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    Tough But Fair: Trump Says He Would Not Recommend Michael Cohen As a LawyerA day after Cohen pleaded guilty to eight criminal charges, the president said he would “strongly suggest” hiring someone else.
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    For Some Unknown Reason, Trump Thinks Dogs Are Constantly Getting FiredHe has perplexingly accused several of his critics of getting “fired like a dog.”
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    Trump Calls Omarosa ‘That Dog’ in Early Morning TweetThis comes amid allegations that Trump used the N-word and other racial slurs prior to and during his presidency.
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    President Trump Makes Veiled Threat Against ‘Low IQ Person’ Maxine Waters“Be careful what you wish for Max!”
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    Trump, Whose Restaurant Has 78 Health-Code Violations, Calls Red Hen ‘Filthy’Mar-a-Lago’s past infractions include improperly refrigerated meat, unsanitary food prep, and mold.
  6. Trump Doubles Down on Pruitt, For NowAnd the hotel and real estate mogul may not actually understand what “market rate” means.
  7. How to Use Twitter (a Video for Middle-aged Politicians)▶️ “Let’s get tweeting!”
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    Has John Kelly Reined in Trump’s Tweetatorship?Many have tried. All have failed.
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    White House Considering Plan to Have Legal Team Vet Trump’s TweetsThough Trump is unlikely to agree to the restrictions, it seems his scandal-weary staff would appreciate some legal aid.
  10. Sean Spicer Has the Hardest Job in Washington: Defending Donald Trump’s Tweets▶️ An unenviable task.
  11. Gorsuch Calls Trump’s Judge Bashing ‘Disheartening’ and ‘Demoralizing’The judge made the comments in a meeting with Senator Richard Blumenthal.
  12. Don’t Worry About Companies Trump Attacks on Twitter — They’re Doing Just FineNordstrom’s shares are up, despite Trump’s hostile tweet. That has become a pattern.
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    Trump: The ‘Only Bad Thing’ About Becoming President Is Settling Fraud CaseHe’s upset with the consequences of the election, too.