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  1. vision 2020
    Left-Wing Policies Aren’t Risky for Democrats. Unpopular Ones Are.A new survey claims that Democrats risk losing support by moving left. But the data tell a more complicated story.
  2. impeachment
    Polls Show Majority Support for Impeachment Inquiry, Concern Over Ukraine CallBut Americans are hardly surprised Trump might try something like this.
  3. impeachment
    Will Voters Warm to Impeaching Trump, and Does It Matter?Polling from the Nixon and Clinton scandals shows voters are slow to support impeachment, and the president’s popularity matters more electorally.
  4. vision 2020
    5 Signs Elizabeth Warren Is Winning the Democratic PrimaryThe latest wave of polls show Warren rising in the present — and suggest she’s well-positioned to overtake Biden in the future.
  5. vision 2020
    DNC Again Toughens Debate Qualifications for NovemberThe new thresholds are only marginally higher, but they’ll probably be tight enough to ensure a one-night debate.
  6. vision 2020
    No One Knows Whether Warren or Sanders Is in Second PlaceRecent polls from the first primary states show that Bernie Sanders is pulling even with Biden — or else plummeting out of contention.
  7. vision 2020
    Polls Show de Blasio at Zero Percent in His City and StateMayor Bill de Blasio is a prophet without honor in his hometown of New York City and surrounding areas.
  8. vision 2020
    Trump’s Approval Ratings Slump Once AgainThe low ceiling on Trump’s job approval numbers isn’t going away as the 2020 election approaches.
  9. vision 2020
    October Debates Could Go Back to Two Nights As Steyer QualifiesEleven candidates have qualified for the October round of Democratic presidential debates in Ohio. That’s one more than any stage can hold.
  10. vision 2020
    Trump Fears Alienating His Base With Gun Reforms. That’s Irrational.The president backed off background checks for fear of displeasing his core supporters. But he can’t win reelection on their votes alone.
  11. campaigns
    Polls Aren’t Perfect, But They’re More Accurate Than Lawn Signs and Crowd SizeWhen you read or hear a political journalist make election predictions based on crowd sizes or other anecdotal information, reach for your skepticism.
  12. polls
    Here Are 7 ‘Left Wing’ Ideas (Almost) All Americans Can Get BehindNew polling finds that several supposedly radical policy ideas actually command majority support — in all 50 states.
  13. vision 2020
    September Democratic Primary Debates: Who’s in, Who’s OutThe good news is that there will probably be only one debate in September. The bad news is that there might be two in October.
  14. millennials
    Millennials Aren’t That Into God, Patriotism, or Having Kids: PollAnd that’s probably good news for Democrats.
  15. vision 2020
    If This Fox News Poll Is Right, Trump Is a GonerIn 2016, Trump drew an unpopular opponent and dominated among voters who disliked both candidates. A new poll says he won’t be so lucky in 2020.
  16. millennials
    America’s Most Socialist Generation Is Also Its Most MisanthropicYoung adults are exceptionally distrustful of the state (and each other) — and yet, exceptionally supportive of socialism and redistribution.
  17. vision 2020
    Polls: Warren Won the Debates (But Debates Don’t Matter Much)The first post-debate polls find that Elizabeth Warren’s performance won Democrats’ hearts — but Joe Biden is still winning their votes.
  18. vision 2020
    Democrats Made Big Gains With ‘Anti-Immigration’ Voters in 2018: StudyA new analysis of the midterm electorate sheds light on what happened last fall – and what to expect in 2020.
  19. vision 2020
    Time to Say Good-bye to Some 2020 CandidatesA few candidates are still on or near the bubble and could qualify for fall debates with a surge of support and money. Others are ripe for winnowing.
  20. polls
    Polls: Voters Are Cool With Trump’s Deportation Raids, But Not His Racist TweetsNew survey data suggests overt racism is a loser for the president, but rounding up and deporting thousands of immigrants might not be.
  21. vision 2020
    Team Trump Says Polling Is ‘a Joke.’ Is There Any Truth to That?The more you look at the Trump campaign’s efforts to discredit polling, the more it discredits itself.
  22. vision 2020
    Sanders Suggests Warren Is Surging in the Polls Because She’s a WomanSanders is treading on thin ice in stressing electability arguments in his rivalry with Elizabeth Warren.
  23. medicare for all
    Polls: Voters Want Medicare for All — But Don’t Know What It IsA majority of Americans think Medicare for All is a public option that would preserve private insurance, premiums, and deductibles. And they love it.
  24. you're fired
    Trump Campaign Fires Pollsters After Leak of Polls That Look Bad for TrumpA lesson in shooting the messenger.
  25. vision 2020
    Qualifiers for the First 2020 Democratic Primary Debates AnnouncedThe roster shows the number of candidates qualifying equaling the DNC’s cap of 20. Steve Bullock is unhappy with his exclusion.
  26. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren Edges Past Sanders in New 2020 PollsSanders still leads in the polling averages. But he also appears to have a lower ceiling of potential support than the Massachusetts senator.
  27. vision 2020
    Trump Can’t Stop Lying About His UnpopularityHis latest assault on unwelcome poll numbers — including data from his own campaign — shows he’s compelled to deny reality and make up his own.
  28. vision 2020
    Warren and Buttigieg Are Gaining Ground in IowaThe gold-standard Iowa Poll by Ann Selzer shows support for Biden and Sanders weakening, and two clear tiers emerging below them.
  29. vision 2020
    Is the DNC ‘Winnowing’ Potentially Strong 2020 Presidential Candidates?The party can’t make everyone happy, but yes, there have been some late bloomers who did well despite poor early polls.
  30. polls
    America’s Political Mood Is Now the ‘Most Liberal Ever Recorded’But the electorate’s liberal mood may be less significant than the leftward shift in the economic consensus among policy wonks.
  31. donald trump
    No, Obsessive Media Coverage of the Economy Wouldn’t Make Trump PopularA public opinion analyst explains that it’s not all about the economy, and media has to cover Trump’s non-economic antics anyway.
  32. vision 2020
    DNC Makes It Tougher to Qualify for Fall Presidential DebatesIf the 2020 presidential field hasn’t been “winnowed” by the fall, the DNC will take matters into its own hands.
  33. vision 2020
    Which Democratic Presidential Candidates Have Qualified for the First Debates?Twenty candidates have already made the cut, thanks to their standing in the polls or grassroots fundraising.
  34. abortion rights
    The Assault on Abortion Rights Is Tyranny of the MinorityMost GOP voters want Roe v. Wade upheld. And banning abortion in all circumstances is opposed by a majority of voters in every U.S. state.
  35. roe v. wade
    The GOP’s Assault on Abortion Rights Is Tyranny of the MinorityMost GOP voters want Roe v. Wade upheld. And banning abortion in all circumstances is opposed by a majority of voters in every U.S. state.
  36. vision 2020
    Is Trump Suddenly Becoming More Popular?The president hit his highest job-approval ratings in more than two years. Here’s what it means.
  37. vision 2020
    Obama-to-Trump Voters Are Cooling on the PresidentA new study finds only 66 percent of Obama-to-Trump voters approve of the president. Which means that Trump’s 2020 odds may be worse than they look.
  38. foreign interests
    Voters Want an ‘America First’ Foreign Policy (Just Not Trump’s)A majority wants to prioritize domestic spending over the military budget, and their own economic security over spreading democracy.
  39. vision 2020
    What Happens If More Than 20 Candidates Qualify for Democratic DebatesCandidates who don’t meet fundraising as well as polling thresholds could be cut from the debates entirely.
  40. vision 2020
    Get Ready for a Biden Swoon, Sooner or LaterCandidates who poll as well as Biden is right now often go on to win — but rarely without encountering serious bumps in the road.
  41. vision 2020
    The ‘Biden Bounce’ and Warren Surge Are Challenges for Bernie SandersSanders is in danger of losing his co-front-runner status as Biden gains strength, while Warren moves up on the left.
  42. vision 2020
    The Case for Thinking Joe Biden Can’t Be StoppedBiden’s lead in the polls is growing. His Establishment rivals are fading. And a news cycle about how he’s a handsy creeper didn’t even bruise him.
  43. vision 2020
    Why Trump Will Be an Underdog in the 2020 ElectionThere are a lot of moving parts in Election 2020, but at this point Trump remains a loudly growling underdog.
  44. vision 2020
    The Democrats’ Best Economic Message for 2020 Isn’t a MysteryIt’s the populism, stupid.
  45. impeachment
    Democratic Voter Support for Impeachment Cooling As Fight for It Heats UpDemocratic rank-and-file support for impeachment proceedings was higher last August than now, though that could change again.
  46. vision 2020
    Is Beto Losing His Mojo? Did Mayor Pete Steal It From Him?The two candidates are pursuing opposite strategies, with O’Rourke focusing on early-voting states, and Buttigieg soaking up national media attention.
  47. mueller time
    Mueller Report Failed to Move Trump’s Approval RatingsDespite Barr’s spin and the damaging evidence in the actual report, Trump remains an unpopular president — who could still win reelection.
  48. vision 2020
    Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Need 2016 Support Levels to Win Lots of DelegatesThe 15 percent minimum threshold for winning delegates will make it easier for front-runners like Sanders and Biden to hog them.
  49. vision 2020
    Joe Biden May Be Less Electable Than He LooksWhen voters are presented with negative information about both Biden and Trump, the Democrat’s advantage disappears, according to a new poll.
  50. fake polls
    Trump Touts 55 Percent Approval From Poll That Found 43 Percent ApprovalThat’ll teach him to listen to Lou Dobbs.
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