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  1. science of us
    Will Magic Mushrooms Soon Be Decriminalized?Everything to know about the growing national movement.
  2. Meet the Citizen Scientists Who Think Mushrooms Have SuperpowersMembers of the DIY mycology community are in it for more than just the psychedelic trips.
  3. psilocybin
    Psilocybin Is Looking More and More Like a Potential Wonder DrugTwo new studies add to a growing body of research suggesting that hallucinogens may have profound psychiatric potential.
  4. weird science
    Psychedelic Drugs — More Mind-Starving Than Mind-ExpandingMagic mushrooms cut off blood supply to your brain.
  5. Mediavore
    L.A.X. Bids Might Have To Begin Anew; Mariah Swan Recalls Bob’s Big BoyThe city attorney cites conflicts of interest at the airport, while the BLD and Grace pastry chef has fond memories of a Glendale milkshake.
  6. talking points
    John Cusack’s ‘Shroom Publicity TourJohn had a blast in ‘86, and he wants everyone to know about it.