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  1. games
    An Anticlimactic Super Bowl Ending Blew the NFL’s Night ApartThe holding call heard ’round the world was a reminder of sports’ inherent unpredictability.
  2. games
    Why You Should Root for the Eagles This SundayIt’s not only because I don’t want their fans to come after me.
  3. games
    The Thrill of DefeatIt’s impossible to keep sports fans happy, but maybe that’s not the point.
  4. the national interest
    Trump Unable to Remember Words to ‘God Bless America’ at Fake Fan RallyThe White House event was heavy on compulsory authoritarian demonstrations of ersatz nationalism, and light on genuine patriotism.
  5. Trump Is Going to Lose His War on FootballThis is not like picking a cultural fight with the New York Times or Rosie O’Donnell.
  6. Facing Boycott, Trump Disinvites Philadelphia Eagles From White HouseWith fewer than ten Eagles planning to attend, Trump decided to avoid embarrassment and ratchet up his feud with NFL players over anthem protests.
  7. last night on late night
    Kevin Hart Walks You Through His Drunken Plan to Hold the Super Bowl TrophyStep One: when in doubt, scream “I’m Kevin Hart!”
  8. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Theorizes Why Eagles Fans Were Allowed to Riot in Peace“The police were like, ‘We couldn’t do anything, they were white!’”
  9. the sports section
    Several Eagles Players Already Refusing to Celebrate Super Bowl Win With TrumpRepeatedly accusing NFL players of being unpatriotic for protesting probably won’t boost turnout.
  10. A Super Bowl LII Glossary for the UninitiatedWhy are people wearing dog masks? Who punched a horse? And what’s a Gronk?
  11. Angry at the NFL, Some GOP Candidates Say They Won’t Watch the Super Bowl“The overpaid crybabies kneeling during our national anthem no longer deserve my patronage,” one candidate said.
  12. Here’s How You Can Stream the 2018 Super Bowl LiveWho needs traditional TV in 2018?
  13. appreciations
    Youse Gotta See This Eagles Fan’s Instagram AccountNobody is more excited for the Super Bowl than Aunt Terri.
  14. news you can booze
    Bud Light Says If Eagles Win Super Bowl, Philadelphia Gets Free Beer“Win it all and the party is on us.”
  15. tips
    NFL Rookie Leaves $500 Tip at Old College Bar Because Now He CanFinally, a positive story involving the Eagles and gratuity.
  16. lady-friendly football
    Vera Wang Designs for the Philadelphia EaglesCheerleaders get a whole new look. That looks like the old look.
  17. Coming Soon
    Eagles Tight End Brent Celek Opening a Mustache Bar Bistro inThis locations aims a little higher than the similarly named hot dog and sausage concern the Iggs player helped launch in North Wildwood.
  18. giants
    The Giants Aren’t Going to Forget That Final DriveThey lost last night, 19-17.
  19. giants
    With Momentum on Their Side, the Giants Head to PhiladelphiaThey’ve been getting better as the season’s progressed.
  20. jets
    The Jets Are Terrible and Are Still Just FineThe Jets fall on their face in Philadelphia and still might make the playoffs.
  21. giants
    The Giants Picked a Bad Time for Such an Ugly PerformanceThe Eagles beat them, 17-10.
  22. giants
    The Giants Can Just About Bury the Eagles Sunday NightThis is a game the Giants should win.
  23. there goes our hero
    Attaboy, Skelton!New York teams disappointed yesterday, but The Sports Section’s favorite athlete did not.
  24. giants
    Finally, a Reason to Feel Good About the GiantsActually, multiple reasons.
  25. giants
    Sorry Giants Fans, Michael Vick Plans on Playing SundayOn paper, this could be bad.
  26. plaxico burress
    Perhaps It’s Not a Foregone Conclusion That Plaxico Burress Will Sign With the EaglesA report says he’s not in the Eagles’ plans for next season.
  27. football
    Michael Vick Wants Plaxico Burress on the Eagles“Absolutely it would be a great addition for our team.”
  28. giants
    Giants Fans Better Root for the Eagles TonightThe Giants still have a slim chance at the playoffs.
  29. giants
    How Did Eli Manning, Matt Dodge, and Others Respond to Sunday’s Giants Collapse?Who spent a couple hours sitting in a room with the lights out?
  30. giants
    A Giants Collapse for the AgesThe Eagles rally for a 38–31 victory.
  31. this week’s game
    Once Again, a Giants Game We’ve All Been Waiting ForThe last Giants-Eagles game didn’t go so well.
  32. giants
    So Yeah, the Giants Aren’t the Best Team in the NFCThey lost 27–17 in Philly last night.
  33. this week’s game
    This Is the Giants Game We’ve All Been Waiting ForPerry Fewell, for what it’s worth, says he has “a good plan in place” to stop Michael Vick.
  34. football
    Michael Vick Gives the Giants Something to Think AboutThe Eagles beat the Redskins 59–28 last night.
  35. nfl season preview
    NFL Season Preview: NFC EastYour look at the NFC East.
  36. trades
    Donovan McNabb Leaving Philly, But Not the NFC EastThe Redskins have their new quarterback.
  37. playoffs!
    Wild-Card Weekend, the Third Best Sports Weekend of the YearFour great NFL games, right after another.
  38. dreaming of first place was fun while it lasted
    Once Again, Philly Makes the Giants Look BadIt’s just one of those seasons.
  39. this week’s game
    It’s Time for the Giants’ Biggest Game of the Year (Again)The Giants could be in first place at the end of the week. Or they could be in third.
  40. yikes
    The Giants Are Falling Apart Before Our Very EyesIt’s hard to pick out an absolute worst moment from yesterday’s Giants-Eagles game.
  41. the other team must suffer
    The Evil People Who Are Attempting to Take What Is Rightfully Ours: Philadelphia Eagles EditionWhom to hate on the Philadelphia Eagles.
  42. the sports section
    Play, ‘Skimpy’ Crowd at Vick’s First Game Could Have Been WorseHe could have stunk, and the crowd could have eaten him alive, for example.
  43. the sports section
    Eagles, at Least, Do Not Fear Michael VickBut many are speaking up for the dogs.
  44. the sports section
    Where to Watch the Giants-Eagles Game on SundayThere are drink deals and wings galore!
  45. the sports section
    Giants Playoff Preview: Not So Blasé About Those Eagles AnymoreThe Giants are lustful to avenge their crushing December loss versus the Eagles.