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Pizza Rat

  1. sneaker rat
    Sneaker Rat is the New Pizza Rat Except … DeadThis rat’s final resting place was inside a Nike show.
  2. food fashion
    How to Get Your Hands on Hot Staten Island Pizza Rat MerchThe Staten Island Yankees will finally do right by their fans.
  3. pizza rat
    Pizza Rat Made Its Triumphant Return to New York This WeekendIt emerged to inform New Yorkers that the hot days of summer are arriving.
  4. important questions
    Was the Pizza Rat Video Staged?What is real?
  5. subway fauna
    Subway Rat Gives Up Pizza for Cannibalism in New VideoIt’s a rat-eat-rat world.
  6. Sticky Fingers
    Pizza Rat Needs This Doughnut Raccoon As His Stunt DoubleThis hungry critter swoops in Mission: Impossible–style from the ceiling.
  7. reasons to love new york
    The Pizza-Rat Taste-TestWe let some pies sit around our offices all day, then recruited a few discerning critics in a Chinatown park after dark.
  8. youtube rewind
    YouTube Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With Pizza Rat and Double RainbowsLeft shark! How we missed ye.
  9. Two Pranksters Built a Pizza Rat Robot to Terrify New YorkersNew Yorkers clearly only love the idea of Pizza Rat.
  10. every rat has its day
    Kimmy Schmidt Briefly Gives Us ‘Pizza Rat Blvd’Does this presage a pizza-rat spinoff series? We hope so.
  11. urban vermin
    Rat vs. PigeonUbiquitous-urban-vermin smackdown.
  12. game of calzones
    Pizza Rat Has Apparently Started a Cheesy Rodent War in New YorkThe thirst for delicious and quick Italian has overtaken the rats of our city.
  13. dumb things
    Pizza Rat Just Got Slightly Sexier Happy Halloween.