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  1. painless shopping
    The Best Pots and Planters on AmazonMake your houseplants feel at home.
  2. design hunting
    12 Designers on the One Item That Makes Every Space Look Better“Trash bins are so underrated.”
  3. ask the experts
    How to Use Plants to Make Your Tiny Apartment Seem BiggerAnd more expert advice from landscape designer Lily Kwong.
  4. painless shopping
    The Best Real Christmas Trees to Buy OnlineFreshly cut trees from white pine to blue spruce, shipped to your door.
  5. painless shopping
    23 Artificial Plants and Trees, and Flowers That Don’t Look FakeThey’re faux, and they’re spectacular.
  6. strategist investigates
    Where Can I Buy a Plant Pole?“I want to hang plants in my dumb concrete-walled apartment.”
  7. deal of the day
    Today Only, This Less-Obvious Status Plant Is Over 20 Percent OffIf you already have a fiddle-leaf fig and a monstera, consider this “moody” burgundy rubber tree.
  8. gallery
    The Look Book Goes to Natty GardenA Saturday at the Prospect Heights plant shop where customers popped in for preordered pothos, eucalypti, and ZZ’s.
  9. painless shopping
    The 19 Best Plants to Buy From Amazon’s (Continuously Growing) SelectionEverything from aloe vera to fiddle-leaf figs to orchids and ZZs.
  10. strategist investigates
    New York Garden Nurseries Still Open During the CoronavirusWhere to buy plants, seeds, and soil right now, including the businesses doing delivery and curbside pickup in the New York metro area.
  11. deal of the day
    This Foolproof Indoor-Garden Kit (That Your Mom Will Love) Is 20 Percent OffAn easy way to add green thumb to her list of quarantine achievements.
  12. recommended by experts
    How to Grow a Coronavirus Victory GardenFrom sprouting scallions in your kitchen to growing enough food to actually put a dent in your grocery bill.
  13. trust me i should know
    The Garden Tools Used by the New York Botanical Garden’s Curator of Orchids“These are kind of the ‘little black dress’ of gardening — infinitely usable and suitable for any occasion.”
  14. keeping up with the royals
    Prince Charles Wants Katy Perry to Sing to His PlantsHe appointed her the ambassador of his British Asian Trust. Perhaps the plant singing is why?
  15. bad at plants
    Is My Plant Hobby Bad for the Environment?Questions you can ask yourself and your local plant shop.
  16. bad at plants
    My Plant Is Thriving — Too MuchWhat to do when your fiddle-leaf-fig tree is seven feet tall and your ceilings are ten feet tall.
  17. painless shopping
    29 Plants for Every Type of PersonIncluding one for the person who has killed every other plant they’ve owned.
  18. the cut opinion pages
    Just Buy a Fake PlantAn artificial solution to a natural cycle of pain and shame.
  19. bad at plants
    Help, My Plants Keep Spawning GnatsIt’s all about the water.
  20. bad at plants
    Did I Accidentally Murder My Baby Snake Plant?A new column with plant advice from Maryah Greene.
  21. plants
    How to Become a Plant Person When You’re LazyDo you need a plant consultant in your life?
  22. fan mail
    I Know About Plants NowIn praise of iNaturalist, the app that introduced me to my neighbors (plants).
  23. deal of the day
    One of Our Favorite Less-Obvious Plants (That’s Easy to Care for) Is on SaleIt looks like a mini–palm tree.
  24. so fresh and so green
    This Shower Hack Really WorksHow to make your shower look and smell better in a few easy step.
  25. insider goods
    What to Buy to Look Like: A PlantfluencerNot just any grow light will do.
  26. plant week
    The Most Underexposed and Underrated Plants, According to ExpertsBecause everybody already has a Monstera.
  27. recommended by experts
    The Best Potting Soil for Every Type of Plant, According to ExpertsPlus what you can add to it to help your plant thrive.
  28. science of us
    My Tiny Green Servants Aren’t Even Doing Their One Job?Houseplants don’t meaningfully clean the air.
  29. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Not Kill Your Orchid, According to ExpertsForget everything you’ve heard about ice cubes.
  30. space
    Like Many Plants in My Apartment, the First Plant to Grow on the Moon Has DiedI relate to the moon scientists.
  31. the beauty of it all
    The Herbalist Who Believes in Ear MassagesTalking to Barbara Close, founder of Naturopathica.
  32. year in review
    The Best Thing I Bought This Year Was a (Now 4-Foot) Fiddle-Leaf Fig From AmazonThe fiddle-leaf fig might be the avocado toast of house plants, but still, there’s no denying its charm.
  33. plant person
    I Wish I Were My Snake PlantIt’s gritty, tolerant, and composed.
  34. deal of the day
    This Not-Yet-Ubiquitous Rubber Plant Is 40 Percent Off TodayIt might just be the next fiddle-leaf fig.
  35. recommended by experts
    The Best Low-Light Plants for Office Cubicles, According to ExpertsWe spoke with horticulturalists and plant experts to find six low-light plants that can survive in the extreme environment of office cubicles.
  36. science of us
    Just What We Need — a Pretty New Plant Trying to Blind UsPerfect.
  37. best bets
    A New Meditation Bus, Translucent Teapots, and a Fashionable Plant ShopWhat’s new in New York stores.
  38. design hunting
    12 Designers on the One Item That Makes Every Space Look Better“Trash bins are so underrated.”
  39. ask the experts
    How to Use Plants to Make Your Tiny Apartment Seem BiggerAnd more expert advice from landscape designer Lily Kwong.
  40. recommended by experts
    Everything to Keep Your (Surprisingly Finicky) Cactus AliveThe expert-recommended pot, soil, fertilizer, and moisture meter for your sensitive succulent.
  41. Why Can’t I Keep a Plant Alive?Confessions from a deranged horticultural journey.
  42. Maybe Plants Remember Stuff“Overnight, they turn back to where the sun will be in the morning! They seem to encode, store, and retrieve that information.”
  43. This Self-Watering Flowerpot Tips Over When It Needs a RefillHouseplants are now safe from negligence — and long vacations.
  44. Flower That Smells Like ‘Rotting Flesh’ to BloomIt was once the official flower of the borough.
  45. Microsoft May Have Found a Way to Let You Talk With Your Plants And they can even talk back (sort of).
  46. trends
    Kill Your SucculentsA dissenting opinion.
  47. nature
    Honeybees Had a Pretty Awful YearBeekeepers reported losing about 42 percent of their colonies in the past year. 
  48. Jessica Alba Needs Those Succulents, Thanks“We needed something alive.”
  49. holiday gift guide 2014
    Deck the Halls: 49 Gifts for the Home to Give This SeasonBeyoncé’s stand mixer, no-pollen bouquets, a deconstructed pitcher, and more.
  50. best bet
    A Conversation-Starting Houseplant That Adds a Bohemian TouchForget the fern and the ficus.
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