinks
    Pickleback Shots not to Blame for Flyers’ LossesTwo games down for the Flyers and the picklebacks keep coming.
  28. stanley cup finals
    The Blackhawks Are Halfway TherePhilly held their own, but Chicago’s up two games to none.
  29. Stanley Cup
    Where to Watch the Stanley Cup Finals on SaturdayGo Flyers!
  30. stanley cup playoffs
    The Stanley Cup Finals Matchup Is SetBlackhawks-Flyers begins Saturday night.
  31. stanley cup playoffs
    The Rangers REALLY Picked the Wrong Year Not to Be a Low Seed in the EastThe three teams that edged them for a playoff spot are the only three teams left.
  32. stanley cup playoffs
    Rangers Picked the Wrong Year Not to Be a Low Seed in the EastThe Flyers and Bruins have already advanced, and the Canadiens have forced a game seven.
  33. stanley cup playoffs
    Devils Eliminated From PlayoffsBut don’t blame us.
  34. hockey
    The Devils Are on the Brink TonightThe Flyers can finish them off tonight, but they’ll need to do it without Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne.
  35. the ship be sunk
    North America Denied the Jody Shelley–Alexander Ovechkin Matchup It’s Been Dreaming OfThe Rangers lose in Philly and miss the playoffs for the first time since the lockout.
  36. rangers
    It All Comes Down to This Weekend for the RangersTwo games against Philly, for the right to lose to Washington.
  37. the sports section
    Hockey Fans Boo Sarah Palin, But She Shouldn’t Take It the Wrong WayPartisans may make something out of this, but the audience just wanted to watch their game in peace.
  38. the sports section
    The NHL Believes Any Publicity Is Good PublicityThe NHL is aligning itself with Sarah Palin … AND Wall Street.