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  1. hunter’s line readings
    This One Line From Magnolia Plays on a Loop in My HeadJulianne Moore delivers an excruciating ellipses.
  2. grief
    30 Quotes to Share With Someone Who Is GrievingWords can help heal, but it can be hard to know what to say to someone who is deep in grief.
  3. vulture quizzes
    How Well Do You Know Cheer From Cheers?Can you distinguish between the addictive Netflix docuseries and the beloved legacy sitcom? Hopefully! But maybe take this quote quiz just to be sure.
  4. motherhood
    25 Famous Women on How Crazy It Is to Give BirthWe’re hearing more about it than ever before.
  5. whoa
    Let These Jim Carrey Quotes Blow Your Mind, Man“I don’t have a crisis anymore. I know I don’t exist.”
  6. the skin we’re in
    25 Famous People on Taking Care of Their SkinSkin-care tips from Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, and Justin Bieber.
  7. the quote quiz
    Who Said It: Tyler Durden or Screenslaver?Wake up, sheeple, and take this quiz.
  8. movies
    Here Are Shuri’s Best Black Panther One-Liners“Great! Another broken white boy for us to fix!”
    The 11 Best Quotes From GQ’s Quincy Jones Interview“I always get in trouble, you know. My daughter Kidada calls me LL QJ — Loose Lips.”
  10. golden globes 2018
    Most Righteously Indignant Quotes From the Golden GlobesThis year’s show has been one of the most political yet.
  11. Five of Laura Dern’s Favorite David Lynch Stories“He’s like, ‘I need wind. I need bubble gum.’”
  12. Revisiting Carrie Fisher’s Best Interview MomentsFisher, a notable absence on the Star Wars: The Last Jedi press tour, always knew exactly what to say.
  13. last night on late night
    Denzel Washington Tries to Identify His Movie Lines When Read by Normal PeopleHe almost takes credit for a classic Dr. Ian Malcolm line, but saves himself at the last minute.
  14. The Year in Interviews In 2016, we interviewed over 150 people from the comedy world, from established and rising standups to figures on or behind-the-scenes in […]
  15. year in review 2016
    45 Brilliant Things Samantha Bee Said This YearShe was the feminist voice we needed.
  16. The Best Bits of Wisdom from Tim Heidecker’s ‘Office Hours’A few fun facts about Tim Heidecker: He’s vehemently anti-fireworks. He doesn’t pick favorites. He sometimes makes his own iced coffee. His […]
  17. Did Organizing for Action Just Send an Email With a Fake Drake Quote?Tell me someone didn’t just Google “inspirational Drake quotes” and copy the first thing they saw.
  18. The Metrics of Fool-Shaming, by Zack Bornstein Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, okay, I should have seen that one coming. Fool me four […]
  19. year in review 2015
    50 Things Amy Schumer Said This YearNo one was quoted more often.
  20. vulture quiz
    Who Said It? Vulture’s Week-in-Quotes QuizWere you paying attention?
  21. bieberisms
    Best Quotes From Justin Bieber’s Billboard StoryBieber has no idea who Bette Midler is.
  22. vulture quiz
    True or False Detective Quiz: Did Rust Say It?Can you distinguish Rust’s pontifications from those of McConaughey in Mud, Magic Mike, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?
  23. The Collected Wisdom of Bill Murray Arguably one of the most beloved living comedians, Bill Murray is four decades deep into a prolific career in the comedy industry. In the […]
  24. vulture emoji challenge
    Watch Community’s Gillian Jacobs Take the Ultimate Emoji TestWe gave her famous movie quotes translated into emoji. She had to guess what they were.
  25. The Collected Wisdom of Tina FeyIt’s obvious Tina Fey is one of the most talented, hard working, and successful people in comedy history. She was the head writer for Saturday […]
  26. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess Famous Friends Lines From Just a Freeze-Frame?Play Vulture’s new Quote Quiz.
  27. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess These Famous HIMYM Lines?Play Vulture’s Quote Quiz.
  28. The Collected Wisdom of Chris RockWriter. Director. Movie star. Broadway actor. Voice actor. He appeared on both Saturday Night Live and In Living Color. He created a hit […]
  29. top comments
    Vulture Commenters Pick Their Favorite Friends QuotesMmm, trifle.
  30. special places in hell
    A Brief History of Taylor Swift’s ‘Special Place in Hell for Women’Sarah Palin, Starbucks cup also quoted Albright.
    2012’s Most Memorable Pop Culture Quotes“Yeah b-tch! Magnets!”
  32. Louis C.K. Addresses Receiving so Much Attention“I don’t think anybody but the president should have that kind of coverage for everything they say. I don’t prepare statements and have a team […]
    Guillermo del Toro on the Death of Ray BradburyThe Pan’s Labyrinth director e-mailed Vulture a brief message on the passing of a fiction titan.
    2011’s Best, Catchiest, Silliest, and Most Memorable Pop-Culture QuotesWinter is coming, but not till Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday …
  35. TV Land
    Does This Mean He Won’t Appear on a Very Special Episode of The Simpsons?Michael Schlow has strong words of advice for TV chefs.
    Tom Waits Throws the Right Kind of New Year’s Parties“Play like you have no pants on.”
    This Gives New Meaning to the Term ‘Slow-Cooked’Sandrine’s Bistro offers some very special chicken.
    Three Thoughts on This Terry Francona QuoteHe’s in favor of an expanded postseason. Also, he doesn’t like hockey.
    Sensing’s Chef Tells Food & Wine That Boston’s “Welcoming, Phenomenal”Sensing’s chef loves Boston so much that he’s leaving.
  40. clickables
    Read Roger Ebert’s Total Burn on a Foreign Hilary Duff DVD“The Perfect Man takes its idiotic plot and uses it as the excuse for scenes of awesome stupidity,” says Ebert.
    Gridskipper Thinks L’Enclume Has Nothing on AlineaThe website believes Alinea should be the top contender.
    McCormick and Schmick’s Gets Some LoveThe Glee and American Idol guest star talks with Bon Appetit about her favorite place to eat in the world.
    Big Star’s Patio is ‘Death by Honkytonk’
  44. movies
    Watch an Astonishingly Thorough Montage of the 160 Best Arnold Schwarzenegger QuotesTen minutes of Arnoldisms.
    Art Smith: the Gay Julia Child“If the Smithsonian has Julia Child’s kitchen, then we want yours!”
    Charlie Trotter Wants You to Be Ballsier“Too many people are chicken shit. Go do something for five years. You’re young. You can always play it safe later.”
    All That Beer Does Need Somewhere to GoTo Paul Kahan, Big Star’s big contribution to the neighborhood are its clean bathrooms.
    Foie Plastic TreesGraham Elliot Bowles compares his food to Radiohead.
  49. in other news
    If You Spun It, Here’s How It Would Have Happened Now that we know Judith Regan was fired from HarperCollins over a volley of anti-Semitic remarks, it strikes us that with the recent bumper crop of Great Moments in Racism — Michael Richards–gate, Rosie-gate, Mel Gibson Über alles — our culture has found a new cottage industry: Awesome excuses for Great Moments in Racism. And nearly all of them have shown up already in the Regan affair. After the jump, a cheat sheet for spinning your next ching chong.
  50. party lines
    AARP Winners Hate Retirement The American Association of Retired Persons changed its official name to just AARP in 1999, thereby eliminating that gauche r-word from the middle of its moniker. And it’s a good thing, too, considering how honorees at the AARP Impact Awards luncheon this afternoon reacted when asked how they plan to spend their retirements: Valerie Harper: “Oh, not to retire! I don’t see myself retiring in the near future — I want to be just like Ethel Barrymore, never retiring!” Marlo Thomas: “I’m never going to retire. I love to go to Barbados to water-ski and swim and sit in the sun with a lot of sunscreen on. But I only like that because I work before and after; I couldn’t do it otherwise.” David Hyde Pierce: “My ideal retirement would be to not retire.” Remind us not to hire them as our spokespeople. — Jocelyn Guest
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