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Phyllis Schlafly

  1. supreme court
    Amy Coney Barrett and the Triumph of Phyllis SchlaflyConservatives have long understood the power of weaponizing womanhood.
  2. mrs. america
    The True Story of the Guy Who Threw a Pie at Phyllis Schlafly“I said, ‘That’s for the ERA, you bitch!’ and walked right out.”
  3. recommendations
    Mrs. America Is My Own Personal Marvel MovieHeroes! Villains! (I’ve never seen a Marvel movie.)
  4. Bannon’s Populist ‘New Right’ Pretty Similar to the 1970s New RightThere were right-wing nationalist/populist culture warriors battling the Republican Establishment in the ’70s, too. Some of them are still around.
  5. women in politics
    7 Lessons Progressives Learned From Phyllis SchlaflyYou can learn a lot from the successes of your enemies.
  6. the national interest
    Phyllis Schlafly and the Death of Civil-Rights RepublicansThe party with a racist nominee can’t understand why minorities vote for the party that used to be racist.
  7. a conservative icon
    Phyllis Schlafly, a Notorious Conservative Voice for Decades, Dies at 92“The First Lady of the conservative movement.”
  8. everyday sexism
    Phyllis Schlafly: No Need for a Female President“They’ve been very good for our country.”
  9. interview
    Suzanne Venker Prescribes a Detox From FeminismFox News’s “War on Men” scribe on Aunt Phyllis Schlafly and how her father “didn’t show love.”