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  1. Amazon’s New Tree-House Offices Are Silly. They’re Also Great for Workers.Nature makes employees happier and more productive.
  2. bad bosses
    If You’re a Good Employee and Your Boss Still Bullies You, This Could Be WhyBosses who bully high-performing employees may be motivated by different factors than ones who bully low-performing ones.
  3. leadership
    How Do You Manage an Out-of-Control, Self-Destructive Boss Like Donald Trump?If Trump is your boss, you’ve got a few options — but none of them is great.
  4. productivity
    Here’s a Cool Study on How to Motivate People to Do Boring, Mind-Numbing TasksImagine if your job were to hit the ‘a’ key, then the ‘b’ key, and then the ‘a’ key again — forever.
  5. Concentration Is Contagious, So Choose Your Coffee Shop CarefullyYou focus better when the people around you look like they’re hard at work.
  6. sport psychology
    How Sport Psychologists Would Help Dwight Howard Get Over His Jump-Shot PhobiaAnd there are lessons here even for those of us who aren’t seven-foot-tall all-star NBA centers.
  7. Blame Climate Change for Making You Less Productive at WorkSorry, boss, carbon dioxide made me do it.
  8. introverts
    How to Make Work Meetings More Welcoming for IntrovertsOrganizations are missing out by assuming the loudest people are the smartest.
  9. This Is the Best Advice on Motivation I Have Ever ReadYou can do this, even if you don’t feel like it.
  10. Don’t Let ‘Completion Bias’ Derail You at WorkWe derive great satisfaction from checking items off our to-do list — but there’s also a downside.
  11. To Improve Your Focus, Narrate Your Life As You Are Living ItDecades of research suggest that those who keep it together under pressure are the storytellers of their own lives.
  12. Why It Matters What Time Your Kid Takes an Important TestThe later in the day, the lower students tend to score on tests.
  13. productivity
    Researchers Have Calculated How Much Time We Spend Slacking Off at WorkThe numbers actually aren’t that bad!
  14. productivity
    Something Called ‘Attention Residue’ Is Ruining Your ConcentrationIt’s a side effect of multitasking. 
  15. science of us animations
    Watch This Video to Learn How Taking Breaks Helps You Get More DoneAnd why taking a nap is the busy person’s secret productivity weapon.
  16. productivity
    A Neuroscientist on the Calming Powers of the To-Do List “Get it out of your head, write it down, then prioritize things.” 
  17. productivity
    Do the Worst Thing on Your To-Do List FirstSometimes it’s the only way to get it done. 
  18. productivity
    A Google Exec on How to Organize Your WorkweekDon’t expect too much of your Friday self, for one.
  19. productivity
    Maybe Don’t Be So Smug About Your Long Hours at the OfficePeople tend to value effort over results. But which is really more important?
  20. experiments
    I Tried to Trick Myself Into Being More ProductiveBut all I wanted to do was read my book and think about Justin Bieber.
  21. productivity
    A Productivity Expert Wants You to Do NothingSweet, sweet nothing.
  22. happiness
    Your Boss Wants You to Be Happier. This Is Not a Good Thing.A new book uncovers the tricky thinking behind the science of employee happiness. 
  23. productivity
    These Scientists Want to Fix Your Terribly Disorganized CalendarGoogle is betting on an app backed by the wisdom of behavioral economics to help you manage your time. 
  24. social psychology
    The 5-Step Approach to Not Being Misunderstood AnymoreLearn the magic of the bombardment method and the teamwork method.
  25. creativity
    It’s Healthy to Let Your Mind WanderIt can also help stimulate creativity.
  26. fragrant friday
    Will This Perfume Make You Stop Procrastinating?A fragrance experiment.
  27. creativity
    Sometimes, Tired People Are Creative PeopleA little brain fog isn’t always a bad thing. 
  28. social psychology
    A Simple Way to Bump Up Your Next SalaryTake advantage of the latest negotiation research.
  29. productivity
    Why It’s Smart to Ask a Busy Person for HelpThey’re better at estimating how long things will take, a time-management expert says. 
  30. work life
    Being Negative at Work Will Drain Your Mental EnergySuggesting improvements rather than pointing out flaws may be the self-protective way to go. 
  31. productivity
    For Your Future Self’s Sake, Don’t ProcrastinateA reminder to be kind to future you. 
  32. work
    When Job Hunting, Make Sure Your Voice Is HeardNew research suggests employers might rate candidates more highly when they’ve heard their voice.
  33. productivity
    Funny Meetings Might Be More Productive MeetingsA possible exception to common meetings-are-terrible folk wisdom.
  34. productivity
    Music Isn’t Distracting — If You’re YoungOlder folks have a harder time with all of that racket.
  35. work
    A Work Frenemy Can Make You Better at Your JobNew research shows some surprising benefits to a love-hate relationship at the office. 
  36. weather
    There’s an Upside to This Terrible WeatherAt least you’ll get a ton of work done?
  37. productivity
    Bribe Yourself to Get Things Done With Concurrent RewardsSometimes it’s the only way. 
  38. productivity
    People Who Work From Home Get More DoneBut it gets lonely. 
  39. productivity
    The 5-Minute Trick Can Make You Less LazySometimes you have to trick yourself into getting stuff done. 
  40. work
    Fight a Bad Boss With Passive Aggression, This Study AdvisesIt’ll help you cope with a hostile employer.
  41. productivity
    Too Much ‘Happy Talk’ at Work Can Lead to Bad DecisionsBe the skeptical jerk when you need to be.
  42. work life
    What We Give Up When We Become EntrepreneursThe cubicle may be cozier, and more creativity inducing, than we think.
  43. work
    Why Guilt-Prone People Aren’t ‘Team Players’Fear of disappointing others can be a powerful thing.
  44. distraction
    Your Phone Is Distracting You Even When You’re Not Using ItPut it away. 
  45. productivity
    You’ll Be Less Stressed If You Check Your Email Less FrequentlyTurn off those notifications.
  46. You Need a Work Best FriendIt’s more important than it sounds. 
  47. productivity
    Don’t Waste Your Two Most Productive HoursMost of us do. 
  48. relationships
    It Literally Pays to Have a Reliable SpousePeople who have conscientious partners tend to do better at work. 
  49. restaurants
    Food Tastes Better When the Chef Can See YouEven if you can’t see the kitchen. 
  50. productivity
    The Case for Self-Affirmation Is Getting Stronger and StrongerA simple, very beneficial behavior.
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