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Predicting The Future

  1. predicting the future
    Watch Amy Poehler Predict Strangers’ FuturesOn The Chris Gethard Show.
  2. predicting the future
    The 10 Most Promising Network Pilots This YearIt’s early still. But here’s what looks good at the script stage.
  3. predicting the future
    Tina Fey Wants to Be Able to Plan 30 Rock’s End “We work for NBC, so we’ll see what they say.”
  4. for recreational purposes only
    Vulture’s Fantasy Oscar OddsWe’ve got the odds for the things you really care about, like the speeches, the dresses, and the inexplicable interpretive-dance routines.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Watches the Next Three Indy MoviesWhat if it takes another twenty years to get the next one made? Vulture hops in our trusty time machine to find out.
  6. countdown
    Playing Super-Devil’s Advocate: Which Superhero Movie Will Suck?Which one will overcome its great trailer, smart casting, and expensive action to be a total dog?
  7. countdown
    Why Mr. Big Will Die in the ‘Sex and the City’ MovieWith all due respect to our fine friends and colleagues at Daily Intel, YOU ARE CRAZY.
  8. countdown
    ‘How I Met Your Mother’: It’s Britney OMG It’s BritneyA multitude of clips from Britney Spears’s performance on Monday’s How I Met Your Mother suggest that she might be … not bad!
  9. apropos of nothing
    ‘How I Met Your Mother’: We Think We Figured Out Who ‘Your Mother’ IsEmploying Lost-style fan-investigation techniques on a goofball sitcom.
  10. apropos of nothing
    Jay Leno Is About to Get PaidVulture looks into its crystal ball.
  11. kudos
    Finally, Someone Handicaps the 2009 OscarsWhat does Vulture pick as our Best Picture 2009 nominees?
  12. countdown
    Culture Apocalypse 2008: Vulture’s Calendar for the Year AheadOur complete guide to the movies, TV shows, and music that will disappoint us all in the coming year.
  13. early and often
    Giuliani’s First TV Spot: It’s No ‘United 93’ It’s a pivotal moment in the 2008 race: The day voters get to see Giuliani’s ferrety smile in a softly lit close-up. That’s right, the Republican front-runner finally answered the public clamoring for more multimedia Rudy and premiered his first TV campaign spot, which will begin running today in New Hampshire. The ad goes straight to Giuliani’s credentials: eight years running New York City, “the third- or fourth-largest government in the country.” (About that “third or fourth” thing — they couldn’t look it up?) As we know, whenever Giuliani mentions his hometown, he’s forced to perform a complicated two-step of praising it and dumping on it at the same time; this time he does it with, um, pictures.
  14. NewsFeed
    Serendipity: Images From the Battlefield So they’re not the best pictures—but did you really want to see close-ups of mice poo? (Don’t answer that.) Nevertheless, a sad scene. Between the Broadway strike and this latest development, the holidays are headed towards a touristy triage. Earlier: Breaking: Serendipity 3 Closed by DOH
  15. kudos
    Denis Johnson Wins the National Book Award That Everyone Expected Him ToThe National Book Awards were last night at the Marriot Marquis, as pretty much everyone predicted, Denis Johnson took home the prize for fiction for his Vietnam War novel Tree of Smoke.
  16. Back of the House
    Jennifer 8. Lee Tackles Fortune CookiesThe galleys for the The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee’s forthcoming book about Chinese food and restaurants, have flooded the city, and people are getting hungry. Since the mysterious, crowded world of Chinese food is something about which we can never get enough intel, a quick chat with Jennifer was in order.
  17. the early-evening news
    Broadway Producers and Stagehands Talking Again?Plus: T.I.’s new video!
  18. obit
    Norman Mailer’s Self-Penned ObituaryBack in 1979, at the height of his curly-haired glory, Norman Mailer composed a witty and sharp obituary for himself for Boston magazine, which has reprinted it on their Website on the occasion of his death this past weekend. “Norman Mailer passed away yesterday after celebrating his fifteenth divorce and sixteenth wedding,” it begins: He was renowned in publishing circles for his blend of fictional journalism and factual fiction, termed by literary critic William Buckley: Contemporaneous Ratiocinative Aesthetical Prolegomena. Buckley was consequentially sued by Mailer for malicious construction of invidious acronyms. “Norman does take himself seriously,” was Mr. Buckley’s reply. “Of course he is the last of those who do.” In it, he offers up fake eulogies from some of his friends, which in retrospect are surprisingly poignant. “He was always so butch,” “Truman Capote” says. “I thought he’d outlive us all.” Mailer’s Death: We Called It [Boston] Earlier Intel’s prodigious coverage of the death of Norman Mailer
  19. The Gobbler
    Adam Platt Defends His RatingsAfter seeing that our good friend Adam Platt awarded Allen & Delancey, a restaurant we especially admire, a measly two stars, we decided to confront him with his misjudgment, and request – nay, demand! – that he explain and even justify his method of awarding stars to us. We knew it was an argument we couldn’t win, and what’s more that we shouldn’t win, given the fact that Platt is arguably the city’s top critic, but we also know he would respond to us like the big baited bear that he is. The debate played out via our favorite medium, Instant Messenger.
  20. intel
    The City Is Tired of You Getting Your Bike Seat WetBehold the city’s newest benefit for bicyclists: a sleek public bike-parking shelter that will start rolling out next month. The structures are from the same company that’s installing those adorable new bus stops around town. As you can see, they look very similar, except they’ve removed the side and rear panels for easy access for up to eight bikes. (And their ad panels will show off the city bike map or reminders to pedal safely.) The Art Commission approved the design yesterday, and the contractor will build the first 5 of 37 at commuting hubs. Look for them at 17th and Broadway, DeKalb and Flatbush, Pelham Parkway and White Plains Road, Jackson Avenue at 50th Street in Long Island City, and the St. George Ferry Terminal. “You judge a good street by how you see people going out and using the space,” Transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan told us. “We’re working hard to make sure that the materials we put on the street are high quality and sustainable.” And, from the looks of it, pretty. —Alec Appelbaum
  21. chat room
    Hunter Foster of ‘Frankenstein’ on Creating a MonsterFoster spoke to Vulture about his role as the not-so-mad scientist who tries to outsmart death and finds himself running from his own creation.
  22. the take
    Another Unfunny Person Given Humor Award