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Presidential Race 2016

  1. where do we go from here?
    Aaron Sorkin Penned a Moving Letter to His Daughter and Wife After the Election“We’re not powerless and we’re not voiceless.”
  2. sneakers
    New Balance Sneakers Give a Thumbs-up to Donald Trump’s WinA company officer said he feels things are “going to move in the right direction.”
  3. With or Without Comey, This Presidential Election Was Always Going to Be CloseClinton was never going to win in a landslide, and GOP voters were bound to come home to Trump.
  4. The Presidential Candidates, and Their Supporters, Up CloseImages from photographer Mark Peterson’s Political Theatre.
  5. election 2016
    The Female Politician Trying to Turn Georgia BlueStacey Abrams, Georgia’s Democratic House Minority Leader, on why Georgia is a test case for the rest of the United States.
  6. abortion rights
    Watch Hillary Clinton Passionately Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose“I will stand up for that right.”
  7. A Naked Hillary Clinton Statue Sparked a Brawl in Lower Manhattan This MorningIt was only a matter of time.
  8. Mike Pence Dodged a Young Girl’s Question About Self-EsteemHe made it about Hillary Clinton and foreign policy.
  9. more than words
    Lena Dunham Says Donald Trump’s Comments Are Painful to Everyone, Not Just Women“Those comments … were about everyone whose body is treated like the property of other people.”
  10. the spin room
    Trump’s Campaign Manager Said Some Lawmakers Are Guilty of Sexual Misconduct“They all ride around on their high horse.”
  11. politcs
    Barbara Bush Had Fun Hanging Out With a Few Hillary Clinton Supporters in ParisDoes this mean she’s Team Hillary?
  12. have it your way
    What Trump’s Spokesperson Said About Clinton’s Record With Women Is Kind of NutsWe can agree to disagree.
  13. presidential race 2016
    Count Chelsea Clinton Among Those Who Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton Had PneumoniaShe says she found out when her mom showed up at her apartment on September 11.
  14. presidential debate
    Area Woman Interrupted by Man 26 Times in 25 MinutesLester Holt also interrupted Hillary Clinton 15 times.
  15. body image
    Donald Trump Just Told All of America His Weight, Can You ImagineSo brave.
  16. he didn't go to jared
    The Election Is Keeping People From Getting Engaged, ApparentlyAn intriguing theory.
  17. celeb diets
    How to Get the Donald Trump BodyIn one easy step!
  18. presidential race 2016
    Stephen Colbert Will Go Live for ConventionsHe’ll do two weeks of live shows in July.
  19. presidential race 2016
    Would a Major Terror Attack Really Help Donald Trump?There are some good political-science reasons to think that it might not.
  20. historic
    Clinton Gave Nod to History in Victory Speech“In our country, it started right here in New York — a place called Seneca Falls in 1848.”
  21. Hillary Clinton Just Shattered the ‘Highest, Hardest Glass Ceiling’She’s the first woman ever to head the ticket for a major U.S. political party.
  22. definitive rankings
    The Top 10 Pettiest Moments of the 2016 Presidential Race, Thus FarSmall hands! Periods! “Your mom” jokes!
  23. early and awkward
    Heckler Thinks Marco Rubio Stole His GirlfriendLittle Marco’s got game.
  24. early and often
    Ben Carson to Endorse Donald TrumpPlot twist.
  25. Bernie Sanders Wins Maine CaucusesSanders won by a wide margin. 
  26. politics
    Will Trump Force Bloomberg to Run for President?The two billionaires are a study in contrasts, but they share a dream. 
  27. Photog Choked by Secret Service at Trump RallyThe photographer, Christopher Morris, is a licensed member of the press.
  28. bye carly
    Carly Fiorina Drops Out of Republican RaceAfter a dismal performance in New Hampshire.
  29. gallery
    Body Paint and Phone Banks: Scenes From the Last Campaign Weekend in N.H.A weekend at Bernie’s (and Jeb’s, and Hillary’s, and Ted’s, and the Donald’s). 
  30. the national circus
    Will Donald Trump Deflate Like a Big Fat Balloon After Losing in Iowa? Maybe, maybe not. But beware the narrative that Rubio is poised to take over the race.
  31. early and often
    Michael Bloomberg Considering White House Run as an IndependentHe thinks he can maybe win if the general election ends up being Donald Trump or Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders.
  32. Rubio, Not Trump, Is Now the Defining Figure in the GOP RaceHe’s not the most bombastic candidate, but he’s the most talented. 
  33. politics
    Jeb Bush Is Still Searching for His Best Political Self His gaffes are overshadowing his strengths as a candidate. But even if he recovers, will there be a place for him in today’s Republican Party? 
  34. misogyny
    Donald Trump Still So Obsessed With Megyn Kelly [Updated]He just can’t stop with the “bimbo” tweets.
  35. presidential race 2016
    Bernie Sanders Abandons Speech After Black Lives Matter ProtestThe senator from Vermont was prepared to make a speech commemorating the anniversary of Social Security and Medicare.
  36. politics
    Donald Trump and Top Adviser Roger Stone Split As Campaign Turmoil IntensifiesTrump says he fired Stone, but Stone says he quit.
  37. early and often
    Book: Jim Webb Almost Killed a BikerBut then he decided not to.
  38. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Prefers Manhattan Office to Brooklyn HeadquartersLike everyone, she prefers a shorter commute.
  39. city politic
    What Brings Bill de Blasio to Iowa? [Updated]The mayor will be promoting his progressive agenda and quietly boosting his national profile.
  40. When Will Potential 2016 Candidates Discuss the ‘Extraterrestrial Issue’?Activists want our next president to be more transparent about what’s out there.
  41. presidential race 2016
    Jeb Bush Totally Smoked Weed at AndoverAnd was intensely apolitical.
  42. presidential race 2016
    Lindsey Graham Officially Dips Toe Into 2016 Presidential WatersAfter hinting at it for months.
  43. politics
    Bernie Sanders for President?Why not try a real socialist for a change.
  44. presidential race 2016
    Jim Webb Volunteers to Be First 2016 CandidateAnd they’re off …