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  1. trailer mix
    How Many Hats Are in the Trailer for The Crown’s Final Episodes?The final six episodes premiere on December 14, and the trailer promises hats galore.
  2. king charles coronation
    Introducing Queen CamillaCharles wasn’t the only one getting crowned on Saturday.
  3. royals
    Australia Banishes King Charles From Its BanknotesIn the battle to succeed his mother on Australian $5 bills, Charles loses to the First Australians.
  4. book review
    Mum’s the Word: Elizabeth Remains a Cipher in New Biography The Queen: Her LifeAuthor Andrew Morton doesn’t even try to pin his subject down, offering instead Wikipedia-deep chronologies and press-release prose.
  5. fact check
    The Queen Loved Her Big Singing BassOne thing The Crown got right.
  6. keeping up with the royals
    What Is Going On Between Prince Harry and King Charles?A new report claims Prince Harry might not attend his father’s coronation.
  7. keeping up with the royals
    Update: The Queen’s Corgis Are AliveBut are they well?
  8. the royal family
    The Paddington Bears Left for Queen Elizabeth Have a New HomeThe Royal Parks service previously asked mourners to stop bringing teddy bears for the queen.
  9. royals
    What to Know About the Royal SuccessionBuckingham Palace has tweeted a save-the-date notice for King Charles’s coronation.
  10. last night on late night
    American Citizen John Oliver Just Wants His ‘Football’ ‘Matches’ BackPausing soccer for the queen’s death … that’s class warfare.
  11. the royals
    Did You Think There Wouldn’t Be Drama at the Queen’s Funeral?A recap of Monday’s tenser moments — from wardrobe disputes to seating-arrangement snubs.
  12. royals
    Everything to Know About the Queen’s FuneralAfter a week of meticulously detailed royal protocol, Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest on Monday at Windsor castle.
  13. coffin emoji
    Pick One: The Emoji Movie or the Queen’s Funeral“It should win an Oscar for its screenplay.”
  14. big long lines
    The Queue Absolutely Destroyed MeA five-mile line to see the queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall caused lots of drama.
  15. royals
    What Are the Brits “Mad” at Meghan Markle for This Time?Since the queen’s death, the list of “reasons” has somehow grown even longer and wilder.
  16. style
    After the Queen’s Death, London Fashion Week Goes OnSmaller designers pushed for the event to go on, opting for their own tributes.
  17. royals
    Attempting to Untangle the Royal InheritanceKing Charles III gets custody of the U.K. seabed, a new duchy, and an untold fortune from the queen.
  18. royals
    Sorry, Americans, But King Charles May Hate UsFrom fixing him up with Nixon’s daughter to staging the Princess Diana–John Travolta dance, we’ve often shown him a bad time.
  19. royals
    How to Watch Queen Elizabeth II’s Lying-in-State on the BBCThe livestream runs until her funeral on Monday.
  20. royals
    King Charles’s Reign of Fussiness Has BegunI’m not so sure about this new queen.
  21. queen elizabeth
    How Twitter Mourned (and Memed) the QueenThe queen’s death brought about a confusing mix of somber tributes, memes, and finger-wagging scolds online.
  22. royals
    Prince Andrew Was Heckled at the Queen’s Funeral ProcessionThe attendee who called him “a sick old man” was subsequently arrested.
  23. royals
    Anti-Monarchy Protesters Are Getting Arrested in the U.K.“I find it really alarming that you can be arrested for expressing an opinion in public,” one protester said.
  24. royals
    Guess Who’s Inheriting the Queen’s CorgisHer favorite son reclaims one royal duty.
  25. royals
    Prince Harry Remembers the Queen As a ‘Guiding Compass’He released a statement honoring Queen Elizabeth II, a.k.a. Granny.
  26. royals
    We Will Never See Another Queen of EnglandThe monarchy has lost more than its ruler — it lost its most compelling case for its own existence.
  27. royals
    Charles in ChargeBritain’s new sovereign may yet learn, at a rather advanced age, how to comport himself.
  28. royals
    Queen Elizabeth’s Awkward Visits With U.S. Presidents, RankedMany presidents made fools of themselves on royal visits, from making the monarch hang out in a MLB dugout to kissing the Queen Mother on the lips.
  29. extremely online
    Posting for the QueenBrands such as Domino’s, McDonald’s, and Playmobil scrambled to issue dignified statements about the monarch’s death, but why?
  30. royals
    ‘I Won’t Cry Over the Death of a Violent Oppressor’Talking with Professor Uju Anya about Queen Elizabeth II and colonialism.
  31. royals
    What Happens to Prince Andrew Now?With the queen’s death, mummy’s favourite boy may receive very different treatment.
  32. this week in late night
    How Late-Night Hosts Reacted to the Queen’s DeathIncluding Trevor Noah, Jimmy Kimmel, and Stephen Colbert.
  33. royals
    Toasting to the QueenA gathering at Buckingham Palace was a serious memorial for some and a photo op for others.
  34. remembrance
    Scott Thompson, the Once (and Future?) QueenThe Kids in the Hall comedian reflects on his royal muse.
  35. rip
    The Queen Sure Did Love to Color-CoordinateMonochrome for decades.
  36. royals
    Queen Elizabeth Was Best When She Couldn’t Be BotheredRemembering the late monarch’s more eccentric moments.
  37. royals
    Queen Elizabeth II Was Britain’s Longest-Ruling MonarchShe surpassed Victoria at 63 years and 216 days. On Thursday, several years later, Queen Elizabeth II passed away.
  38. royals
    Twitter Reacts to Queen Elizabeth II’s DeathFriends, family, celebrities, and fellow world leaders react to the death of the longest-reigning British monarch in history.
  39. royals
    The Queen Has DiedBritain’s longest-reigning monarch died peacefully at Balmoral Castle. She was 96.
  40. royals
    Queen Elizabeth Was the First Monarch We Thought We KnewCrowned at the dawn of the TV age, she was defined by her distance as much as her ubiquity.
  41. royals
    How to Watch BBC News Live (for Obvious Reasons)Queen Elizabeth “died peacefully” this afternoon.
  42. royals
    The Queen Is Under ‘Medical Supervision’ at BalmoralAs her family travels to Scotland, the queen’s doctors are “concerned for Her Majesty’s health.”
  43. keeping up with the royals
    No One Wants to Be Seen With Prince AndrewPrince Charles and Prince William have reportedly had enough.
  44. keeping up with the royals
    Queen Introduces Creative New Way to Avoid Work ResponsibilitiesSend a hologram in your place.
  45. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Ended With a Paddington CameoWeekend celebration highlights included Prince Louis reactions, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s return, and a surprise balcony appearance.
  46. ma’amalade time
    Queen Elizabeth and Paddington Collab for ‘What’s in My Bag’ VideoFor the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration.
  47. keeping up with the royals
    Stonehenge Is Now a Queen Elizabeth BillboardThe unique celebration is for the queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
  48. obsessions
    I Can’t Shut Up About the Queen’s Personal ZooShe technically owns all the swans in England??
  49. the royals
    Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Reunited With the QueenThis was Markle’s first visit since 2020.
  50. keeping up with the royals
    The Queen Wasn’t Supposed to Be Photographed With Prince AndrewNo photos, please.
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