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  1. ’90s Björk Hated Gender Inequity As Much As We Do“I like to see women who can be characters and can be themselves.”
  2. Queens Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Retires to Life of Leisure in New JerseyA happy ending.
  3. Queens Residents Are Still Tweeting Photos of Snowed-in Streets at the MayorQueens is still a plowless hellscape.
  4. Cow That Really Didn’t Want to Get Eaten Escapes From Slaughterhouse in QueensLife is short, death is certain.
  5. Queens Woman Arrested for Keeping Korean Teens As SlavesThey were forced to do marathon housework and perform hours-long massages.
  6. Riddle Left at Queens Fire Not Related to Arson Ninja, Police SayStill no word from the World’s Greatest Detective.
  7. Coming Soon
    Flushing’s Biang! Is Relocating to the East VillageTo the former Alder space, specifically.
  8. Arson Ninja Designs Scavenger Hunt for Those Who Want to Arrest HimThe Riddler returns to Gotham.
  9. Newborn Found in Nativity Scene at Queens ChurchThe healthy baby boy was found in the appropriately named Holy Child Jesus Church in Richmond Hill.
  10. Two Shot at Wild Party Held in a Queens Mansion Rented Through AirbnbThe party kept raging in the street afterward. The kids were too drunk to care.”
  11. Clumsy Construction Crew Floods Queens With Gross WaterElmhurst now looks like Venice, but with floating garbage cans instead of gondolas.
  12. Brooklyn Real Estate to Manhattan: ‘What’s Good?’As record-breaking sales continue, the borough has become a choice, rather than a priced-out-of-Manhattan necessity — and Queens is rising, too.
  13. Sports
    M. Wells Steakhouse Will Host a World-Class Pétanque Exhibition ThisIt just sounds fun.
  14. the royal family
    As of Today, Queen Elizabeth II Is Britain’s Longest-Ruling MonarchAt 63 years and 216 days, she just surpassed Victoria. A dual look back at two queens, 127 years, and many, many pets.
  15. Food Markets
    The Queens International Night Market Is Headed to JamaicaJamaica, Queens — that is.
  16. The Queens Tourism Center Is ClosingThat’s right, Queens has a tourism center.
  17. Brooklyn Is Basically As Expensive As ManhattanAnd prices keep rising in Queens. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the suburbs.
  18. Expansions
    Queens Will Get Its First Real Shake Shack Next YearDanny Meyer’s reign continues.
  19. Cookbooks
    Dumpling Galaxy’s Helen You Will Publish Her First CookbookHer book is set to come out in 2017 — hence forth known as “the year of the dumpling.”
  20. Openings
    The Massive New Nowadays Aims to Be Your Backyard Hangout for the Whole SummerIt’s a 16,000-square-foot “multi-use space” from the guys behind the hugely popular Mister Saturday Night.
  21. Queens Man Arrested for Shooting NYPD Officer in the Face He’s been charged with attempted murder.
  22. Foodievents
    The Queens Night Market Makes Its Grand Debut This SaturdayIt’ll offer takoyaki , Ecuadorian juices, and other ethnic foods.
  23. Things Got a Little Crazy at the Opening of This Queens Daiquiri BarA huge fight involving dozens of people broke out. 
  24. Drama
    Yelpers Love Queens Pizzeria Accused of Housing Secret Cocaine Operation“You must try the HOMEMADE WINE!”
  25. 12-Year-Old Girl Managed to Call 911 After Her Father Shot Her in the HeadHer sister, mother, and grandmother did not survive.
  26. Hit-and-Run Driver Made Sure to Grab McDonald’s Before Fleeing Scene The victim is reportedly in critical condition.
  27. FEMA Wants a Superstorm Sandy Refund AlreadyHey, poor people, please return thousands of dollars. Love, FEMA.
  28. Another Child Beaten to Death in an NYC Homeless Shelter The second one this week. 
  29. Cops Kill Ax-Wielding Attacker, Shoot BystanderChaos on a Queens street.
  30. Horny Old Racist Has Shockingly Disgusting Excuse for Posting Porn in His WindowHe says it’s not to intimidate his Indian neighbors.
  31. In Terms of Affordable Housing, Queens Is de Blasio’s Last Best HopeThe mayor can’t de-gentrify hot zones. What he can do is pump city money into middle-class safe zones in Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx.
  32. Burglar Bros Broke into Queens Beer GardenGuess what they stole.
  33. Abused Queens Girl, 12, Found Weighing 58 PoundsHer father and stepmother are finally in jail after nearly two years of beatings.
  34. Toddler Rescued After Stroller Rolls Onto Queens Subway Tracks Phew.
  35. West Nile Virus Is BackInfected mosquitoes were found in Staten Island and Queens.
  36. Menu Changes
    M. Wells Steakhouse Unveils Terrace With a New Custom-Built Wood-Burning OvenGet ready for roasted lobsters and baked potatoes with jars of caviar.
  37. Queens Residents Encourage Their Kids to Shame Homeless PeopleThere are better ways to protest.
  38. Queens Man Charged With Killing 8-Year-Old Son in Botched Murder-Suicide The father called 911 himself. 
  39. Fisherman Catches (and Releases) Baby Great White Shark Near Rockaway BeachThe little guy has a long life of terrorizing humans ahead of him.
  40. Handcuffed Man Somehow Steals Cop Car, Escapes NYPDNow there’s a manhunt.
  41. Sandwiches
    Introducing the General Tso’Boy, Available at LIC Flea & Food on SaturdayIt’ll be available at the Queens market all summer.
  42. Queens Frat Channels Zac Efron in NeighborsThere goes the neighborhood.
  43. New York’s New Superfund Site Is a Block in Ridgewood It’s the most radioactive place in the city.
  44. NYPD Bee Guy, Tony Bees, on Swarm of 30,000: ‘We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Truck’Yes, the NYPD has a bee guy.
  45. Beef
    DOH Shut Down Strand Smokehouse After Owner Refused Inspection“People put their life savings into these small businesses,” says owner Tommy Vasilis.
  46. Queens Subway Derailment Happened in Area Known for Track Problems But the MTA still doesn’t seem to know what caused the accident.
  47. Subway Derailment in Queens Traps Passengers UndergroundThe rescue mission included going through the sidewalk grates.
  48. 911 Dispatchers Suspended Over Delayed Response to Deadly FireAn ambulance did not arrive on the scene until 21 minutes after the first 911 call.
  49. Retired NYPD Officer Charged With Fatally Shooting WifeWhile kids were in the house.
  50. More Than One Bag of Bones Discovered in QueensA skull, torso, and leg bone were found by a can collector.
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