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  1. very twisty
    Detective Pikachu’s Writers Explain How They Approached the Movie’s EndingIt’s very twisty!
  2. hairy situations
    So, Pikachu Got BangsAww, c’mere, Pikachu. It will all be okay.
  3. select all
    Congratulations to Ambassadors Pikachu and Hello KittyThe two characters were appointed in Japan earlier this week.
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    Emergency Men-in-Black Team Rushes in to Save Deflating PikachuPikach-oops!
  5. gotta catch 'em all
    Guardians of the Galaxy Writer Joins Pokémon PicSo … will a mini Pikachu dance?
  6. select all
    A Rogue Pikachu Flipped Off Philadelphia Last NightA Pokémon Go tie-in turns personal.
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    People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Game Where Pikachu TalksHow does it speak?
  8. This Picture of Pikachu Got Me Fricked UpUuuuuhhhhh????
  9. Tie-Ins
    Here’s an Entire Japanese New Year’s Feast That Comes in a PokemonChoose this Poké Ball and get 26 traditional osechi dishes for $136.
  10. Pika-Pika!
    This Adorable Pikachu Burger Is About 15 Years Too LateThe Pikachu beef curry looks pretty great, too.