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  1. Trump Taps Steve Mnuchin for Treasury SecretaryThe populist president names a former Goldman Sachs partner — who is also the son of a Goldman Sachs partner — to his cabinet.
  2. international affairs
    Angela Merkel Will Run for 4th Term As German ChancellorAfter Trump’s victory, some having been calling her the new leader of the free world.
  3. Trump Has Made Wall Street Giddy AgainWall Street was expecting new regulations. Now it’s getting deregulation, tax cuts, and cabinet positions — because the “populist” won.
  4. Why Steve Bannon Hates Paul RyanThere’s a vast ideological gulf between the president-elect’s chief strategist and the Speaker of the House.
  5. Trump Will Betray His White Working-Class Base. When and How Will Matter a Lot.It will open a door for Democrats.
  6. Trump Won a Lot of White Working-Class Voters Who Backed ObamaProgressives can’t afford to give up on winning them back.
  7. class warfare
    Activists Have Declared War on Hedge Funds — and They Might Be WinningLarge investors are pulling out money for both political and financial reasons. Does this mark the beginning of a long decline?
  8. No, Ted Cruz Is Not an ‘Economic Populist’ Opposing a few corporate subsidies and being “anti-Establishment” does not outweigh an consistent dedication to policies that favor billionaires. 
  9. the national interest
    Republicans Are Trying Very Hard, But They Won’t Pull Off PopulismIt’s hard to get around that policy agenda.
  10. the ivy league
    The New Privilege: Loudly Denouncing Your PrivilegeParadoxes of elite populism.
  11. the national interest
    Can Obama Be a Nerd Populist?Obama is attempting to exploit a cleavage between intellectual elites and financial elites.