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  1. abortion
    Just When Their Party Needs Them, Pro-Choice Republicans Are VanishingIt’s not going to be easy for Republicans to win back the suburbanites, women, and millennials they are losing when they are all for banning abortion.
  2. 2018 midterms
    Why the Pro-Life Democratic Politician Is DisappearingPartisan polarization and an increasingly progressive party have thinned the ranks of the anti-abortion Dems. The trend continued in the midterms.
  3. reproductive rights
    Planned Parenthood Counter-Protest Drowns Out ‘Defund Planned Parenthood’ RallyThe Defund Planned Parenthood rally was outnumbered.
  4. abortion
    Some ‘Pro-Life’ Activists Are Rebranding As ‘Anti-Abortion’Students for Life is using a term most anti-choice activists have long shied away from.
  5. abortion rights
    Donald Trump Is Forming an Anti-Abortion CoalitionAnd he’s recruiting longtime pro-life activists to lead it.
  6. abortion bans
    Indiana Judge Halts Abortion Ban The Indiana law would have banned abortions sought based on the fetus’s disability or genetic anomaly.
  7. horrible things
    Pro-Life Ads Target Women at Abortion ClinicsThe only way to block the ads is to not bring your phone with you, or to disable GPS tracking.
  8. love and war
    Pro-Life Republican’s Wife Opens Up About Her Abortion“It’s haunted me. It’s made me weep. … But now, it’s time for me to tell my story.”
  9. video
    The Pro-Life Movement Started Like a Pizza Order, Explains Samantha Bee“How about … abortion?”
  10. religion
    How Pope Francis Is Reclaiming the Meaning of ‘Pro-Life’The pontiff’s climate encyclical invoked the religious — and even radical — origins of a term that had become distorted by politics
  11. warcraft
    Abortion Rights Movement Gets Sting Video Artist to Call Its OwnLila Rose, meet Katie Stack.
  12. pro-lifers
    ‘I Am a Feminist Because Jesus Made Me One’Meet the pro-lifers who call themselves “Jesus feminists.”
  13. linguistics
    What Should We Say Instead of ‘Pro-Choice’?As Planned Parenthood moves away from the term, feminists offer up new options.
  14. roe v. wade
    Fifteen Women (and a Few Men) on AbortingRelief, regret, and everything in between — or nothing at all.
  15. good one
    Pro-Life Pregnancy Crisis Centers Need Our Tax Dollars Too!Preferably the ones currently going to Planned Parenthood.
  16. the war on women
    Charmaine Yoest to Take Down Roe v. Wade State by StateAnd she’s implicated Dr. Seuss. 
  17. 41
    In Which George W. Bush Mistook His Housekeeper for His MomSometimes it’s hard to remember who put the fetus in the jar.
  18. abortion
    Pastor Gets Two Years Probation for ‘Wanted’ Posters Targeting Abortion DoctorsPhilip “Flip” Benham found guilty of misdemeanor stalking and violating North Carolina’s new residential picketing law.
  19. abortion
    Group Behind ‘Wanted’ Posters for Abortion Doctors Is on Trial Under New Picketing Law“Wanted by Jesus to stop killing babies.”
  20. 43
    Bush Became Pro-Life After His Mom Showed Him a Fetus in a Jar From Her MiscarriageWasp dynasties — they’re not just like us.