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  1. overloaded
    ‘Racism at My Job Literally Gave Me PTSD’Years later, in a whole new workplace, I’m still waiting for the day when things will go wrong.
  2. ilhan omar
    Only U.S. Military Can Have PTSD, Representative Tells War RefugeeIlhan Omar fled war-torn Somalia as a child and grew up in a Kenya refugee camp.
  3. obituaries
    Parkland Survivor Sydney Aiello Has Taken Her Own Life“It breaks my heart that we’ve lost yet another student from Stoneman Douglas.”
  4. science of us
    The Lingering Psychological Scars of Teen Sexual AssaultHigh-school trauma can last a lifetime.
  5. awful things
    Gunman, 3 Hostages Dead After Standoff at California Veterans CenterThe three female victims all worked at a facility which assisted vets with PTSD, and the shooter was a former patient.
  6. the harvey weinstein case
    Oprah: Reese Witherspoon Struggled With PTSD After Weinstein Story“I remember Reese saying, ‘Oh god, this is just so upsetting.”
  7. sexual assault
    Oprah: Reese Witherspoon Struggled With PTSD After Weinstein Story“I remember Reese saying, ‘Oh god, this is just so upsetting.”
  8. Why Is Hollywood Only Now Figuring Out How to Portray PTSD Sensitively?Recent films show a shift in representations of war and masculinity.
  9. Thank You for Your Service Is a Respectable But Flat PSAThe film by American Sniper’s Jason Hall has its heart in the right place, but never quite finds its punch.
  10. The Challenge of Healing Animals Who Suffer From PTSDFor humans who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder, talk therapy can be a key part of recovery. For other species, that’s not an option.
  11. ptsd
    Gun Violence Takes a Brutal Psychological Toll on KidsEven kids who aren’t directly affected can be haunted by posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms for years.
  12. public discourse
    Lady Gaga Is Going to Be Interviewed by Noted Detractor Piers Morgan About PTSD“There is a mental-health youth epidemic.”
  13. Lady Gaga Opens Up About Struggling With PTSD Since Being Raped As a Teenager“I suffer from PTSD. I’ve never told anyone that before.”
  14. drugs
    MDMA Is Now One Step Away From Being a Prescription for PTSDNo longer a club drug?
  15. mental health
    Study Shows Why Teenage Girls Are More Likely to Develop PTSDTeenage boys and girls could benefit from different approaches in treatment.
  16. ya burnt
    The Mother of a Veteran Who Suffered From PTSD Has Harsh Words for TrumpAfter the GOP nominee implied “strong” people don’t get PTSD.
  17. Trump Implied That ‘Strong’ People Don’t Get PTSD. He’s Wrong.It sounded like it was an innocent mistake, but it’s still a harmful myth.
  18. PTSD
    Three Things You Should Know About Trigger WarningsLet’s bring some science into this conversation.
  19. What Happens Next for the Orlando Shooting Survivors?The many forces that shape a person’s response to trauma.
  20. beta male
    Mat Best on How a Demented Zombie Movie Is Tackling PTSDRange 15 may be the sickest movie of the year, and the most important.
  21. Let Traumatized Veterans Use Marijuana, Says Virtually Everyone in AmericaA new Quinnipiac poll finds 87 percent of Americans believe VA doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana to veterans with PTSD. The poll also found that 54 percent want marijuana legalized.
  22. the industry
    Amy Schumer Joins Miles Teller PTSD DramaIt’s an adaptation of David Finkel’s book.
  23. Sarah Palin Blames Obama for Her Son’s Domestic-Violence ArrestTrack Palin’s domestic-violence arrest is now a part of the Obama legacy.
  24. trigger warnings
    Is There Any Evidence Trigger Warnings Are Actually a Big Deal?In a new survey, the vast majority of professors who responded have never had to deal with trigger warnings at all.
  25. 1 in 10 on Death Row Is a Military Veteran With PTSDThe number is based on 2007 data, so it likely underestimates the problem today.
  26. ptsd
    Can Expressive Writing Help Veterans Readjust to Civilian Life?A new study offers mixed results on “expressive” writing but adds to the evidence that personal writing, overall, has some therapeutic benefits.
  27. movie reviews
    Of Men and War Depicts the Horror of PTSDThe film is a tapestry of despair, one defined by its persistence.
  28. A Youth-PTSD Catastrophe Is Brewing in GazaIt will affect both Gaza and its neighbors, Israel and Egypt.
  29. July 4th Fireworks Are Really Tough for Some Veterans With PTSDTraumatic combat experiences and explosive noises do not mix.
  30. Veterans Who Killed in Combat Struggled Less With Alcohol AfterSometimes people bounce back from trauma.
  31. 3 Things Research Tells Us About Bowe BergdahlThis will not be an easy return for him.
  32. child models
    Working As a Teenage Model Gave Me PTSD“No one ever connects being a too-young fashion model with trauma, and even if they do, the sympathy is slight.”
  33. procreation
    Study: Childbirth Also Traumatic for Men“I didn’t know what the placenta was.”
  34. friendly fire
    Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’s Family Life Revealed on Wife’s BlogJoys of fatherhood, hopes for a transfer.
  35. friendly fire
    U.S. Soldier Who ‘Snapped’ and Killed Sixteen Afghan Civilians I.D.’edRobert Bales was described by neighbors as a patriotic, mild-mannered, family man.
  36. u.s. military
    Sensitive Equipment Stolen From Troubled U.S. BaseAn entire company is locked down while the military investigates.
  37. traumatized puppies!!!!!!!
    War Dogs Are Taking Xanax for Canine PTSDAbout 5 percent of all war dogs are said to be suffering from PTSD.