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  1. bye bye
    Fare Thee Well, Smith JerrodDon’t panic, he’s just getting married.
  2. vulture festival 2019
    How The Good Place Inspired Manny Jacinto to Propose to His GirlfriendThis story will make your day.
  3. celebrity
    First Keanu, Now Kristen Stewart?The actress says she’s ready to propose to her girlfriend, breaking hearts across the internet.
  4. last night on late night
    Here’s How A-Rod Proposed to Jennifer Lopez In Case You Wanted to Know All ThatThe real hero is the assistant.
  5. proposals
    My New Plan to Climate-Proof Lower ManhattanOver the coming years, we will spend up to $10 billion to extend the downtown waterfront as much as 500 feet into the East River.
  6. proposals
    Orlando Bloom’s Proposal to Katy Perry Keeps Getting CornierKaty Perry is opening up about how her fiancé popped the big question.
  7. 2019 golden globes
    Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph Should Have Made Out at the Golden GlobesIf there’s no kiss, can you even call it a proposal?
  8. proposals
    Travis Scott Planning ‘Fire’ Proposal for Kylie Jenner“She’s the coolest motherfucker of all time.”
  9. science of us
    What Kind of Person Proposes in Public?Almost nobody wants this.
  10. 2018 emmys
    Emmy Winner Proposes to His Girlfriend in Night’s Best Acceptance SpeechCongrats to Glenn Weiss!
  11. emmys 2018
    Extremely Bold Director Uses Emmys Acceptance Speech to Propose to GirlfriendWell, this is a first!
  12. true love
    Pete Davidson Proposed to Ariana Grande in a Super-Chill, Non-Corny WayWingardium love-iosa!
  13. Aw, 2 Chainz Just Proposed on the Met Gala Red CarpetThe rapper said he decided to pop the question on the red carpet “about a minute ago.”
  14. romance
    You’ll Never Guess How Marc Jacobs Proposed to His FiancéA one-of-a-kind moment.
  15. indecent proposals
    We Don’t Need to Make Avocado Proposals a ThingI’m begging you, turn back now.
  16. valentine's day
    A Couple Proposes to Each Other at the Same Time During Game of PictionarySome nice Valentine’s Day news.
  17. love exists
    Watch Offset’s Surprise Marriage Proposal to Cardi BRapper Offset proposed to Cardi B Friday night in Philadelphia.
  18. love exists
    Enjoy Watching Cardi B Get Engaged to Migos’ Offset Onstage Mid-ConcertSometimes, you wanna choose.
  19. Why You Want a Surprise Proposal Even If You Know You’re Getting MarriedDeconstructing a choreographed ritual.
  20. indecent proposals
    This May Be the Most Embarrassing Stadium Proposal of All TimeBrutal.
  21. Aidy Bryant Thought Her Fiancé’s Marriage Proposal Was a JokeShe revealed her engagement on Late Night With Seth Meyers.
  22. All The Times Fans Got Engaged at Adele ConcertsIf you didn’t get engaged with Adele present, did it really happen?
  23. i'm not crying
    This Orange Is the New Black Engagement Story Is Adorable“She was so shocked that I couldn’t get her to stop crying.”
  24. celebrities
    Ashley Greene and Fiancé Paul Khoury Announce Their Engagement With a VideoThe couple shared a video on Instagram documenting exactly how Khoury proposed to Greene while on vacation.
  25. proposals
    Watch Gucci Mane Propose to His Girlfriend on a Kiss Cam With a Big-Ass DiamondThis kiss cam is getting serious.
  26. awkward
    Ricky Martin Is So Sweaty and Awkward Talking About His Marriage Proposal“I got you something!”
  27. Public Humiliation
    This Botched Proposal at Yankee Stadium Is So Painfully AwkwardWhat was supposed to be a simple Yankee Stadium engagement turned into a disaster.
  28. Your Viral Proposal Video Is Not Impressing AnyoneOne man planned his proposal for an entire year … wow.
  29. 2016 olympics
    Stop Proposing at the OlympicsEnough already.
  30. can u not
    Chinese Diver’s Boyfriend Proposes, Ruins MomentThe BBC called Qin Kai’s proposal to He Zi “an even bigger prize.”
  31. okay fine this is cute
    Sloth Proposal the Only Good Gimmick ProposalNobody can resist a good sloth.
  32. video
    This Is the Most Romantic Divorce of All Time“I hate you, too.”
  33. romance
    Man Proposes, Steals Sex Toys, Gets Arrested, Inspires EnvyRomance is alive in Michigan.
  34. bad ideas
    Man’s Romantic Stunt Proposal Ends With a MisdemeanorWelp.
  35. video
    Man Tricks Girlfriend Into Getting Engaged by Distracting Her With PuppyNobody can make a coherent life decision while holding a wiggly puppy.
  36. decent proposals
    Talking With the Girl Who Accepted an Instagram Marriage Proposal“It’s so 2014.”
  37. my best friend's wedding
    Yep, Everyone on Facebook Just Got EngagedYour feed speaks the truth.
  38. stunts
    300 Sandwiches Couple Is 100 Out From Proposal And the gimmick is a third over.
  39. staten island
    The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal at a Staten Island Best Buy Ever of All TimeForever and always.
  40. new york comic-con 2013
    X-Files Fan Proposes, With Duchovny and Anderson’s BlessingAt New York Comic Con.
  41. etiquette
    What to Say When Your Friend Gets Engaged to a ‘Medium Racist’ Guy“You’re gonna be his wife! He’s gonna be your husband!”
  42. Watch: Our Favorite Dramatic Wedding ProposalsFrom Glee to Gone With the Wind.
  43. ask google
    Can I Say ‘No’ to a Public Marriage Proposal?Let us Google that for you.
  44. the aisle
    The Case Against Performance Marriage ProposalsThe wedding is the public part. The proposal shouldn’t be.
  45. jurassic park
    Watch a Jurassic Park Reenactment Turned ProposalWhat, you don’t find dinosaur bones romantic?
  46. clickables
    Watch a Guy Propose to His Girlfriend on an AirplaneTrue love flies first class.
  47. clickables
    Watch Rihanna Freak Out When a Fan Proposes to His GirlfriendA man apparently proposed to his girlfriend today during a fan meet-and-greet with Rihanna, and the singer got really, adorably, awesomely excited about it.
  48. proposals
    Justin Timberlake Asked to Marine Ball As Mila Kunis Politely DeclinesOur Armed Forces seem very excited for ‘Friends With Benefits.’
  49. proposals
    Neil Patrick Harris Is EngagedYay.
  50. equal rites
    For Gay Couples, Now the Pressure’s On!“When are YOU going to get married?”
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