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  1. predictions
    Let’s Guess Who Will Host SNL’s Season PremiereProbably Chris Pratt, right?
  2. 2014 tony awards
    What Should Win at the Tonys Sunday Night, and What Will Win?Theater critic Jesse Green weighs in.
  3. John Oliver Attempts to Predict the Memorial Day Weekend NewsHere’s a clip John Oliver and his Last Week Tonight crew put together last week in an attempt to predict the news that would break during their […]
  4. predictions
    What Will Happen Next Season on Homeland?A few possibilities after last night’s finale.
  5. vulture lists
    15 Recurring Characters We Will and Should See on SNL This SeasonWith major cast departures, these characters will pick up the slack. 
  6. series finales
    Five Loose Ends Breaking Bad Probably Won’t Tie UpWon’t someone please get Huell out of that sad room?
  7. close reads
    Predicting Breaking Bad, Based on Episode Titles“Granite State.” Ahem.
  8. predictions
    What We Can Expect From a J.J. Abrams Star WarsBad dads, big monsters.
  9. predictions
    Where Does Homeland Go From Here?Brody will have to go full-on Jumanji.
  10. contests
    What’s Going to Happen on Homeland?If you come closest to guessing what will happen in the finale, you’ll win a prize. Holla!
  11. predictions
    Michael C. Hall Says Dexter Will ‘Get Caught’Some day. Maybe. In some capacity.
  12. predictions
    What’s Going to Happen on Breaking Bad’s Finale?Let’s look into the crystal (meth) ball.
  13. predictions
    The Familiar Sorkin Plots The Newsroom Should ReuseHow come no one’s dad has had a long-term affair?
  14. Predictions
    Andrew Zimmern Declares Filipino Food the New EverythingWanna bet?
  15. 2012 nfc championship game
    Your NFL Championship Sunday PredictionsBy Sunday night, we will have our Super Bowl XLVI combatants.
  16. Predictions
    Alton Brown, Spice PsychicHint: rhymes with Tupac.
  17. In The Year 2012
    Chicago Food Snob Gazes Into Crystal Ball For 2012 Dining PredictionsAfter suffering a full week of annual dining round-ups, we all have a good handle on what restaurants that might have missed the radar this year. So what’s in store for 2012?
  18. Dream Big
    Food Trends for 2012 Include Big Plates and Basic PizzaWhere Born Rich becomes a film.
  19. Future-Talk
    James Beard Foundation Predicts 2012 Food TrendsThe group says canelés will be the next pastry item people start calling the new cupcake.
  20. SNL’s Zach Kanin’s 2012 Predictions Are GreatNew SNL writer and New Yorker cartoonist Zach Kanin drew up some pretty exciting predictions for 2012. (You know, in his spare time. I hear […]
  21. Coming Soon
    Will Asian Small Plates be Boston’s Next Big Thing?The Red Lantern team shines a light on Southie.
  22. the future is coming
    Can Faceboook Really Predict When You’ll Break Up?Probably not.
  23. early and often
    Nate Silver, Facebook Is Trying To Make You ObsoleteNo need for all those complicated algorithms.
  24. it is almost baseball time folks
    Ten Predictions From Baseball Prospectus’s PECOTA ForecastPECOTA likes the Rays … and the Yankees to finish THIRD.
  25. TV Land
    Los Angeles Crushes Aaron Sanchez’ StereotypesLos Angeles turns out to have more than the Chefs vs. The City star thought.
  26. predictions
    All Right, It’s Time for This Playoff Business to Get Started’New York”s staff predictions for the 2009 baseball postseason.
  27. Trimmings
    Sorella’s Chef, Emma Hearst, Passes Catty NotesWhat’s up with the weird ‘Note from the Chef’ at Sorella? Plus, female chefs make their 2009 predictions.
  28. Trends
    Blog Assesses 2008 Predictions While Magazine Makes 2009 PredictionsDid Epicurious’ predictions for 2008 pan out? And what will next year hold?