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Primates Of Park Avenue

  1. beautiful dirty rich
    The Roving Sex Party Coming to the Hamptons This SummerAnd East End’s imminent SoulCycle drama, as predicted by Wednesday Martin.
  2. Will Book Publishers Ever Start Fact-checking? They’re Already Starting.The practice of checking books is fairly common, though it’s also expensive. This fall, for the first time, one publisher is even promising to pay for it.
  3. urban anthropology
    Get Ready for a ‘Wife Bonus’ MovieTalking to author Wednesday Martin at a book party in the Hamptons.
  4. books
    Book That Exposed the ‘Wife Bonus’ Will Now Come With a DisclaimerSome details were changed to protect the fabulously wealthy.
  5. the money
    At Lunch With the Author Who Introduced the Upper East Side ‘Wife Bonus’Are Park Avenue wives really like Bonobos?