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Race Relations

  1. black dollars matter
    Video of Violent Brawl at Brooklyn Nail Salon Sparks Protests and Racial TensionIn the disturbing footage, salon employees are seen hitting black customers with brooms.
  2. race relations
    The Radical ABC Show Tackling Racism Head-onAmerican Koko puts uncomfortable race conversations under the spotlight.
  3. race relations
    Mayor Says Rachel Dolezal Must Resign From Police Commission; She RefusesAfter a report accused her of bias and harassing a city worker.
  4. awkward things
    Starbucks Is an Earnest Company — But Not Necessarily a Good OneThe company announced a well-intentioned but kind of awkward initiative designed to spark conversation about race.
  5. candid moments
    Viola Davis Gets Real About Race in HollywoodIn a New York Times Magazine profile.
  6. blowhards
    O’Reilly Asks Calipari About Rap Stuff: VideoThe subtext was strong, over and over again.
  7. i am not oprah
    No, I Will Not Dress As Oprah for Halloween Just Because I’m BlackNavigating costumes in “post-racial America.”
  8. music
    Brad Paisley on What He Learned From ‘Accidental Racist’“You can’t personalize the conversation about this subject in the way I tried to in the song. I was naïve about that.”
  9. race relations
    Brad Paisley Is Still Proud of ‘Accidental Racist’“I wouldn’t change a thing.”
  10. race relations
    All of the Non-Apologies in Brad Paisley’s ‘Accidental Racist’“R.I.P. Robert E. Lee”
  11. school daze
    Oberlin KKK Sighting Might’ve Just Been a BlanketThe college campus is understandably a little jumpy lately.
  12. race relations
    New Yorkers Have a Feeling Cops Prefer White PeopleBut that doesn’t mean they blame Michael Bloomberg or Ray Kelly.
  13. stop and frisk
    The NYPD Is Working on Its MannersBut stop-and-frisk still sucks for people of color.
  14. Left Handed Radio: ‘Hail Hail, Sophia, the Goddess of Reason’Left Handed Radio takes the stage once again to reflect on alienation, desperation, and all manner of crushed dreams. Sketches from this […]
  15. improv everywhere
    See Improv Everywhere Give the Good People of Aspen the Opportunity to ‘Meet a Black Person’The skiing community gets a wake-up call.
  16. happy endings
    Taco Mayor Buried in ‘Ethnic Food’Connecticut’s foot-in-mouth mayor got a special delivery at his office today.
  17. race relations
    Connecticut Mayor Regrets Reducing Latino Community to TacosEast Haven mayor Joe Maturo has offended Latinos everywhere.
  18. race relations
    Reverend Al Sharpton Agrees Not to Attend Panel on Crown Heights RiotsBut he still argues that he wasn’t responsible.
  19. race relations
    OKCupid Study Reinforces Vague Racial Pop-Culture StereotypesDid you know white men like ‘Ghostbusters’?
  20. race relations
    Aide to Scott Stringer Resigns Over ‘O-Dumb-a’ Facebook PostsLee Landor thinks that Henry Louis Gates is a racist and racial profiling exists for good reason. Also, she doesn’t work as the Manhattan borough president’s press secretary anymore.
  21. early and often
    Cop Who Arrested Gates Teaches Racial-Profiling ClassesHe also once gave mouth-to-mouth to Reggie Lewis, but who’s counting?
  22. early and often
    Obama Jumps Into Henry Louis Gates FrayAt last night’s health-care press conference, the president took a moment to address the racially charged arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr.
  23. race relations
    McWhorter: Decoding the Henry Louis Gates Jr. ArrestThe political commentator and expert on racial relations weighs in on the Harvard professor’s recent arrest outside of his own home.