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  1. the inside game
    Biden’s Hollywood Debut Is on HoldThe strike has forced him to avoid some of his biggest donors, except the one helping run his campaign.
  2. the left
    The 28 Types of ProgressivesOr why it’s important not to conflate questions of value with questions of fact.
  3. the system
    Richard Hanania’s Chilling NormalityThe revealing case of the anti-woke crusader.
  4. politics
    Merrick Garland Changes His Mind and Appoints a Special Counsel for Hunter BidenThe former top prosecutor will take on the new role as the president’s son moves toward a criminal trial.
  5. poll position
    There’s Zero Evidence Trump’s Biggest Indictment Is Affecting the GOP RaceSo far, Trump being charged with multiple felonies for trying to steal an election isn’t hurting his bid for the 2024 nomination at all.
  6. tremendous content
    Attention-Hungry Michael Cohen Mulls Absurd Run for CongressWhich Trump foe will Democrats vote for: Jerry Nadler, ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, or the felonious former “fixer”?
  7. past is prologue
    Trump Didn’t Hijack Reagan’s GOP; It Was Never Fully HisTrump represents a pre-Reagan, pre-Bush conservatism that has come storming back, leaving Reagan-Bush conservatism to unpopular elites.
  8. early and often
    Nobody’s Enjoying Trump’s Debate Guessing Game But HimTrump feels zero pressure to share a stage with his rivals, whose own debate prep has been immensely complicated by not knowing if he’ll show.
  9. politics
    Jack Smith Wants to Put Trump on Trial Before the ElectionThe special counsel is seeking a January 2, 2024 trial start date. Trump’s team will undoubtedly try to push things way back.
  10. donald trump
    Trump Is Pretending He Didn’t Call Christie a ‘Fat Pig’I’m not mad about the childish insult. I’m just upset about the lying.
  11. life after roe
    A Tale of Two Abortion ClinicsLaDonna Prince’s clinic has served Indiana for decades. Now she’s looking to Illinois, where her new facility has already been attacked twice.
  12. politics
    Trump Is Going After Fani Willis Before He Even Gets IndictedTrump’s campaign is airing an attack ad against the Georgia prosecutor ahead of next week’s probable charges.
  13. the national interest
    Clarence Thomas Just Happens to Have Many Generous Billionaire Close FriendsHe can’t help it if he’s lucky.
  14. what we know
    A Quick Guide to Justice Clarence Thomas’s Ethics ScandalsWe’re keeping track of the recent pileup of revelations regarding secret financial arrangements between the justice and his rich friends.
  15. politics
    Rikers Island Is Going on TrialPromised reforms have failed. Dozens have died. Now the city may be forced to hand over the jail to the Feds.
  16. life after roe
    Abortion Is Now a Wedge Issue — Against RepublicansThe defeat of Ohio’s Issue 1 shows abortion rights could be the preeminent populist cause of the next decade or so.
  17. gerontocracy
    Dianne Feinstein Briefly Hospitalized After Fall at HomeThe 90-year-old senator’s team said that her “scans were clear.”
  18. the national interest
    Prosecuting Trump Will Only Make Republicans Crazier, Warns Law ProfessorHow much crazier can they get, though?
  19. life after roe
    Ohio Blows Up the Republican Plan to Block Abortion RightsRepublicans tried to pass a special-election measure to make an abortion-rights amendment in November fail. But pro-choice voters showed up in droves.
  20. movies
    Oppenheimer’s Politics Are Good, ActuallyContrary to critics’ claims, the movie is soft on neither the Soviet Union or the American security state.
  21. the national interest
    College Sports Is a Failed Experiment in Anarcho-capitalismThe NCAA has all the money and none of the sense.
  22. just asking questions
    Jamie Raskin on Why It Doesn’t Matter What Trump BelievedThe Maryland congressman thinks the former president’s state of mind on January 2021 is beside the point.
  23. early and often
    Another Campaign Shake-up Not a Good Sign for DeSantisThe once-mighty DeSantis campaign is looking like an Iowa-centric long shot.
  24. the left
    The Case Against Supply-Side Liberalism Is WeakCritics of the ideology have grossly misrepresented what its proponents actually claim.
  25. early and often
    Can Mondaire Jones Make Nice With the Democratic Establishment?He’s running to get back into Congress and away from some of his left-wing associations.
  26. early and often
    Ramaswamy Attack on Juneteenth Shows Non-White Republicans Can Use Racism TooHis nasty shots at Juneteenth as a “useless” and “made-up” holiday put him very much in the racist MAGA tradition.
  27. politics
    Trump Is Already at War With the Judge in the January 6 CaseThe former president is calling for her removal from the case as she considers a protective order barring him from sharing evidence.
  28. early and often
    DeSantis Says Trump Rigged the 2020 Election for BidenHe has figured out how to placate “rigged election” believers without helping his rival.
  29. what we know
    Trump Is Still Lashing Out Following Indictment: UpdatesHe is posting through it.
  30. how i get it done
    The Labor Nominee Making Sure Staffers Get Home for BedtimeJulie Su fights for workers as acting labor secretary and wants her own team to have a life outside the office.
  31. exhibit a
    How Nancy Pelosi’s Long Game Led to Trump’s IndictmentThe longtime Democratic leader and prominent Trump antagonist played an essential role in the historic indictment of the former president.
  32. politics
    Is AP Psychology ‘Banned’ in Florida Due to ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law?The College Board had announced it was pulling the class rather than modify it to fit Florida’s restrictive rules.
  33. early and often
    Trump’s Indictment Is Forcing His GOP Rivals to Relitigate 2020, TooMost Republican presidential candidates really don’t want to talk about 2020 or January 6. Now, they may have to get their stories straight.
  34. the national interest
    Ron DeSantis Renounces Trump’s Craziest Election LieAt least he admits the Venezuelans didn’t steal the election.
  35. early and often
    Pence Is Finally Embracing His Role As January 6 SpoilerHaving campaigned on old-school conservatism, the “too honest” former veep may now dominate the ranks of anti-Trump candidates.
  36. the national interest
    Are Democrats Tricking Republicans Into Nominating Trump?Conservative elites driven to madness by DeSantis’s collapse.
  37. early and often
    What Would a ‘Legitimate’ Biden Victory Look Like to Republicans?Some Republicans would probably accept a more decisive Democratic win. Others might follow Trump in saying any defeat means a rigged election.
  38. just asking questions
    Why Trump’s Free-Speech Defense Is a ‘Red Herring’Timothy Heaphy, the January 6 Committee’s lead investigator, on the strength of Jack Smith’s case.
  39. on with kara swisher
    Chris Christie Says He Was ‘Honest’ When Questioned in Case Against TrumpKara Swisher talks to the former governor and GOP presidential candidate about Trump’s legal peril and the likelihood of him going to jail.
  40. early and often
    Newsom and DeSantis Give Each Other the Attention They CraveThe California and Florida governors both need ways to stay in the spotlight. Savaging each other is what they do best.
  41. encounter
    J. B. Pritzker Is a New Democratic Power BrokerThe governor of Illinois is rich and powerful, making him both an ally to Joe Biden and his own center of influence.
  42. power
    Rudy Giuliani Allegedly Addresses Employee As ‘Big Tits’A former associate suing America’s Mayor for sexual assault and harassment has produced graphic transcripts of his inappropriate advances.
  43. exhibit a
    U.S. v. Trump Is the Most Important Criminal Prosecution in American HistoryDespite the risks, the Justice Department’s case against Donald Trump is necessary and just.
  44. trump indictment
    The Latest Trump Indictment Makes 2024 All About 2020There will be no “moving on” from the last election now.
  45. the national interest
    Pence Makes It Clear Why It’s Necessary to Prosecute TrumpThe GOP punishes the man who was “too honest,” not the coup leader.
  46. the inside game
    Joe Biden vs. Tommy Tuberville: How the President Picks His EnemiesTommy Tuberville is just the latest Republican foil.
  47. trump indictment
    Jack Smith Exposes Trump’s Lies and Shows He Understands PoliticsThe meta-theme of the January 6 charges is “Trump lied; democracy nearly died.” His credibility may take a hit no matter what else happens.
  48. life after roe
    Abortion Extremist DeSantis Gets Attacked by Abortion ExtremistsHe signed a draconian six-week ban for Florida but has run afoul of activists by refusing to back a national ban.
  49. poll position
    NYT Poll Shows Trump Has a Very Decent Shot of Winning in 2024Right now, it’s a tight rematch between two unpopular candidates.
  50. early and often
    Legal Bills Are Wiping Out Trump’s PACTrump’s Save America PAC spent over $21 million on legal fees in the first half of 2023, and more indictments and a lot more billable hours loom.
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