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  1. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Rain Boots for WomenBecause wet socks are the worst.
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Rain Gear for Kids, According to ExpertsHead-to-toe waterproof outfits to keep them dry.
  3. street fights
    How Big Should an Umbrella Be?A fight about sidewalks featuring Pat Kiernan.
  4. always shopping
    The Best Raincoats for Every BudgetStay high and dry.
  5. everything guide
    The Everything Guide to RainThe $5 umbrellas, shtreimel covers, and block-long stretches of scaffolding in the Financial District keeping New Yorkers dry.
  6. testing testing
    The 34 Best Umbrellas, As Tested by Strategist EditorsFrom under $15 to more than $300, the ones that’ll keep you dry, won’t flip inside out, and actually look good.
  7. micro sales
    A Bunch of Non-boring ShedRain Umbrellas Are 67 Percent OffThey’re just $15.
  8. panorama 2018
    Panorama Festival 2018: The Good, the Bad, and the MuddyDoes Pano Fest stand a chance of returning in 2019 after this year’s mess?
  9. best bets
    Adult Beanbag Chairs, a Sneaker Shop-Nightclub, and Scandinavian Rain GearWhat’s new in New York stores.
  10. Karen Handel Gets Last-Minute Endorsement From Weather GodsOn the day of Georgia’s special election, rain is flooding Democratic sections of the district — while leaving GOP areas relatively unscathed.
  11. wedding checklist
    What to Do If It Rains on Your Wedding DayHow to ensure the photos turn out okay, the dress stays dry, and the groom can still ride in on a horse.
  12. disasters
    Dams Fail Across South Carolina As Floodwaters Kill 19The state is still grappling with the fallout from the historic rainfall. 
  13. weather
    Hurricane Joaquin Is Heading for the East Coast — and Maybe New YorkMeteorologists still aren’t sure whether the storm will pummel the East Coast quite yet, but it’s not looking good.
  14. weather
    Say Good-bye to Nice Weather — the Never-ending Rain Is Almost HereTemperatures are about to drop.
  15. look of the day
    No, Orlando Bloom Isn’t Afraid of a Little RainA bold, rain-splattered look.
  16. the industry
    Katee Sackhoff to Starbuck It Up in a TV Show of Her Own CreationCalled Rain.
  17. look of the day
    Beyoncé Wore a Shimmering Rainbow of Joy A vision amid the drizzle.
  18. Why You Can’t Get a Taxi When It’s RainingIs it raining? Don’t even try to get a taxi, science says. 
  19. crossovers
    Keanu Reeves Becomes Latest Movie Star to Get a Television ShowBased on the “Rain” series by Barry Eisler.
  20. talking about the weather
    Watch Out for Those Flash Floods, NYCAnd say good-bye to the humidity, at least for a while.
  21. talking about the weather
    New York and the Entire East Coast Is Soggy, Flooded, and Kind of SadIt was the 10th rainiest day ever in New York City yesterday.
  22. talking about the weather
    April Is Just Going to Do All Those Showers Over the Next Couple DaysAround 3.75 inches of rain is expected.
  23. spring showers
    The 20 Best Pieces of Rain Gear to Wear This SpringSleek, not slick.
  24. talking about the weather
    El Niño Supposedly Coming With Warmer WeatherWelcome back!
  25. scary things
    Rescuers Evacuate Colorado Residents Following Record Rainfall and FloodingThere’s even more rainfall expected this weekend.
  26. runway watching
    The Scene at Alexander McQueen’s Haunting Men’s ShowSomething surprising: Fake London Rain
  27. diva behavior
    Are You a Rainy Weather Diva?JLo’s boyfriend is. And so am I.
  28. talking about the weather
    It’s Raining Enough for New Yorkers to Talk About DramaticallyFlash-flood warnings are in effect.
  29. umbrella-ella-ella
    Rihanna Carries Umbrella, Is Obligated to DanceDo you think this gets annoying?
  30. best bets
    Best Bet: Madewell Rainy Day UmbrellaUpgrade from the dinky drug store umbrella for a sturdy, cheerier version.
  31. best bet
    Best Bet: Hunter’s Pearlescent Wellington BootPeacock hits the pavement for fall.
  32. Openings
    Alley Bar Opening: Tomorrow’s Another DayBlame it on the rain.
  33. 2011 world series
    World Series Game Six Has Been PostponedThey might play Game Six of the World Series tonight, or they might not.
  34. In Season
    The Nation Is Facing a Serious Pumpkin Predicament!Flooding in the northeast, drought in the Midwest, and cool temps on the West Coast have all but wiped out this fall’s pumpkin harvest.
  35. While You Were Sleeping, the Yankees Won a Baseball GameThe game ended at 2:15 this morning.
  36. rain
    It Rained So Much on SundayA record-breaking amount, in fact.
  37. london riots
    U.K. Cities See a Lull in ViolenceBlame it on the rain.
  38. subway series
    The First Subway Series: The One Time to Cheer for RainIt’s Subway Series time!
  39. mets
    The Mets Get A Scuba VictoryThe Mets win a soggy one.
  40. mets
    Was the Mets’ Early Postponement of Last Night’s Game a Strategic Decision?Or are teams simply too reliant on technology these days?
  41. The Other Critics
    Gaon Flavor-Bombs Gold’s Suburbs; Virbila Checks Out Chaya’s New ChefL.A. Weekly doubles down on Korean food, while L.A. Times approves of the work being done by Harutaka Kishi.
  42. photo op
    L.A. Residents Trade Sleigh Rides For MudslidesLos Angeles got a state of emergency for Christmas.
  43. music
    Young Men Perform Striking Dance in the RainTwo street corners, four guys, four minutes.
  44. Openings
    Ditch Plains Surfs Into Former BarBao SpaceMarc Murphy will open an Upper West Side outpost of his beachy eatery in the fall.
  45. movies
    ‘John Cusack … in the Rain,’ a Video MontageThe rain in movies falls mainly on John Cusack.
  46. rain
    Weekend Storm Claims at Least Five Lives, Delays EverythingConEd reported that about 167,000 customers were without power at certain points, many through Sunday morning.
  47. Here Are Some Reasons to Maybe Not Go to Times Square Tonight“Hundreds of city police officers will have devices affixed to their belts that can detect radiation or the crude makings of a dirty bomb.”
  48. dark clouds
    Rain Isn’t Just Ruining Your Mood; It’s Ruining the ALCSRain sucks.
  49. Empire Building
    Rocco Considers Opening Another Restaurant With ChodorowThe former reality stars have apparently buried the hatchet.
  50. NewsFeed
    Rain Closes for Baoification; Hurapan Moves to AsianaMichael Bao (and possibly an oyster bar) is coming to the Upper West Side.
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