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  1. oops
    A Woman Called Animal Control on a CroissantClassic mistake.
  2. reproductive rights
    Poland Just Imposed a Near-Total Ban on AbortionEven after 430,000 people took to the streets in protest.
  3. donald trump
    Trump Congratulates Poland for the Catastrophe of Its Invasion by GermanySurely the Poles appreciate a presidential attaboy on the anniversary of the beginning of World War II and the Holocaust.
  4. foreign interests
    Poland’s Judicial Purge Fails, But Nationalists’ Fight With the E.U. Isn’t OverThough they’ve backed down for now, agreeing to reinstate Supreme Court judges, Polish nationalists are looking to European Parliament elections.
  5. foreign affairs
    Poland’s Holocaust Law and the Right-Wing Desire to Rewrite HistoryNew restrictions on speech reflect right-wing nationalists’ obsession with whitewashing the crimes of the past.
  6. binomo
    Nikki Haley (Apparently) Duped by Prank Call From Fake Polish Prime MinisterThe U.N. ambassador assured the Polish leader that she was aware of Russia’s meddling in (the fake island of) Binomo’s recent elections.
  7. Nikki Haley (Apparently) Duped by Prank Call From Fake Polish Prime MinisterThe U.N. ambassador assured the Polish leader that she was aware of Russia’s meddling in (the fake island of) Binomo’s recent elections.
  8. select all
    I’m Inspired by This HorseGo, horse, go!
  9. foreign policy
    The Anti-Semitism Around Donald TrumpWhy does he seem so willing to enable a dark form of nationalist politics?
  10. Bused-in Crowds Do Their Job During Trump’s Warsaw SpeechTrump lavishes praise on Poland, reaffirms his commitment to NATO, and even brings up Russia to a cheering audience.
  11. Poland Is Busing Trump Supporters to Warsaw to Ensure Cheering CrowdsThe government reportedly promised the White House cheering crowds for Trump’s speech, and this is how it will deliver.
  12. military rations
    Army Bans Soldiers Stationed Near Russia From Eating Fast FoodWhoppers and lattes apparently don’t put troops “in the right mind-set to fight.”
  13. strike
    The Only Way to Know If Striking Works Is to Do ItWomen from Poland and Iceland explain what made their women’s strikes successful. And why ours could be, too.
  14. abortion rights
    Polish Lawmakers Reject Proposed Abortion Ban After ProtestsLawmakers backtracked after 116,000 people protested the ban.
  15. abortion rights
    Women’s Protests Against Poland’s Abortion Ban Actually WorkedPoland’s conservative government called the protests a lesson in “humility.”
  16. abortion rights
    Thousands of Polish Women Are Protesting a Proposed Law That Would Ban AbortionPoland already has some of the toughest abortion laws in Europe.
  17. Watch a Polish Airport Security Worker Catch a Falling Baby It’s way more impressive than it sounds, honest. 
  18. early and awkward
    Mitt Romney Adviser to Press: ‘Kiss My Ass … Shove It’The Offend the World megatour continues.
  19. international relations
    While Honoring WWII Hero, Obama Nearly Starts War With PolandPoles are understandably sensitive about being conflated with Nazis.
  20. Mediavore
    Eva Longoria’s Beso Sued For Slippery Floor; Ludo Launches Baby WebsiteWhoever told the actress owning a restaurant was easy should have thought again.
  21. the worst form of travel
    Watch a Newark Flight Touch Down in Poland Without Landing GearEveryone was okay.
  22. clickables
    Here’s a Pretty Video of 8,000 Lanterns Floating Over PolandThis is how they celebrate the solstice.
  23. ash holes
    Volcanic Ash Keeps Obama From Polish President’s FuneralThe U.S. ambassador to Poland, Lee Feinstein, will represent Obama.
  24. sad things
    Plane Crash in Russia Kills Polish PresidentAir-traffic controllers tried to stop the pilots from attempting to land.
  25. god’s work
    Look Out, Poland!Goldman Sachs is opening a branch in Warsaw.
  26. Mediavore
    Paula Deen Plans Food for Jonas Brother’s Wedding; Bruce Willis Pushes SobieskiA celeb chef writes a menu for a celeb wedding and a Polish vodka gains a new U.S. pitchman and shareholder..
  27. international intrigue
    There Will Be No Interceptor Missiles for the Children of Poland This ChristmasWhich is to say, President Obama has new plans for his predecessor’s missile shield.
  28. agenda
    Poet Julia Hartwig Links Freedom With Having an Iron WillJulia Hartwig is a poet too little known in America: Countryman Czeslaw Milosz called her “the grande dame of Polish poetry.”