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Polar Vortex

  1. polar vortex
    Second University Student Found Dead Outside Amid Sub-Zero TemperaturesConnor Gage, a freshman as University of Vermont, died over the weekend.
  2. iced iced baby
    How Cold Is Too Cold for Iced Coffee?An in-depth investigation for the polar vortex.
  3. hairy situations
    Teen Freezes Hair Upside Down in Polar VortexAn interview with the icy teen who went viral.
  4. iowa
    University of Iowa Student Dies After Being Found Outside During Polar VortexGerald Belz, 18, was found unconscious outside his dorm room.
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    20 Things to Do When It’s Really, Really ColdLight some candles, make a ten-hour stew, and put on your moisturizing socks.
  6. polar vortex
    Just How Cold Is It? Let the Tweets Show You.Frozen toilet bowls. Frozen pants. Frozen boiling water.
  7. the city politic
    Hundreds of NYCHA Residents Are Facing the Polar Vortex With No HeatWith temps dropping and a potential federal takeover looming, tenants are being hit with trouble on all sides – and some are talking rent strike.
  8. it's cold in here
    How to Help People in Need Affected by the Polar VortexWindchill temperatures have hit an all-time low in parts of the Midwest.
  9. talking about the weather
    The Midwest Is FrozenChicago is currently Chiberia thanks to a polar vortex.
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    10 Times Victoria Beckham Hid in a TurtleneckA polar vortex icon.
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    Reminder: Freezing Today, Worse Tomorrow, and Maybe Some Snow Along the WayWind chills near zero are likely.
  12. Under The Weather
    April’s Crazy-Cold Weather Is Ruining Fruit CropsSome farmers already report losses of 90 to 100 percent.
  13. talking about the weather
    The Polar Vortex Is Visiting NYC This WeekendLows in the 30s and 60 mph gusts.
  14. It’s Basically Springtime in New York CityWe’ll probably break a record this weekend as highs peak into the mid-60s this Sunday.
  15. Carping About the Weather
    The Polar Vortex Led to a Serious Gefilte-Fish ShortageThere’s still four feet of ice capping the Great Lakes.
  16. the gym is your living room
    From Figurerobics to Pilatesology: The 7 Best Online WorkoutsTremble-cise in the comfort of your own living room.
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    All That Snow Made a Bit of a Mess — Blame De Blasio?A morning guide to the transportation problems and the rest of the fallout.
  18. talking about the weather
    The Snow Has Started and It Won’t Stop Until You’re MiserableSure, it looks pretty now …
  19. talking about the weather
    Beware the Return of the Polar VortexIt’s due back next week.
  20. transportation
    How Do People Use Citi Bike When It’s Cold Out?Quickly and deliberately.
  21. polar vortex
    Dozens Injured Throwing Boiling Water Into Winter AirDon’t try this at home.
  22. crazy things
    Insane People Used Citi Bike 6,669 Times During the Polar Vortex YesterdayIt was four degrees, remember?
  23. blame
    Did a Nude Alexander Skarsgård Cause the Polar Vortex?Probably not, but he’s still too chill for his own good.
  24. polar vortex
    Bro Pees Outside in Below-Zero Cold, for ScienceSomeone had to do it.
  25. no risk of melting
    Video: Is Anyone Eating Ice Cream in New York’s Record-Breaking Cold?At least one tourist bought a frozen yogurt in Times Square today.
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    Wonder What Michelle and Oprah Are Doing Right NowOh, sipping cucumber-basil drinks and watching the moon rise over the ridge.
  27. talking about the weather
    It’s Too Cold to Be on the LamAccording to an escaped prisoner in Kentucky.
  28. talking about the weather
    Polar Vortex Traps Amtrak Riders for 13 HoursEverywhere is a mess, but these people had a really terrible night.
  29. talking about the weather
    Polar Vortex Getting Ready to Ruin Your Day [Update: It’s Ruined]The temperature will drop about 50 degrees in NYC today, and it’s worse elsewhere.