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  1. awful things
    Rhode Island Prep School Settles Up to 30 Sex-Abuse Claims“People feel like this is the school recognizing what they went through.”
  2. side hustles
    What Can You Learn at Tilda Swinton’s School? Applied lessons in becoming a rich eccentric. 
  3. prep schools
    New Alumni Report Finds More Abuse at Horace MannThe report alleges more than 60 former students were abused while attending the elite private school.
  4. misguided good samaritans
    Horace Mann Student Holds Most Horace Mann–y Charity Event EverA designer clothes drive for abuse victims.
  5. silly bans
    British Boarding School Eton Has a Major Snapchat ProblemBanned from the Wi-Fi networks.
  6. Be Never Board: A Dossier of Boarding-School ScandalsDrugs, sex, brain damage, and general damage.
  7. lawsuits
    Horace Mann Would Like Some of Its ‘Hush Money’ BackIt payed at least $1 million in settlements to abuse victims.
  8. horace mann
    Alleged Horace Mann Abuser Lives in a House His Victims Paid For The New Yorker investigates a former teacher who “stood out for his extraordinary control over boys’ lives.”
  9. horace mann
    Retired Horace Mann Teacher’s Sex Confession“It was all so warm and casual.”
  10. It’s Too Late for Abuse Victims at Horace MannNew York’s sex abuse statute of limitations strikes again.
  11. prep schools
    Bronx D.A. Wants to Know More About Abuse at Horace MannStudents encouraged to report past sexual abuse.
  12. prep schools
    Horace Mann Distancing Itself From Unearthed Allegations of Sexual AbuseDecades-old tales of faculty molesting students are now coming to light.
  13. school daze
    Hey, Everybody! It’s Time to Argue About Which New York City Prep School Is Best!Because they’re pretty much all on the ‘Forbes’ list of America’s Best Prep Schools.
  14. twig and plums
    Christopher Hitchens Had Sex With Boarding-School Boys, Tory MenNow that’s some imagery.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times to Hire Gossip Girl ReporterThey want a journalist for the New York City private-school beat.