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  1. in conversation
    Lee Daniels on the End of Empire, Woke Culture, and Why Precious Was a ComedyPrecisely what his post-Empire career will look like isn’t certain, but the perennially restless director is nurturing a number of seedlings.
  2. 2016 dnc
    Empire’s Lee Daniels on Gun Control at the DNC“It hit me like a brick — Hillary knows me.”
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Hey, Ladies, a Japanese Brewery Made Collagen-Infused Light Beer Just forThis is quite strange.
  4. Precious
    Bouley Tweaks Brushstroke, Adds Sushi Bar and MasterTribeca gets a few feet of Tokyo.
  5. party chat
    Toronto: Precious’s Geoffrey Fletcher Talks Violet & Daisy, the Next Cult FaveNew movie directed by ‘Precious’ screenwriter Geoffrey Fletcher has “win” written all over it.
  6. clickables
    Here’s an Enjoyable, If Less-Than-Timely, Precious JokeWhy not.
  7. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Louis C.K. Is a Percocet Addict and Will Go to Great Lengths for ItPlus: ‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe tells Conan O’Brien what his lady fans want to do with a piece of that “hot Coco,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  8. books
    Sapphire Writing Precious Sequel’The Kid’ will be about Precious’s son.
  9. kudos
    Glee and Modern Family Among Humanitas Winners’Precious’ takes top honors in feature film category.
  10. Oscarcast Review: Great Results, Dull ShowIf you’ve seen the Oscars in the past 81 years, you knew what you were gonna get.
  11. kudos
    Precious Takes Home Five Independent Spirit AwardsThat’s every award it was nominated for.
  12. jackman
    Jackman: The Next Mo’Nique?Director Lee Daniels has “nailed him” for his ‘Precious’ follow-up.
  13. 3-d
    Scorsese: Precious ‘Should’ Be in 3-DWe thought if we tried *really hard* not to think about 3-D, it would go away. No such luck.
  14. Nearing Oscars, Precious, Hurt Locker Take Prizes’A Prophet’ cleans up at the French Oscars.
  15. late night
    Lee Daniels Made Helen Mirren Sound Like Kind of a Jerk on The Daily ShowShe could play Mariah Carey’s role “in her sleep.”
  16. hardball
    Straight-Talking Former Federal Prosecutor Is Getting the SEC to Actually Apply ThemselvesRobert Khuzami has turned on a small light in a dark room.
  17. precious
    Ishmael Reed vs. Precious“Among black men and women, there is widespread revulsion and anger” over the film, which “wasn’t made for them.”
  18. wide world of oscar
    Breaking Down Gabourey Sidibe’s Talk-Show StrategyIntroducing Vulture’s Wide World of Oscar.
  19. sundance film festival
    Winter’s Bone Takes Top Honors at SundanceBleak drama could be this year’s ‘Precious’?
  20. kudos
    Which SAG Winner Will Lose on Oscar Night?Bullock.
  21. What to Watch for at This Weekend’s SAG AwardsHint: The Best Actress category seems to be up for grabs.
  22. party chat
    Mo’Nique is Now Referring All Questions on Her Oscar Indifference to Her HusbandAlso: Meryl Streep’s Sandra Bullock movie marathon, and what happens when overzealous reporters grill comedians about Haiti.
  23. ranters and ravers
    What’s the Worst Movie of 2009?With ballots and commentary from 43 critics, the Vulture Critics’ Poll is the definitive survey of crappiness in film.
  24. news reel
    Clooney, Freeman, and Gyllenhaal at the NBR GalaMorgan Freeman: “I want to express my appreciation to the NBR for not settling for George Clooney.”
  25. news reel
    Gabourey Sidibe on the Scene From Precious That Totally Cracks Her Up“I laugh inappropriately at it — sorry. I’m laughing because I’m not falling.”
  26. mo’nique
    How Many Interviews Must Mo’Nique Give the Times to Prove She Doesn’t Hate Giving Interviews?“What I can participate in I’m more than happy to.”
  27. kudos
    Tarantino, Bigelow, HMFIC Nominated for Directors Guild AwardsAlso: Lee Daniels and Jason Reitman.
  28. kudos
    Mariah Carey’s Biggest Fan Isn’t Giving Up on Her Oscar Chances Just YetMeanwhile, we hope that she shows up at the People’s Choice Awards tonight in the same form that she was in at the Palm Springs Film Festival last night.
  29. kudos
    Mo’Nique, Memoriams, and More Nominations: Ten Reasons to Love This Oscar SeasonJames Cameron! Harvey Weinstein! Advanced math!
  30. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: Gabourey SidibeA fashion yearbook for the star of Precious.
  31. red-carpet look book
    Red-Carpet Look Book: Mo’NiqueA fashion yearbook for the actress from Precious.
  32. kudos
    Was Gabourey Sidibe Cheated Out of An Award?Some inside the African-American Film Critics Association say yes!
  33. kudos
    Inside the Boston Society of Film Critics’ Hurt Locker LovefestThey liked ‘A Serious Man’ too.
  34. mo’nique
    Mo’Nique on Oscar Campaigning: ‘What Does It Mean Financially?’“What are you campaigning for, though?” she asks. “Let me ask y’all this, because I know y’all are gonna school me correctly: What does it mean financially?”
  35. news reel
    Lee Daniels: Precious Screening Prompts Abuse Confession“Some guy came up to me at a screening that I was at recently and he told me that he, um, was sexually abusing his 14-year-old daughter.”
  36. kudos
    Precious, Last Station Lead Spirit Award NodsAlso: Jemaine Clement was not forgotten!
  37. kudos
    Mariah Carey: Award-Winning ActressThe mustache sealed the deal.
  38. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Everyone Who Didn’t See New Moon Saw The Blind SidePrecious is still doing really well, too.
  39. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: 2012 Wins, but the Real Future Is in PreciousThe little indie that could crowds theaters in its second week.
  40. late night
    Gabby Sidibe Makes Her Outrageously Charming Conan DebutConan calls the star of Precious “The best guest ever!”
  41. overheard
    Overheard at Precious in Harlem“I thought she needed to shave.”
  42. precious
    Too Early to Say, But Precious Is Poised for Indie Box-Office GreatnessWill ‘Precious’ become the next ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ or the next ‘The Aristocrats,’ which did well in limited release and then tanked?
  43. obsessed
    Mariah Carey Speaks Out on Her Precious Mustache“I drank some ugly juice.”
  44. ranters and ravers
    Armond White: Precious Worse Than Norbit“Not since ‘The Birth of a Nation’ has a mainstream movie demeaned the idea of black American life as much as ‘Precious.’”
  45. life with andre
    André Leon Talley Declined to Be in PreciousHe saw a clip from the movie and rejected a cameo.
  46. precious
    A Star Is Born: Lee Daniels’s Times Magazine Profile Arrives“‘I kind of co-directed ‘Monster’s Ball’,’ Daniels told me as he ordered another drink.”
  47. precious
    In Support of Precious, Tyler Perry Reveals His Own History of Abuse“She put the key inside of herself and told me to come get it.”
  48. precious
    Mo’Nique Uncooperative, Reports Mariah Carey FanRoger Friedman reports that Mo’Nique has pulled out of Saturday’s New York Film Festival premiere of her movie at the last minute, causing her publicist to quit.
  49. the weinsteins
    Weinsteins’ Precious Lawsuit DismissedDoes a verbal agreement between two movie executives that no one can prove was actually made count for nothing anymore?
  50. kudos
    The Case for Precious As Best Picture Front-runnerFour reasons this little movie is no underdog.
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