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  1. Yahoo Searched for Ways to Cut Costs — Layoffs Were the Top ResultThat search engine you sometimes use by accident just fired a bunch of people at digital magazines you don’t read.
  2. reasons to love new york
    This One-Man Publishing House May Be the Book World’s Smallest Press ANTIBOOKCLUB, the operation of 33-year-old Gabriel Levinson, releases just one title of literary fiction or nonfiction each year.
  3. self portrait
    How to Write Someone Else’s MemoirOr: How your celebrity-memoir sausage gets made.
  4. Abramson Gets $1 Million to Write About MediaThe former executive editor of the New York Times plans to write about “the future of media.”
  5. reading lists
    Kim Kardashian Teases Official Boob-tastic Book Kover Of Kim Kardashian, by Kim Kardashian … for Kim Kardashian?
  6. feminist herstory
    Notorious R.B.G. Gets Her Own Biography, From the People Who Made Her a MemeWomen’s rights reporter Irin Carmon will co-author.
  7. the future of purr-blishing
    Who Killed Cat Fancy?This was much more than another print-is-dead tale.
  8. amazon prime
    Amazon Buries the Hatchet (Not Hachette)The online retailer and the publishing company have finally made a deal. But what were the terms?
  9. Dave Hill Clears Up the Amazon-Hachette Dispute for Dick Cavett and […]The battle between Amazon and Hachette books rages on without any comment from Amazon, so Dave Hill put together this video with legendary TV […]
  10. amazon reviews
    The Book World Asks: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Amazon?“A loya jirga for book people” was convened last night to look for answers.
  11. flash boys
    Michael Lewis: Flash Boys Could Shake Wall St.The star author’s latest is out Monday and he’s expecting big impact.
  12. relocations
    Condé Nast Plots One World Trade Center TakeoverSame old hierarchy, bitchin’ new cafeteria.
  13. london fashion week
    Can Dazed & Confused Help Independent Bloggers?Jefferson Hack thinks so. 
  14. literary women
    Jennifer Weiner Willing to Step Down As Feminist GadflyShe’s not the ideal anti-sexism campaigner, but she’s the one we’ve got.
  15. new eras
    5 Tips for Derek Jeter on Book-PublishingThe Yankees star is starting a new phase in his career.
  16. mistresses
    Rielle Hunter Reissues Memoir to Show Newfound RegretThe power of digital publishing!
  17. thrilling jobs
    Q&A: The Women Who Write Dinosaur Erotica Sick of campus jobs, two Texas college girls turn to monster porn.
  18. books
    J.K. Rowling Secretly Wrote and Published a Detective NovelBut now that everyone knows, Amazon orders for the book are skyrocketing.
  19. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Writing ‘Fun, Festive’ Book About the War on ChristmasJust in time for the holiday shopping season.
  20. publishing
    Variety Will Soon Stop Releasing Daily EditionsAlso, they’re removing their paywall.
  21. stories from the storm
    As Sandy Loomed, the Publishing Industry PanickedBut not about the storm.
  22. voice of a generation
    Lena Dunham’s Advice Worth at Least $1 MillionHow to make it in show biz?
  23. publishing
    Penguin Clawing Back Book Advances From Ana Marie Cox and Elizabeth WurtzelAnd a Holocaust survivor.
  24. Five Ways Tumblr Doesn’t Prepare You To Write A Humor BookIn the modern publishing climate, there are two pathways to a humor book: Be famous or have a website. First, pull out your wallet and check […]
  25. the fox mole
    The Fox Mole Got a Book DealIt’s in the six figures.
  26. lawsuits
    U.S. Sues Apple, Publishers Over E-book PricesAs threatened, the Justice Department filed their antitrust suit.
  27. Comedy Central’s Getting Into the Book Publishing BusinessLooks like Comedy Central has taken their recent survey on youth’s love of comedy (plus the success of books by Tina Fey, Mindy Kaling, Jon […]
  28. harry potter
    J.K. Rowling Signs Deal for New Novel for AdultsMiss U, Harry Potter.
  29. riddle me this
    What Do Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Amanda Knox Have in Common?Hint: It has nothing to do with Italian diplomatic relations.
  30. publishing
    Good Financial News Where We Least Expected ItPublishing!
  31. kaaaahhhnnn!
    DSK Has a Fascinating Book He’d Like to Recommend’The True Story of Dominique Strauss-Kahn’ provides a forum for his defenders.
  32. made-off
    Madoff Daughter-in-Law Shops Book Deal“The emotional story of a strong-minded woman overcoming tragedy and moving ahead with life.”
  33. publishing
    Elizabeth Taylor’s NYT Obituary Was Written by Someone Who Is Also DeadAnd has been for years.
  34. vermin!
    There Are Bedbugs Between Hachette Book Group’s CoversAs if the publishing industry doesn’t have enough problems.
  35. media metamorphoses
    Yale Publishing Course Will Be International, Business-OrientedWe spoke with the director of the new Ivy League graduate program.
  36. vulture recommends
    New York ‘Literary Idol’ Releases Debut Novel!We ran an excerpt from a then-untitled novel; it didn’t take Maaza Mengiste long to get a book deal.
  37. ink-stained wretches
    Kirkus Reviews May Survive YetA buyer is on the horizon, and work has resumed at the venerable trade.
  38. the end
    First They Came for the Trade Publication: Kirkus ClosesKirkus was always known, to the booksellers and industry reporters who relied on its write-ups of forthcoming titles, as the cranky review house.
  39. chat room
    Author Ben Yagoda Discusses Memoir WritingOn Palin’s new book: “I can only imagine how many typos will make it through.”
  40. kudos
    Broke Writers Rejoice After the 25th Whiting AwardsCrashed cars! Publishers running off solar power! Tennyson quotes!
  41. the end
    Book Man Steve Rubin’s Ambitions Shrink With the IndustryRubin, ousted from Doubleday, announced he’ll head the much smaller Henry Holt, and make it more “focused.”
  42. the future
    Microsoft Joins the War on BooksFree Kindle software with the new Windows!
  43. ink-stained wretches
    Tina Brown to Go Back Into Book PublishingShe has a new plan this time.
  44. blockbusters
    Dan Brown Book Party Conspicuously Unmysterious“A woman I have never met but a woman whom I love deeply: Janet Maslin of the New York ‘Times.’”
  45. dan brown
    History’s Most Anticipated Thriller Protected by State-of-the-art Chain-link FenceTwo whole locks?
  46. as the bookworm turns
    Coming Soon: Jane Friedman 3.0Resurrecting the specter of synergy for an Internet era.
  47. Bookshelf
    Clinton St. Baking Company, Rocco DiSpirito Score Book DealsRocco is publishing a cookbook inspired by his appearance on a TV show plugging another cookbook?
  48. chat room
    Paul Slovak on the Paradoxical Task of Editing William T. Vollmann’Imperial’ was not actually “line-edited during a 36-hour peyote séance by the ghosts of John Steinbeck, Jack London, and Sinclair Lewis.”
  49. ad wizards
    Borders Finally Realizing That This Whole Twilight Phenomenon Could Help SalesThey are beginning to roll out teen-specific sections in their stores.
  50. book report
    Exclusive: Richistan Author Sells Riches to RagsSob stories from former fat cats reduced to flying commercial, handled with a blend of empathy and derision.
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