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  1. vision 2020
    Key Nevada Union Decides Against Endorsing Any Presidential CandidateDespite tensions between the powerful Culinary Union and Sanders supporters, Biden couldn’t snag an endorsement, which is a bad sign for him.
  2. cory booker
    Cory Booker Is One Step Away From Challenging Trump to an Arm-Wrestling MatchWe get it, you’re strong!
  3. sri lanka attacks
    Outside the U.S., Persecution of Christians Is Real, As Sri Lanka Bombings ShowIn an increasing number of countries, particularly in Asia, Christians face challenges a lot more stressful than “Happy Holidays” greetings.
  4. poltics
    With Ernest Hollings’s Death, New York’s James Buckley Now Oldest Ex-SenatorBuckley’s 1970 Senate win was a landmark in the conservative takeover of the Republican Party.
  5. mueller time
    The Trump Investigations Are Far From OverTrump faces multiple legal and political threats even if the Mueller investigation ends with no immediate consequences for him.
  6. last night on late night
    Colbert Imagines What JFK Conspiracy Trump Can Spread About ‘Beautiful’ Ted CruzNothing can top Trump suggesting Cruz’s dad helped plan a presidential assassin, but it’s worth a shot.
  7. last night on late night
    Fallon Responds to Trump Tweet: ‘Shouldn’t He Have More Important Things to Do?’“Melania, if you’re watching, I don’t think your anti-bullying campaign is working.”
  8. feuds upon feuds
    Donald Trump Calls Jimmy Fallon a ‘Lost Soul,’ Defends Hair Again During RallyHe also read David Lynch’s “one of the greatest presidents in history” comment at a rally for South Carolina governor Henry McMaster.
  9. last night on late night
    Michelle Wolf Mini-Roasts the White House Over Family-Separation PolicyHey, it’s what everyone loves/hates her for!
  10. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Is Downright Impressed by Trump’s Wiretapping Allegation GameThe man’s accusations are untouchable. He’s at the height of his powers.
  11. Late Night Celebrates Michael Flynn’s Long National-Security-Advising CareerDon’t let those Russian sanctions hit you on the way out.
  12. 2016 election
    How Every Swing-State TV Character Would Vote in the 2016 Presidential ElectionFrom Bloodline to Glee
  13. After Prior Failure, GOP Tries Attacking Tim Kaine on Death Penalty AgainIt backfired when his gubernatorial opponent trotted it out a decade ago.
  14. GOP Formally Nominates Trump, in Weird FashionHe finally got it. But there were gaffes along the way.
  15. emmys 2016
    Donald Trump, Emmy Hater, Also May Be an Emmy VoterSince 2004.
  16. trump cards
    Jeb Bush Wins Eric Cantor Endorsement; Donald Trump Remains Unimpressed“Who wants the endorsement of a guy who lost?”
  17. the city politic
    Is de Blasio’s Perceived Weakness an Advantage?Some of his collegial style is philosophical, some of it strategically pragmatic.
  18. state of the union
    What You Missed in the State of the Union SpeechUnexpected Boehner love, threats to act without Congress, and lots of clapping.
  19. equal rites
    A Majority of the Senate Now Supports Gay MarriageFlorida Democrat Bill Nelson evolves.
  20. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Loses the Election, Goes to Disneyland AnywayIt’s not clear if this is legal.
  21. the donald
    Who the Hell Is Donald Trump Endorsing Today? [Updated]Nobody seems to know! It’s madness!
  22. 2012
    Is Rick Perry Less Electable in Grandpa Shoes Than Cowboy Boots?We’ll find out.