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  1. this! is! a helpful guide!
    These 10 Easy Clues Will Convince You to Take Jeopardy!’s Online TestOr at least give you a confidence booster.
  2. quizzes
    Which Garbage Animal Are You?Are you more of a pizza rat or a cigarette roach?
  3. succession
    What Your BuzzFeed Succession Quiz Results Really MeanRoman: You’re a disgusting little slime puppy and you know it.
  4. vulture quiz
    Yup, It’s a Quentin Tarantino Movie Quiz About Feet“For sale, baby! Shoes never worn!”
  5. clickhole
    The Garbage Man SpeaksNearly five years later, the writer of one of ClickHole’s greatest hits reveals himself.
  6. this! is! jeopardy!
    Can You Answer the Jeopardy! Clues James Holzhauer Couldn’t?Take this quiz to find out.
  7. oscars 2019
    Can You Guess the Oscar Film From the IMDb Parents Guide Content Warning?Worried about which Oscar nominees you can share with your children? So are others. Can you guess which movies the parents of IMDb are describing?
  8. quiz time
    Which Ex-Socialite Said This Out-of-Touch Quote: Alexis Rose or Tahani Al-Jamil?They have a lot of famous friends.
  9. just asking questions
    BuzzFeed Paid the Teen Making Its Top Quizzes in Free SwagRachel McMahon is a 19-year-old college student in Michigan who learned this week that she was BuzzFeed’s second-highest traffic driver in the world.
  10. quizzes
    Who Said It: Blake Lively in A Simple Favor or Blake Lively in Gossip Girl?Can you match the Blake Lively Secretive Blonde to her Slightly Concerning One-liner?
  11. ha ha ha
    Are You Johny Johny or Papa?Johny Johny? Yes, Papa. Are you Papa? Maybe, Papa.
  12. quiz time
    Quiz: Which TV Ted Danson Said It?Dansonheads, unite!
  13. select all
    A Comprehensive Guide to Describing Yourself in 3 Fictional CharactersWondering how to participate in the “three fictional characters” meme? Here’s a guide!
  14. trumped up
    Quiz: Who Said It, Donald Trump or a Men’s Rights Activist? Surprisingly hard. 
  15. quizzes
    Which Carson Said It?Dr. Ben Carson or Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson: a quiz.
  16. quizzes
    Quiz: Is It a Salad?Take our quiz to find out if what you’re eating counts as a salad.
  17. Knowing How You Decide Is As Important As the DecisionAllow us to help with a short quiz. 
  18. oh my goth
    What Kind of Goth Are You?For gothness sake, take our quiz.
  19. identity
    Which Oprah Hairstyle Best Represents You? You have 25 years of choices.
  20. mad men
    Take the Mad Men Superfan QuizTest how well you know your favorite show before it all comes to an end Sunday night.
  21. quizzes
    Who Said It: Ted Cruz or Tom Cruise?Some of their quotes are remarkably alike.
  22. quizzes
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know 2014’s Worst News?How closely were you paying attention to the terrible news of 2014? 
  23. quizzes
    Quiz: See the Mug Shot, Guess the CrimeCan you tell what these ten people were arrested for?
  24. quizzes
    Quiz: How Well Do You Know ‘Serial’?Just how closely have you been listening to WBEZ’s new hit podcast?
  25. Quiz: Who Said It, Will Smith’s Kids or L. Ron Hubbard?Bet you can’t tell them apart.
  26. Which of These Secretly Dangerous Household Objects Is Out to Get You?Hairpins, skateboards and toilets send thousands to the ER each year. 
  27. it’s not you it’s me
    Famous People Who Don’t Get Themselves on BuzzFeed QuizzesEllen is Chelsea Handler; Kim Gordon is Tori Amos.
  28. contests for normal people
    Find Out If You Are Normal for a GuyEsquire has all the answers.
  29. quiz
    Who Said It: Scarface or Walter White?Say hello to my little friend. His name is Jesse Pinkman.
  30. quizzes
    Guess the Real Lululemon CEO Job Posting: A QuizChoose wisely, and do a headstand if you’re stumped.
  31. things that are silly
    Ever Wondered Which Jurassic Park Dinosaur You Are?“Oh dear God, you have a sack of venom in your throat.”
  32. clickables
    Take the (Very Difficult) National Spelling Bee QuizDon’t faint.
  33. clickables
    Guess the Sex of the Authors on the V.S. Naipaul TestOr you can just continue to vigorously defend Austen in the comments.
  34. clickables
    Take the Avengers Quiz With Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris EvansCan you best Thor, Captain America, and the Hulk in a trivia quiz?
  35. labels
    Take Pew’s Political Typology QuizAre you a New Coalition Democrat, a Main Street Republican, or something else?
  36. Random Silliness
    Scariest Time-Waster Ever: The Alcoholic Calorie CounterA British binge-drinking widget may just be the funnest and most horrifying toy we’ve played with in a while.