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  1. psas
    Sugar Is Actually Good for You, According to Richard Kind in a Bear Suit“Where ya hidin’ that sugar at?!”
  2. Kesha Speaks Out Against Online Bullying in New PSA“Saying nothing says everything.”
  3. psas
    Celebs Want You to Stop Texting at the MoviesThe Rock can, and will, crush a phone in his hand.
  4. Even More A-Listers Want You to VotePlease register to vote, for Stanley Tucci’s sake.
  5. cena says
    John Cena Values Diversity in His U.S. of AJohn Cena has a special Fourth of July message for you.
  6. psas
    Be Careful DVR-ing The Americans TonightIf you’re reading this before 10 p.m. EST, it’s not too late to avoid catastrophe!
  7. super bowl ads
    See Helen Mirren’s Super Bowl Drunk-Driving PSA“If your brain was donated to science, science would return it.”
  8. bad ideas
    PSA: Drunk Driving Bad, Insulting Women Totally FineTennessee officials yanked an anti-drunk-driving campaign after complaints it was sexist.
  9. psas
    Quick Reminder: You Can Wear Whatever the Hell You WantAgainst prescriptive fashion recommendations.
  10. psas
    Casual Reminder: Don’t Drink the Toilet WaterIn case you forgot.
  11. psas
    ‘The Dress’ Has Been Repurposed As a Domestic-Violence PSAReleased this morning by the Salvation Army.
  12. vmas 2014
    MTV Will Air a Ferguson PSA During Tonight’s VMAsIt quotes James Baldwin.
  13. psas
    Amber Valletta Opens Up About Her Struggle With Addiction“I was in a business where drugs were accepted, and they were given to me.” 
  14. higher education
    Colleges Need a New Attitude to Stop Sexual Assault on CampusPSAs and investigations are a start — but institutional change is hard.
  15. psas
    Watch Adam Scott and Clark Duke in a PSA for Fear of CommitmentIt stems from being A.C.O.D., a.k.a. Adult Children of Divorce, a.k.a. the title of their new movie.
  16. nice guys finish last
    ‘Nice Guys of OkCupid’ Are Anything But“Sick of girls who are just looking for douchebags, like my slut ex.”
  17. video
    Sarah Silverman Asks Men to Be ‘Bro-Choice’Don’t legislate me, bro.
  18. video
    Tavi, Lena Dunham, and Others Lip-Synch Lesley Gore in Election PSAGive Tavi the vote!
  19. jonathan banks
    Watch the First Film Role of Jonathan BanksLadies and gentlemen, Menstruation.
  20. psas
    Watch a 1995 PSA About Kids on the InternetRemember bowl cuts?
  21. kevin nealon
    Watch Kevin Nealon Raise Awareness“Texting while scuba diving.”
  22. psas
    Schmidt Edited This Week’s GOOPAnd it is excellent.
  23. psas
    ‘Got Your 6’ PSAWelcome home, soldiers. Now give Tom Hanks a hug.
  24. psas
    Thomas From Downton Abbey Is on a U.K. Show About LoveCongrats, Thomas!
  25. psas
    Nick Offerman Is on Twitter NowRon Swanson! In 140 or less.
  26. clickables
    Behold the Muppets’ Very Rude Moviegoing Cell Phone Habits“I can’t hear you. I have a banana in my ear.”
  27. clickables
    Watch Jesse Eisenberg’s Failed Anti-Movie-Texting PSA“I wouldn’t blame the people talking, I’d blame the people in it.”
  28. clickables
    Watch Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’s Facebook Status PSABecause it’s the title of their movie.
  29. clickables
    Watch Tom Hanks’s Onion Pulitzer Campaign VideoHe’s in physical pain.
  30. clickables
    Let a Hip Yellow Dinosaur Teach You About Tricky PeopleAre dinosaurs lizards?
  31. clickables
    Pick Up Some Old But Relevant Internet Safety TipsIt’s not your fault.
  32. clickables
    Watch Pete Campbell and Harry Crane’s Earnest Train-Travel PSATrains are cool.
  33. clickables
    See Daniel Craig in Drag for a Women’s Rights PSAJames Bond in a dress still looks like James Bond.
  34. clickables
    Watch an Angry Birds PSA Starring a Who’s Who of Animated Animals“Make love, not omelettes.”
  35. clickables
    See a PSA on the Perils of Arcade Fire IgnoranceLook out behind you, America.
  36. clickables
    See Bethany From Best Coast’s Animated Anti-Sex Trafficking PSAIt’s weirdly mesmerizing.
  37. clickables
    Hear Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy’s Pro-Choice Ukelele Duet“Utopian rubes” rhymes with “fallopian tubes.”
  38. clickables
    See Adam Levine Basically Naked (for a Cancer PSA)Raise your hand if you’re now aware.
  39. clickables
    Watch Bristol Palin and The Situation’s Excruciating Pro-Abstinence PSA“Abstinence has the word abs in it.”
  40. PSAs
    PETA Blames Carnivores for Oil Mess“MEAT ON YOUR GRILL = OIL SPILL.”
  41. toy story
    Man Holding Toy Gun Shot and Killed by NYC CopThe city has been on a toy-gun crackdown since December.
  42. haiti
    George W. Bush and Bill Clinton Release a Joint PSAThe ex-presidents join together to help Haiti. Awkwardly.
  43. psa
    Tune in Tonight to Judge Luc Bondy’s Tosca for YourselfSo far only those who saw ‘Tosca’ live got to be outraged — or to be outraged at the outrage.
  44. bad ideas
    CBS Encourages People to Give the Gift of a Pap SmearThat’s probably not a good idea.
  45. psas
    What Do Alf, the Muppet Babies, Bugs Bunny, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Have in Common?They all hate drugs, that’s what!
  46. psa
    Some DIY Tips From the Today Show You Should AvoidPlease don’t do this to your clothes.
  47. the most important people in the world
    Chace Crawford’s Adorable Memory ProblemsOuttakes can be so much fun, can’t they?
  48. VideoFeed
    Cruel Commercial Ties Together Kids, Cancer, and BolognaWho is the audience for this, anyway?