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  1. vision 2020
    Commies Versus the Klan? Democrats and Republicans Have a Dim View of Each OtherRepublicans think Democrats are socialists, and Democrats think Republicans are racists. One or both of them may be right, but nobody will be civil.
  2. Will the Youth Vote Surge in November?Nobody’s ever figured out how to get young people to vote in midterms in representative numbers. Donald Trump in the White House may do the trick.
  3. Trump’s Abysmal Approval Ratings Set a New RecordGallup has never recorded numbers this low for a president so early in his first term.
  4. forecasting
    ‘Shy Voters’ Can Help Explain Why Everyone Got the Election WrongAccording to one pollster, all over the country, there were voters who wouldn’t acknowledge that they were voting for Trump.
  5. early and awkward
    Donald Trump Is Less Popular With American Voters Than Literal Head LiceAccording to a new national poll.
  6. wishful thinking
    72% of Americans Adorably Plan to Vote in 2016A new poll shows that the election hasn’t yet wrecked the humanity of the American people quite yet.
  7. Why You Shouldn’t Take That ‘Everybody Hates Obama’ Poll Too SeriouslyPolls are fickle things.
  8. number crunching
    Americans Have Been This Angry Since JulyA new poll reveals that their opinions haven’t changed much since mid-summer.
  9. god hates pundits
    Muslims Like Barack Obama Even Though He Eats During RamadanNo big love from Mormons, though.