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Public Apologies

  1. public apologies
    Jennifer Lawrence Apologizes to Hawaiians for Desecrating a Sacred LandmarkThe Catching Fire butt-scratching incident comes back to bite the star.
  2. public apologies
    Justin Bieber Deleted That ButtstagramBut “not because I thought it was bad,” he clarified.
  3. public apologies
    Ariana Grande Posts a Second, More Comprehensive Doughnut Apology for Her BabesIt’s YouTube time.
  4. public apologies
    Al-Qaeda Apologizes for Attack on Yemen HospitalBut has to plans to slow its roll.
  5. awkward moments in social media
    Twitter’s AIDS Joke-Maker Justine Sacco Is Very Sorry, EveryoneIt was “a needless and careless tweet.”
  6. public apologies
    Michael Bay Apologizes for ArmageddonHe’s probably going in alphabetical order. Bad Boys will be next.
  7. public apologies
    A Public Apology to CodecademySorry I never opened your e-mails.
  8. weinergate
    A Brief History of the Sex-Scandal Press ConferenceWho cried? Who brought a date?
  9. Crime Scenes
    The Hump Says ‘Sorry’ to Whale LoversThe Santa Monica restaurant busted for serving illegal whale meat issues a public statement.