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  1. sexual assault
    Four More Women Have Accused Prison Break Actor Robert Knepper of Sexual AssaultAll four women say Knepper cornered them alone, and in one case he attempted rape.
  2. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for Prison Break RevivalMichael and Lincoln are back.
  3. prison break
    Guard Sentenced for Dannemora Prison BreakThe Clinton Correctional Facility guard pleaded guilty to a felony for providing tools to prisoners.
  4. not so great escapes
    All Inmates Recaptured From California JailbreakThe remaining two escapees were apprehended in San Francisco on Saturday.
  5. Prison Teacher Arrested for Assisting in California JailbreakShe allegedly provided the inmates with Google Maps.
  6. great escapes
    5 Arrests in C.A. Jailbreak, But Manhunt Goes OnAll of those taken into custody had gang connections, and the police say more arrests may be coming. 
  7. prison break
    It’s Not Easy to Predict Which Inmates Will EscapeA look at the research after a recent escape in California involving  scheme using the ol’ bedsheets-as-rope trick. 
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Very Dangerous’ Inmates Still on the RunThe three criminals have been on the run since Friday. 
  9. tca 2016
    Fox Is Trying to Bring Back Both 24 and Prison BreakOnly one will have the original cast.
  10. prison break
    Prison-Break Convict David Sweat Pleads Guilty He will be sentenced on February 3 — but he’s already in prison for life. 
  11. prison break
    Escaped Emu No Longer Allowed to Wander Aimlessly Around Delaware“You weren’t allowed to go play in school because a giant emu was running around in your playground and it was being chased by police?”
  12. prison break
    Second Guard Accused in N.Y. Prison Break PleadsHe delivered tool-filled hamburger meat. 
  13. prison break
    ‘El Chapo’ May Have Been Chilling Out in the Mountains, Report SaysIn other news, don’t be alarmed if you see El Chapo out and about in the next few weeks: He is a Halloween sensation. 
  14. prison break
    Joyce Mitchell Sentenced to Up to 7 Years Behind BarsThe prison worker who helped the two inmates escape from an upstate prison wept during the sentencing hearing. 
  15. prison break
    Mitchell Says Depression Affected Escape Plot“I just got in over my head.”
  16. New York Prison Break Cost $23 Million in OvertimeFinding convicts David Sweat and Richard Matt cost the state at least $1 million a day, and the full amount spent is still unknown. 
  17. prison break
    Inmate Says Guards Threatened to Waterboard Him After New York Prison Break“The officer jumps up and grabs me by my throat, lifts me out of the chair, slams my head into the pipe along the wall. Then he starts punching me in the face.”
  18. prison break
    The Tale of a Thousand El Chapo Escape TheoriesWhat if it was a dream the whole time?
  19. Escaped Inmate Suspected in Murder, Now CapturedRobert Crissman walked away from a jail in Pennsylvania on Thursday morning, and was captured a day later. 
  20. prison break
    Joyce Mitchell ‘Was Caught Up in the Fantasy’ New details about Joyce Mitchell’s role in the upstate New York prison break.
  21. prison break
    Mitchell Pleads Guilty to Prison Break ChargesShe could spend up to seven years in prison. 
  22. prison break
    Escaped New York Prisoners Were Done In by BoozeIt’s what led them to break up.
  23. prison break
    The Shawshank-ness of the New York Prison BreakApparently prison escapees make the same jokes as the rest of us. 
  24. oops
    Mexico’s Biggest Drug Lord Escapes From PrisonAfter breaking out via a mile-long tunnel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is on the loose, again.
  25. criminal justice
    Recaptured Convict David Sweat Is Back in PrisonHe’ll soon spend 23 hours a day in a maximum-security cell.
  26. prison break
    Pepper Probably Won’t Throw Dogs Off Your ScentGood to know, should you ever attempt a prison break.
  27. Everything We Know About the New York Prison BreakDavid Sweat was shot and captured on Sunday, and Richard Matt was fatally shot on Friday. The manhunt is now over.
  28. prison break
    Escaped Convict David Sweat Has Been Shot and Captured by PoliceAfter more than three weeks, the manhunt is finally over.
  29. prison break
    Escaped Convict Richard Matt Shot and KilledThere have been no confirmed sightings of the other fugitive, David Sweat.
  30. prison break
    Police Responding to a ‘Significant Sighting’ of Escaped ConvictsThe town of Friendship in southwestern New York is under lockdown as authorities converge to investigate a local woman’s sighting of two men who may in fact be the escaped murderers.
  31. Vermont Joins Search for Escaped PrisonersLaw enforcement plans on retracing steps to see if they can catch a lead.
  32. gallery
    The Prison in Dannemora Has a Bizarre, Fascinating History“I still think it’s one of the most astonishing institutions in the American prison world.”
  33. crimes and misdemeanors
    N.Y. Prison Break: Where Could the Two Escaped Killers Be Hiding?Experts say some popular theories — which include the nearby wilderness and Mexico — are far-fetched.
  34. prison break
    Hanging Out With Orange Is the New Black’s Yael StoneVulture has coffee with the diminutive Australian actress behind lipstick-wearing Lorna Morello.
  35. taliban spring offensive
    Taliban Kick Off Their Spring Offensive With Explosions and a Prison Breakout In Kabul, attacked embassies; in Pakistan, nearly 400 inmates freed.
  36. prison break
    California Has to Set Some Prisoners FreeThe Supreme Court says overcrowding violates the Eighth Amendment’s ban on “cruel and unusual punishment.”
  37. al qaeda
    Baghdad Prison Uprising Leaves 17 DeadIn an incident started by a top Al Qaeda insurgent.
  38. terrorble
    Taliban Dug a Tunnel to Help 500 Prisoners Escape From Afghanistan JailSecond major prison break here in three years.
  39. mia wasikowska
    Mia Wasikowska May Star in StokerAnd the script was written by the guy from ‘Prison Break’!
  40. exclusive
    NBC’s Chase Gets T-BaggedThe actor who shanked his way into America’s heart as the awesomely awful T-Bag on ‘Prison Break’ is back on the run.
  41. the industry
    Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston to Get Fake MarriedPlus: ‘Parks and Recreation’ writer hits the ‘Jackpot.’
  42. the industry
    Nicole Richie to Play a Sitcom Version of Nicole RichiePlus: Tom Cavanagh! ‘True Blood’! Cartoons!
  43. hope springs eternal
    Can Prison Break Save Dollhouse?Joss Whedon: “I’ve gone from a sort of place of ‘You don’t even care, nobody loves me’ [laughs] to a place of God, I can’t believe I’m saying this … hope.”
  44. the industry
    Harvey Weinstein Gets Down With ‘Fraggle Rock’Plus: Michael Rapaport goes to prison, and ‘Alvin and the Chipmunks’ makes us want to commit suiiiiiiiicide!
  45. quote machine
    Pharrell’s Metaphors Are Beyond ReproachPlus: John Mayer is trapped in an infinite loop, and David Schwimmer is Ross.
  46. chat room
    T-Bag Almost Totals His Car, Hints at Big Changes on ‘Prison Break’“When you have a child, your work will get even better. You’re so focused. You really start to feel like, I would do anything, anything to protect my family. Including kill.”
  47. the industry
    Mark Ruffalo and Ethan Hawke Prepare to ‘Cry’Plus industry news on popular superheroes the Flash, Green Lantern, and Clipse.
  48. chat room
    Nick Santora Talks Legal Thrillers and ‘Beauty and the Geek’Back in New York on a short break from his Hollywood career, Slip and Fall author Nick Santora speaks with Vulture about his many career twists.