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  1. popular
    Michelle Obama’s Portrait Is So Popular, the Museum Moved It to a Bigger RoomToo many people were visiting the painting.
  2. feuds
    Why I Love It When Women FightFemale feuds are more than just “catfights.”
  3. popular
    The Craziest Mom I Ever Met Was Obsessed With Being PopularHow many moms buy their daughter a boob job?
  4. bearing children
    I Finally Understand Online Mom DramaBecause sometimes I participate.
  5. must-haves
    All the Cool Girls Had One: 16 Women on Teen Status SymbolsTalking to Molly Ringwald, Judy Blume, Aly Raisman, Marilyn Minter, and more.
  6. popular
    I Was the Queen Bee: 3 High School Bullies on Their Reigns of Terror“You feel invincible when you know you’re popular.”
  7. popular
    Why Are These the Most Popular Beauty Looks Right Now?Bronde, brows, and non-boring hair.
  8. popular
    Why Everyone Loves the Alpha GirlPsychologists deconstruct the power of the most popular girl in school.
  9. nostalgia
    Remember When Popularity Was Cool? Now It’s Work.Social media ruined everything.
  10. cut cover story
    Lele Pons Is One Fart Joke Away From World DominationA day in the life of YouTube’s reigning teen queen.
  11. popular
    How I Tried and Failed to Be a Cool BossKaraoke nights just weren’t the same when I bought drinks with a corporate card.
  12. popular
    A Micro-History of Popular-Crowd Brands Over the YearsFrom Benetton to Brandy Melville, what the cool clique wore, decade by decade.
  13. first person
    Talking to the Popular Girls, 20 Years LaterHow did the girls I once loved and longed to be remember their clique?
  14. popular
    I Faked Being Christian to Be CoolSocial climbing in the Bible Belt.
  15. tea
    Ryan Murphy Remembers a Homophobic Meeting With a WB Executive“I literally was stunned into silence and he was being really, really brutal to me.”
  16. paradoxes
    Your Friends Are Shinier, Happier, Richer Than YouEveryone around you really has it made, don’t they?
  17. search terms
    Kim Kardashian Had 2013’s Most Googled PregnancyAnd Miley had the most Googled breakup.
  18. themes
    The Tropes of Ryan Murphy: 22 Hallmarks of Every Show He MakesFrom plastic surgery and whiplash character motivation to oddball redheads.
  19. leslie bibb
    Popular’s Leslie Bibb Returns As a BitchIt sounds like ‘Popular’ all grown up!
  20. The Forgotten Brilliance of PopularIn 1999, I was a junior theatre major at a performing arts high school, in a class that was about 60% female and 30% gay boys. Though Will & […]