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  1. 100-person poll
    100 Psychics on What Their Clients Want to Know About 2020Who will win the election? Will Trump go to prison? Can you tell if I have COVID-19? And more questions about these uncertain times.
  2. last night on late night
    Get a Free Psychic Reading Thanks to Rachel Dratch and Last Week Tonight“We promise it will be exactly as accurate as any psychic reading that you would pay money for.”
  3. no thank you
    These Psychic Predictions for 2019 Will Make You Miss 2018You’ve been warned.
  4. science of us
    So Are Psychics Real or What?A new paper argues that the question is worth legitimate scientific investigation.
  5. obits
    TV Psychic Miss Cleo Dead at 55Her real name was Youree Harris.
  6. the occult
    Tech Bros Now Hiring Psychics to Cast Charms on Their ComputersPsychics and other various mystical advisers are gaining popularity in Silicon Valley.
  7. weird things
    NYC Psychic Arrested for Charging Sucker $713,975This is a weird one.
  8. strange cases
    The Woman Who Was Addicted to PsychicsThe strange case of a “clairvoyance addiction.” 
  9. first person
    I Lied About Being a Psychic. It Worked.Being who you’re not to remind you of who you are.
  10. psychic friends
    Alexa Chung Explains Her Psychic Abilities“All last week, I was thinking about Chinese slippers. And then there they were in the Marc Jacobs show.”
  11. psychics
    Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Uses Psychic Abilities to Pick Her LipstickIt’s like he has ESPN or something.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Psychic Convinced Twentysomething Her Curse Could Be Lifted for Only $217,040According to new grand larceny charges.
  13. sylvia mitchell
    ‘Psychic’ Scammer Has Perfect HindsightShould have taken that plea deal.
  14. when lohans attack
    Lohan Accusation Spirals: ‘Racist Comment,’ Two Victims?And the first victim is a “well-known psychic.”
  15. psychics
    Meet the World’s Only Asparamancer, ‘Person Who Predicts Stuff Using Asparagus’Wow, Roseanne looks great!
  16. Mediavore
    Man Goes on Rampage at Marriott Hotel Kitchen; Now We Know How Rachael RayPlus a fortune-cookie psychic and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  17. FYI
    Post 390 to Offer Psychic Readings on New Years’ Eve
  18. ballsy crime
    Breaking: Some Psychics May Be Frauds“Intuitive psychic” Laura Day is the latest soothsayer to be accused of unsavory behavior.
  19. Other Blogs
    Strong IslandA new restaurant blog caters to LIRR commuters.
  20. in other news
    Last-Minute Settlement in Seth Tobias Case“No one wins and no one loses,” in case of hedge-fund drowning, says attorney.