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Presidents' Day

  1. still with her
    A Full Restaurant Burst Into Applause When Hillary Clinton Stopped in for DinnerCustomers took multiple selfies of the #queen.
  2. Survey of Presidential Politics Experts Says Trump Is the Worst of All TimeThis seems just a tad bit premature.
  3. Trump Now Trails Only Reagan Among Recent Presidents in GOP EsteemIt’s Trump’s party now for sure.
  4. happy presidents' day
    Get Out Is Screening at AMC Theaters for Free on Presidents’ DayDozens of AMC theaters are hosting free screenings of the movie in honor of the one-year anniversary of its release.
  5. the national interest
    There Are No Great and Bad Presidents, Only Red and Blue OnesRethinking presidential greatness in polarized America.
  6. Presidential Metaphors For a Presidential Day“It’s like cartwheeling naked through a cactus field.” - Grover Cleveland, “What It’s Like Being President, Metaphorically Speaking” on […]
  7. Sweet News
    City Tavern Recreates Martha Washington’s ‘Excellent Cake’The “excellent cake” draws on a recipe that was hand-written by first First Lady Martha Washington.
  8. Brunch Time
    The Little Owl Does President’s Day BrunchThe popular brunch has been extended to Monday.
  9. V-Day
    Prune Celebrates Valentine’s AND President’s DayA closer look at Gabrielle Hamilton’s V-Day extravaganza.
  10. intel
    We’re Out Buying a Mattress for Our New Digs! It’s Presidents’ Day, and Daily Intel is joining the postal workers, bank tellers, and other service people disappointing and frustrating you by not working today. We’ll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled program. Have a Schnabulous day!