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  1. cable news catfights
    Rachel Maddow Thinks That Other Gay Newscaster Should Come Out of the Closet AlreadyListening, O’Reilly?
  2. Video Feed
    Watch Rachel Maddow Make a ‘Manly’ Cocktail for Jimmy FallonIt’s called a Monkey Gland, and it will supposedly enhance Jimmy’s virility.
  3. Rachel Maddow Grills Local Politician Here’s a new one from Wiseguy Pictures, featuring Jon Gabrus and Elaine Carroll (the creator/star of Very Mary Kate). She’s got a pretty great […]
  4. the gods must be crazy
    Rachel Maddow the Latest Journo to Be Bamboozled by ChristwireAw, come on, Rach.
  5. cable news news
    Piers Morgan a Week In: Ratings Slipping, Confidence ClimbingMSNBC may have a horse race on its hands.
  6. cable news
    Talk Box: Despite Obama, Both Parties Promising Not to Flinch on Tax Cuts, Unemployment BenefitsJohn McCain considers a two-year extension of all Bush tax cuts the Republicans’ “fallback position.”
  7. cable news
    Talk Box: Texas Governor Not Impressed With GM’s IPORick Perry thinks private-sector acquisitions would have absorbed job loss if the government allowed GM to go under.
  8. cable news
    Talk Box: Cable Talkers Respond to Ted Koppel’s Grumpy Op-EdThe former ABC anchor received some feisty retorts from the opinion shows he blames for ruining television news.
  9. cable news
    Talk Box: McConnell’s Earmark Flip Encourages at Least One LiberalBut Rachel Maddow is happy to point out his George W. Bush problem.
  10. bons mots
    Rachel Maddow: ‘Am I Particularly More Exciting When I Talk About Fox News?’Short answer: yes.
  11. Jon Stewart Did His Show and an Hour-Long Maddow Interview with a Stomach […]The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
  12. Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow: A Primer Jon Stewart visits lovably liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow tonight at 9pm, and she was nice enough to put together this selection of clips of […]
  13. cable news
    Talk Box: Sarah Palin’s Freedom Cookies DebunkedPlus, Bill O’Reilly is cool with McDonald’s tricking kids into buying its “crap.”
  14. Jon Stewart to Appear on The Rachel Maddow Show This Thursday .bbpBox2123785708765187 {background:url(http://a3.twimg.com/profile_background_images/167467289/Maddow_Twitter_Background_Final.jpg) […]
  15. olbermann-gate
    Rachel Maddow: Olbermann Suspension Proves MSNBC Is No Fox NewsCountdown to a new statement from MSNBC begins.
  16. cable news
    Talk Box: Compromise? Thanks, But No ThanksRepublicans are telling the Democrats where they can store that olive branch, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  17. cable news
    Talk Box: What’s So Wrong With Negative Ads?Plus, Rachel Maddow denounces Sharron Angle’s classy effort to link Harry Reid with scary-looking people who aren’t white, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  18. equal rites
    Joe Miller’s Confusing, Contradictory Position on Gay MarriageIt’s a states’ rights issue, except for the banning-it-everywhere part.
  19. cable news
    Bill O’Reilly Has Juan Williams’ BackPlus, Rachel Maddow wants to remind everyone that Williams’s firing is SO not a First Amendment issue, on our regular cable-news roundup.
  20. cable news news
    Greta Van Susteren Cancels Bob Woodward Interview After Publisher Won’t Hand Over Book‘Right on Greta!’ tweets Rachel Maddow.
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Will Arnett’s New Baby Is Connected to Rod Stewart For LifePlus, Rachel Maddow shows Jimmy Fallon how to mix up a Sazerac, on our late-night roundup.
  22. party chat
    Rachel Maddow: ‘Glenn Beck Was My Favorite Person of All Time on Radio’Not on the list of her favorite people are the writers of the Curbed blog, however.
  23. gop
    Rachel Maddow: GOP Infighting Doing Dems a FavorUnity events have been canceled or trash-talk-laden.
  24. bomb patrol afghanistan
    Rachel Maddow Questions G4’s ‘Real-Life Hurt Locker’ TV Series“Pop some popcorn,” she quips.
  25. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: David Letterman Tells Rachel Maddow His Theory About Bill O’ReillyPlus, Stephen Colbert tells author Laura Ingraham that she is a terrible, racist writer, on our regular late-night roundup.
  26. cable news news
    Bet You Thought Rachel Maddow Always Defied Her Gender NormsWell, she didn’t. Check out this high-school yearbook photo.
  27. jobs
    Republicans Kill Democrats’ Unemployment Relief BillExtension of jobless aid doesn’t pass Senate vote.
  28. tea time
    The Rand Paul Bubble Has Already BurstThe Senate candidate wouldn’t have outlawed segregation.
  29. the supremes
    Maddow Mocks Supreme Court’s Lack of Tech Savvy via Puppetry“What is the difference between the pager and the e-mail?” Justice Roberts asks.
  30. rachel maddow
    Rachel Maddow Offers Scott Brown an Anti-Maddow Attack Ad“Scott Brown: He’ll run against Rachel Maddow before she runs against him.”
  31. in other news
    Rachel Maddow Has No Idea What Scott Brown Is Talking AboutShe’s “bewildered” and wishes Brown had simply asked her before making things up.
  32. scott brown
    Scott Brown Tells Supporters to Be Wary of … Rachel Maddow“I’m sure she’s a nice person — I just don’t think America can afford her liberal policies.”
  33. the geithnerator
    Geithner: ‘People Should Be Angry’ About BonusesMaddow drills down on the “bonus thing.”
  34. in other news
    Are We Blogs Really Too Hyperbolic?That’s what Jon Stewart would have us believe.
  35. Celebrity Settings
    Rachel Maddow Broadcasts From Doyle’s; Olympians Lunch at Stephanie’sPlus: a M*A*S*H reunion at Eastern Standard, and Donald Sutherland’s pre-flight meal, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. the gays
    Rachel Maddow Shuts Down Gay-Cure AdvocateIn an extended segment last night, the lesbian MSNBC host stomped on Richard Cohen, an unlicensed psychotherapist.
  37. panic-demics
    What Do Marilyn Manson and Rachel Maddow Have in Common?Aside from an elegant bone structure?
  38. Drinking With the Stars
    Rachel Maddow in: ‘The Search for Scotch’The MSNBC host is looking for a new cocktail.
  39. panic-demics
    How to Save Yourself From Swine FluIt’s coming.
  40. panic-demics
    Rachel Maddow Had Swine FluIt couldn’t have happened to a nicer gal.
  41. in other news
    Pat Buchanan and Rachel Maddow Demonstrate Why You and Your Grandpa Will Never Understand Each OtherThe right-wing commentator goes on a rant about why affirmative action is bad because the Declaration of Independece was written by “100 percent white men.”
  42. Health Concerns
    Rachel Maddow Isn’t Sweating Ssäm’s Hepatitis ScareThe pundit’s favorite place for a bo ssäm has been given a clean bill of health.
  43. Mixology
    Rachel Maddow Stirs Jimmy FallonThe pundit and cocktail enthusiast prepared a Bijou on ‘Late Night.’
  44. media deathwatch
    Oops! The Media TweetedThis is getting ugly, folks.
  45. inaugur-nation!
    Rachel Maddow on Being ‘Enraged’ by Obama, and the Future of Fox NewsAll we had to do was ask about Rick Warren.
  46. gossipmonger
    In Which D.C. Stands for the ‘District of Celebrities’They are all there, basking in the O-Man’s glory. Except Paris Hilton, who’s at Sundance.
  47. early and often
    Obama Also Met With Liberal ColumnistsAnd Rachel Maddow, just because.
  48. Videofeed
    Rachel Maddow, MixologistThe TV pundit demonstrates her favorite classic cocktail, the Jack Rose.
  49. in other news
    Will Fox News Respond to MSNBC’s Left Swing by Turning Even More Right?With the lone liberal prime-time voice on Fox News leaving, and perhaps not to be replaced, will there be any reprieve from the inter-network bickering?
  50. all celebrities are friends with one another
    Ira Glass Agrees That He Looks Like Rachel MaddowWhich, he concedes, is maybe not the nicest thing to say about a lady.
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