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Rafael Soriano

  1. mlb gm meetings
    A Roundup of Mets and Yankees Activity at the GM MeetingsAll sorts o’ business.
  2. yankees
    Scott Boras Reminds the Yankees That They’re the YankeesThe Yankee brand is at stake!
  3. 2012 alds
    By the Way, the Yankees’ Pitching Has Been Really GoodThe bull pen hasn’t been used much, but it’s been stellar.
  4. 2012 mlb playoffs
    A Postseason Without Mariano RiveraRivera, somehow, upped his game in October. Now Rafael Soriano has to do the same.
  5. 2012 yankees preview
    Yankees Season Preview: Will 2012 Be a Yearlong Closer Audition?We begin our series previewing the Yankees’$2 2012 season.
  6. yankees
    Is It Weird for Yankees Fans to Root Against Their Team This Week?What a strange end to the season.
  7. The Yankees Lose the Game They Didn’t Really Want to Play in the First PlaceOkay, that’s not entirely accurate: It’s not that they didn’t want to play this game at all. They just wanted to play it the last time they were in Baltimore.
  8. No Pie for the Yankees Last Night EitherIt’s been an interesting season for Rafael Soriano.
  9. yankees
    Rafael Soriano’s Lack of Media Savvy Is Hardly the Yankees’ Biggest Concern These DaysHow long they’ll be without their set-up man matters, though.
  10. yankees
    Rafael Soriano Is Hardly Automatic, It SeemsLast night, he allowed an eighth-inning Paul Konerko home run that turned a 2–1 Yankees lead into a 3–2 Yankees deficit.
  11. yankees
    Perhaps We Should Hold Off on Nicknaming the Yankees’ BullpenA hiccup in the eighth inning, and the first two bullpen-related mini-controversies of the regular season.
  12. yankees
    Did the YES Network Censor Affiliated Blogs Because of Rafael Soriano Criticism?The Yankee U makes a pretty compelling case that they did.
  13. yankees
    Brian Cashman Admits He Was Against the Rafael Soriano Deal“In any job you better be prepared for every decision to not go your way.”
  14. hot stove
    Brian Cashman Changes His Mind, Agrees to Deal With Rafael Soriano“I will not lose our No. 1 draft pick,” said the GM a week ago.