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DI Politics Chat: A Low Barr

Two Daily Intel staffers discuss Roseanne’s racist remarks, the quick cancellation of her show, and what Trump will tweet about it.

By Jonathan Chait, Ezekiel Kweku and Ed Kilgore

DI Chat: Kanye Goes MAGA

Four New York staffers talk about Kanye West’s full-throated endorsement of the Donald Trump and alt-right turn.

By Eric Levitz, Ezekiel Kweku, Max Read and Dee Lockett

DI Politics Chat: What Do We Forget About MLK?

Four Daily Intel staffers discuss the mission and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., and what gets left out of the public memory of him.

By Jonathan Chait, Margaret Hartmann, Ed Kilgore and Ezekiel Kweku

DI Politics Chat: The GOP Got Their Tax Cuts. Now What?

4 Daily Intel staffers chat about the tax bill, whether it will help the Democrats take back power, and what pieces of it they should keep if they do.

By Jonathan Chait, Eric Levitz, Ed Kilgore and Ezekiel Kweku

DI Chat: How Should the Media Cover Nazis?

Five New York staffers chatted about that New York Times profile and the broader question of how (and whether) to write about Nazis.

By Jonathan Chait, Ezekiel Kweku, Eric Levitz, Ed Kilgore and Max Read